Clubbing Tourist Traps – Berlin Nightlife

Clubbing Tourist Traps – Berlin Nightlife

You want to know what the biggest clubbing tourist traps in Berlin are? Sure you do. When I was thinking about which clubs fall under that, five names in particular popped up in my head. So if you don’t want to spend hours waiting in line, just to end up in a tourist contaminated club, listen up! Tresor It’s one of the oldest club brands in Berlin., so a lot of people know about that one. The location may be dark enough for you not to see other tourists But only until some Chinese girl will take a photo of you with her flashlight Another overrun place is Watergate I never understood in the first place why this club got famous. It’s tiny, it’s clean and there’s no place to chill at all. The next club is one where you can go for the next 100 years every day and never encounter a single person from Berlin the The Matrix This one in particular is crowded German tourists, especially from the countryside The reason for that is because they run a lot of ads in German TV mostly before low-level IQ reality TV shows. So Unless you want to pick up some German rednecks from the countryside avoid this one at all costs The last two ones are about blank and suicide circus. Those two are not really bad clubs But I still wouldn’t go there anymore because they let in just about anyone nowadays. They have a really really lax door policy All right, this are the most tourist overcrowded clubs in Berlin. So if you wanna have a true clubbing experience here Avoid them and if you want to know which the best clubs in Berlin are and how to get in there Check out my next video

41 thoughts on “Clubbing Tourist Traps – Berlin Nightlife

  1. well watergate is after berghain the best club in berlin (especially the waterfloor)! no matter how many tourists is there. it is about the music. open your mind. we are at the end all tourists somewhere.

  2. Matrix is sort of a running joke at this point. If a friend says they went to Matrix, it was for a laugh.

    ://About Blank is actually really cool, especially in the summer. And it has two dance floors so there's always something good.

  3. It seems like you don't like having tourists in your clubs. I think most people watching this video won't be from Berlin, so would it not serve your purpose better to promote these clubs and funnel all the tourists into them?

  4. Us Berliners are, for some reason, quite snobbish about tourists in nightlife. Which is strange to me, because, well, they spend money here, and that's a good thing, isn't it? Sure, some are annoying, but so are lots of Berliners.
    On top of that, those that complain the loudest are usually the ones that only moved here a few years ago themselves. Also, there's so many expats here that you could hardly ever tell who is a tourist and who isn't.
    And playing the "no door policy" card is, quite frankly, ignorant of Berlin's clubbing history. It doesn't help anyway. Berghain still has one of the strictest doors in Berlin (frankly, well past it's heyday and hugely overrated), and lots of tourists get in as well. It'd worry me if the door policy was "Berliner or not", to be honest.
    I fully agree that Tresor is boring and Matrix is crap, although that's hardly a tourist problem.

  5. Shut up man! I love watergate! As a beautiful girl watergate is my place! Many good looking guys and beautiful girls there! If you go to the club where only the real Berliner goes its are the most dirtiest place,most drugs edicts Berliner with terrible disgusting toilets🤮🤮🤮! Seriously only ugly girls and guys in famous berlin clubs!!

  6. Agree with the list. Not soo much with about blank thou. Anyway… I think that Berghain could be also on that list. Easily.

  7. A relaxed door policy is better I think. It's stupid when bouncers don't let you in because they don't like the way you "show yourself" or whatever.

  8. You are talking about Techno clubs… Everyone should get the Chance to get in. This is what techno is all about, that erverybody and I mean erverybody can be who ever she/he wants to be. So you're the snobbiest Person and the last one who should get into those Clubs. Sorry man

  9. I don't agree on Tresor. They had quite a strict door policy when I went there in 2017 and had an amazing time. However, on the Matrix you are quite right.

  10. Als ich noch in Berlin gewohnt habe war ich ziemlich gerne im suicide Circus 😀 die touris haben mich gar nicht interessiert ^^

  11. How the fuck is BERGHAIN not on this list, the biggest tourist trap of them all??!! Whatever it was 15 years ago, and before as Ost Gut, it isn't anymore, full of wannabee ravers, English, Italian, Spanish tourists, and generally posers who have no idea who is playing, nor do they care, they just want to say that they got in, whatever it was, it isn't anymore, and it hasn't been for years since the techno tourists took over….

  12. Avoid zat one ☝🏼 😂 Digga sei mal nicht so ein Gästelistennazi 🙂 WHO fits the Club gets into the club ; David Guetta 😂

  13. Long ago joining the army they ask what 3 places you want to be stationed I wrote " Germany , Germany ,Germany " and got Texas. But every soldier I met that was stationed in Germany comes back loving Techno. Maybe I got lucky. The country clubs in Texas are something Ill never forget.

  14. Deine Videos sind offensichtlich für touristen (du sprichst englisch) aber warnst vor jedem Club wo zu viele Touristen sind… macht irgendwie keinen Sinn

  15. Seriously, about blank too? I mean it's true a lot of people go there, but the amount of non-locals present depends 100%…. no 10000% on the night.

  16. Hi!
    Long time watching your content

    Well after visiting Buttons past weekend, I strongly disagree with the inclusion of about blank in the list….

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