Cloud9 CS:GO HyperX Gaming House Tour 2018

Cloud9 CS:GO HyperX Gaming House Tour 2018

Yo, what’s up, guys?
It’s your boy Tarik and your boy Rush. Welcome to the C9 CS:GO
gaming house. Starting off with our first
room right here, we have a practice room where we bootcamp for
events domestically. We haven’t used it in a while, but, usually we have
PCs and monitors here. And, uh, right here actually
we have the rest of Stew’s stuf. Yeah, his remains… of Stewie. Yeah, you know, we got his TV, his PC. He’s got 2 weeks before
we start picking it away, so… Yeah we’re gonna start
taking some of his stuff soon… – Hurry up, Stew.
– if he doesn’t come and pick it up. – I want that TV.
– Dibs on the PC. Right over here we have
a little lounge area. We got a couch, Tyler, Danan,
Xayah chillin’ on the couch. Honestly, the only time we probably sit here is when
we’re about to take off for an event. Like waiting for an Uber. That’s it. literally. Apart from that, I don’t
think we ever really spend time here. – We’re gonna throw a house party soon.
– We are? That’s in the works. That’s in the works.
We’re working with management to help us out with that. So, going into right over here,
we have our kitchen. And in the middle we have an island,
which is really nice because, you can have your meals here. We have some trophies laying around.
We have our Eleague Major Boston trophy. – Big one.
– Right over here, what is this? – iBuyPower.
– There’s another iBuyPower over here. – And we got the Brazil.
– We have Brazil, which is also a pretty big win. Yeah, you know, we like to have our meals in front of our
trophies to remember all the good times that we had on the team.
I’m moving into this area. – We have our kitchen.
– Pantry. There’s like, some snacks in here. – Things like protein bars.
– There’s a fire extinguisher! We have a Fireball for the
house party coming up. If you guys wanna come to the house party, type
below in the comments. We’re looking for girls ready to mingle. This is the kitchen. This is all, like our gym stuff like
proteins, pre-workouts, and stuff that we take. And right here, we got picture
of the man of the house, Tarik. – Yeah I actually did, uh, I think (?) this year, right?
– Yeah. Let’s see what we got in the kitchen.
I think we just stocked up a little bit. So we personally don’t cook much, but,
we have Marissa who, we’re very grateful for. – She’s clutch.
– She does cook for us, a lot. – So, most of the stuff she puts to use.
– Here, we got leftovers, this is like, from her yesterday. – She cooked chicken for us, pasta.
– Yeah, we have some leftovers, we have some yogurt, here’s some almond milk. – This is, like, our guest room.
– Yup. It’s where, like, if Tim comes to bootcamp
or if, like, any C9 member needs to stay here we have this room for them.
It’s pretty small, but, it gets the job done. How about them sheets, though?
This is real nice. Yeah, I think Tarik asked for these, right? These are actually mine. I put them here
for any guest that comes over. Yeah, this is my room.
Pretty small room, but, I feel like it’s nice because, the main thing I like about my room is that I
have the patio right here that I could walk out into, and, uh,
I have everything I need. I have a dresser right here.
My bed and my PC, and I spend most of my time here. – Like, literally, on my PC practicing.
– What’s over here? We got the kicks down here.
We have all the sneakers. This is a birthday gift I got from my brother which
is like, a Counter-Strike poster. And I got these dolls recently, as well.
I like ’em a lot as well. Right here I have my bathroom.
Pretty straightforward. The only strange thing about it is that I have a closet in
my bathroom where I have like some of my clothes. Which is kinda weird for me.
I’ve never, like, had a closet in a bathroom. But it’s still fine, I don’t really… I feel like that’s convenient though, because,
like when you got the shower you just go like, boom. After you get out of the shower
you just go into the closet. You wanna choose your clothes, you
don’t have to choose them before. That’s it for the first floor. Yeah, so that’s basically all of the first floor. And then we got, leading up the stairs we
got a janky-ass ethernet cord. It wouldn’t be a gaming house without something like
this just in the middle of the hallway. I trip over this many times, because it’s
right in front of my bathroom, literally. This is my room now.
We’ll start with the bathroom, I guess. It’s pretty standard. It’s small. It’s got a
nice sink, though. This thing’s like, glass. – So it’s super cool.
– Oooh! I got a shower and a bath.
It’s like a jet bath. If you wanna get a get look at this?
We got the actual jets that I have yet to use, actually. Then here, my bed. My broken bed.
I’ll give you an example real quick. It just sinks. Hooooooly shit! – So I have to sleep on that side of the bed because…
– Are you serious? – Yeah. Sit, try it.
– Nah, I mean, I see it. That’s pretty fucked up. – Yeah, so I have to sleep on that side of the bed.
– He literally has a half a bed only. If I roll over, I sink.
I literally sink to the bottom. So, here’s my walk-in closet.
There’s no light in here, because it went out. But this is all my lanyards that are in a ball of…
It’s gonna be hell to untangle this, but yeah. I have every lanyard from every
LAN event here, pretty much. I don’t think I missed a single one. So on my posters, I don’t know if you want to see ’em,
I have like pretty, you know, nerd shit. I got Wrath of the Lich King from WoW,
Hunter x Hunter, Avatar: The Last Airbender. I got Pokemon. This is probably one of my favorites.
This is like Silver and Gold, it’s like, my childhood. and then we got Kramer.
That’s also the OG. He’s awesome. That’s so sick. And this is a recent one, is uh, Haikyu!!
It’s an anime that I watched recently, and I like it a lot. – And the TV?
– The TV? Oh yeah. The best part. It’s uh, an OLED. It’s like, really expensive. It’s like $1600.
There’s a smudge on it. And this is where I play. I have a webcam that I don’t
even use, because I don’t stream. That’s…yup. This is the balcony right here.
One of these is broken. So I just gotta…yup. This is like a spot that, actually,
I don’t use that much. But, if I ever wanna come out here and chill,
sunbathe a bit, maybe? I can do that if I want to. And then the last room is FNS’
room, or Pujan. Jan? Damn! Pujan’s room?
He’s got, literally… He got the got best room out of anyone, somehow. – I don’t know how he weaseled that, but…
– I like the kicks, though. Oh yeah. He’s got more variety than
me, that’s for sure. I haven’t been in here since, like,
Stew left, so… This is Stewie’s old room. Anything cool about your room, Jan? Or, what’s your favorite thing? I like the bathroom a lot. – The bathroom is really sick?
– Yeah. He has the best bath. I was saying we should have, like, a team bonding
session where we talk strats in the Jacuzzi together. We actually did this on CLG at
really long time ago with FNS and Peter. – See ya, Jan.
– See ya. All right, lastly we’ve got the backyard.
Got the beer pong set up. What’s going on here? Ooh! [laughter] Nice shot, Jan! But, that is the end of our tour. Thank you guys for watching.
If you enjoyed the video, make sure to hit the like button. – And we’ll see you guys next time.
– Come to the party! Come to the party,
bring the balls. Oh, that was my towel. It was drying, but
I forgot about it. What are you guys selling? Who is this? [laughter] All right…we’ll be back, we’ll be back.
That was bad, that was bad. I don’t like that.

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