Climbing ‘mountains’ in Wichita

Climbing ‘mountains’ in Wichita

Dramatic Music Alisa Kortje, Bliss Climbing and Fitness:
so first time coming in here especially if you’ve never climbed before kind of like an ‘aw’ Brett Hogan, Climber : I’ll tell you it’s almost like
meditative to me it turns into the whole like, you and the wall Heather Bowden, Bliss Climbing and Fitness: what we want is for them to actually have a good and memorable experience when they walk in the door
not that climbing gyms are intimidating so we don’t want them to
walk in feeling like they can’t do this we want then to walk in feeling like we’re
welcoming and actually like helping them be able to try something new
that may be something totally foreign to them Kortje: it it’s gonna be different for everyone
and so if you’re scared of heights, success is really just going to be you know like
trying to get just a little bit higher each time so if you get off the ground,
that’s exciting for sure for other people it might be making it to the top and other people just trying to learn how to learn some of the
movements Bowden: everybody can do it there’s just a learning curve Hogan: it’s not like
going to the regular gym where you got the big meatheads like ‘oh I can lift so
much,’ this is more just like ‘hey, great job you got up the wall’ even the little victories are celebrated around here Bowden: I hope they feel like they feel accomplished like it wasn’t one of those
things where this is totally scary and we’re never doing that again I hope they actually enjoyed it and want to learn more about climbing if
not come back Kortje: we’re really supportive of everybody, really want new people to
come in and try this and kind of experience something that we’re all
definitely in love with.

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  1. Great video of bliss! I’m there 3-5 times a week! Staff is awesome and the atmosphere is always welcoming! Strongly recommend everyone get a membership here. Worth it 100 times over.

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