[Co-Vacation: Xiumin & Daniel] He Was Embarrassed The Guy Turned Off His Music 20170910

Enjoy your meal / – Enjoy your meal I’m eating a meal with EXO [No words again, just food with EXO…] [Suddenly taking the bluetooth speaker] (Off!) How about eating without music? [Alright!] [Why did you turn off the music… only hearing eating sounds from the table] [Slurp] [Caught you]
Isn’t that what you do when it’s awkward? [Mmm…that!] (It’s okay… it was natural) (What should I say…) I’m a guitarist / – Ah yes [Awkward Eu. Ha. Ha. Ha] I’m a singer [Sudden self-introduction time] Should we turn on the music? / – No no Is it awkward? / – No I’m not feeling awkward at all / – Me neither, me neither (This is not awkward…) [Coming out to swim alone, Daniel]

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