“COIMBATORE” 10 Must visit Tourist places | Exploring KOVAI!

“COIMBATORE” 10 Must visit Tourist places | Exploring KOVAI!

“Post-independence,India has built its own Manhattan. The city of dreams,Mumbai And it’s own Silicon Valley,Bengaluru But do you know that India has its own Manchester as well ?  Yes!Welcome to South India’s very own Manchester,Coimbatore . Hi,I’m Himanshi Varma  and I’m here exploring the top places to visit in Coimbatore! Let’s go! Any talk about food in Kovai is incomplete without Sree Annapoorna Sree Gowrishankar. With more than 16 outlets throughout the city this place serves the most delicious Roasts or Dosas and idlis. The Sambhar here is just yumm… I’m at Isha foundation. This is one place which offers variety of programs in meditation and yoga to anyone, who wish to attain physical, mental and spiritual well being. Located some 30 KMS from coimbatore Isha is home to a huge 112 feet Shiva statue -fondly referred to as Adiyogi. This is declared the world’s largest bust by Guinness book of world records. As Isha Foundation’s slogan says It helps people to deepen their experience of life, and reach their ultimate potential. Some 30 KMS from Coimbatore is Mettupalayam train station. This station is home to the Nilgiri Mountain railway. It is the only steam engine train and it goes to the famous hill station Oooty As this train journey is most sought after by tourists, it is usually reserved for weeks in advance. This is the only rack railway present in India. If you love automobiles you would love coimbatore!! Not only does it have an international standard car museum. but it also has amazing race tracks as well!! It’s here at Gedee Car Museum, where we can go in the past and see the best four-wheel wonders of the world till now The museum is a delight to the eyes and the mind! See the innovations and transformations that the cars went from being simple machines to the most technologically advanced. This museum tries to give as much information as in necessary to highlight the innovators behind the marvels This museum is a must visit place for all you car enthusiast! When the race is on, Coimbatore is not at all lagging behind. It’s where you see track racing being taken so seriously. They train young riders and develops them as competitive racing riders over time. There are various religious landmarks in the city that makes Coimbatore a symbol of communal harmony! This is St.Michael’s Cathedral church. Visit the adoration chapel that is open throughout the day and experience the calmness and beauty of this place. One of the oldest and biggest masjid in Coimbatore is the Athar jamath Majeed. It is a living testimony of city’s history. One of the most worshiped Islamic dargah with approximately 2000 worshippers assembles for the Friday prayers. Perur Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva in western part of Coimbatore. The temple has colorful columns and any visit to coimbatore is incomplete without visiting Perur. The temple is believed to be one of the places where Shiva performed Ananda Thandavam. Coimbatore is largely an industrial town but it also has a sprawling flower market in the center of the city. Locally referred to as POO market, the sight here is amazing with flowers adding lots of color to the entire market. It’s where different floral fragrances come together and create an aura of its own. Subramaniyaswami Temple,Marudamalai is a popular 12th century hill temple dedicated to Hindu god Murugan. There are about 150 steps that lead you to the temple. Located 12 kms from Coimbatore, this temple is located on a hillock and is visited by many devotees from across the state.

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  1. Dear TGF, Please don't popularize isha. It's actually an elephant corridor now a temple. Corporate temples are not equal to spiritual temples. I'm a tamil bengaluriga. Our city is losing lakes and trees. Coimbatore lost an elephant corridor. Just Google.

  2. I am From Coimbatore,Working as an PRESS Reporter, and I love Coimbatore!Thanks for this, and it made me goosebumbs, கோயம்புத்தூர்காரன்(COIMBATORIAN)💪👍

  3. this all places am complete… others places v.o.c park . kovai kutraalam . Brook fields . u r missed

  4. I loved your video. Coiambutur is well known for good quality pumps and many electrical appliances.

  5. I am from Kerala…I like Coimbatore…I want to go to Isha centre…love Sadhguru..my friend got life partner from Coimbatore…good open heart people.. next time I will come Coimbatore to find a life partner

  6. sorry to say, but not much natural tourist spots in Coimbatore city.. would rather prefer to visit kerala spots on weekends

  7. Superb and charming presentation by host. But lack of the elaborated presentation feels silly. Need more study and research material for betterment. Hopefully, host will care off.

  8. Hey! We're coming to south India so this information is really helpful because we're going to Ooty so we'll spend our one day at Coimbatore so i just want to query something . . . as I saw on the map, all attractions are in the diffrent locations so I chose 4 out of them. First we'll go to GeDee Car Museum & St. Michael's Catholic Church . . . then we'll head to Perur Temple and Isha Foundation . . now my question is that GeDee & Church are near by city centre but Perur & Isha are far away from city so do lemme know if regular buses are available to Perur & Isha? can we cover it in a day? because our next destination is Madurai.

    Coimbatore was not in our wish list but after watching your video . . . it convinced me to visit Coimbatore as well.

    We'll start our journey from Ooty then Coornoor, Coimbatore, Madurai, Rameshwaram, Dhanushkodi & will ended up on Kanyakumari then we start our journey from Kovalam (Kerala), Trivandrum, Kochi, Allpepey, Guruvayur & will ended up on Kannur.

  9. Chennai – Engalakku prechana nee(covai) varuva
    Covai – Ungaluku prechana naan (Chennai) varuvan
    Namaluku prechana Yaar varuva hey tamilnadu eh kelabum da..❤️😘

  10. Very mean, unlike Bangalore you covered Coimbatore to the least.. Brookfield, Coimbatore airport one of the most cutest in India(just like you) was not covered… And so many……. Why???

  11. வந்தோர்க்கு விருந்தோம்பல் அளிப்பது எங்கள் கொங்கு மண்டலத்தின் சிறப்பு….. #தமிழன்டா…

  12. Proudly saying i am Coimbatorian ,this video Was good… And u r missing lots of Tourist places …Then coimbatore Was Having Lots of touriest plaCes…U showing just few places.. Here somany temples, forest,hills, Rivers ,malls ,and road side shopping..

  13. Proudly saying i am Coimbatorian ,this video Was good… And u r missing lots of Tourist places …Then coimbatore Was Having Lots of touriest plaCes…U showing just few places.. Here somany temples, forest,hills, Rivers ,malls and road side shopping..

  14. I visited Coimbatore to purchase some mechanical stuffs for my engg project…. Pretty good city which is clean and has its own style of roads and buildings built…. I felt bit bizarre watching posters and banners of political leaders everywhere…. In each and every road to be more precise wherein in ma city I find posters of Movie trailers and celebreties and products….. Railway Station was clean and infrastructure was pretty good….. People were helpful but I didn't knew their language to start a conversation…. Beautiful city but very hot (temp is unbearable)… Expensive but good experience 🙂

  15. Totally coimbatore pride is going to collapse due to water. Each drop of water will be charged by corporate company Suese. Please publics weakup

  16. My humble request to TGF channel and team you have to create a video for world oldest and first city of world the city name is Athens of east The one amd only city from 4000BC "Madurai" madurai city is better than other cities of Tamilnadu go and search in google best ,safety,clean more enjoyable , varieties of foods more number of tourist places lot temples , churchs, mosques very excited city

  17. I'm proud of my self being from up I can speak in tamil. Since 1975 we are operating our bussines in tamil nadu. I live in Coimbatore

  18. பொழுதுக்கும் குளுருதுப்பா உங்க ஊர்ல ,,,நாங்க வரலப்பா தம்பி …ஆனாலும் சாப்பாடு எல்லா நல்லாருக்குயா ,,,,hotel LA தோசை ,இட்லி யெல்லாம் அருமையான டேஸ்டுப்பா…ஆனாலும் குளுருது ரொம்ப…அப்ரம் இன்னொரு விசியம்டா கன்னு ,,அங்க தளபதி விஜய் அண்ணாக்கு பேன்ஸ் அதிகம்டா கண்ணு,, அப்ப்ரம் ஒரு முக்கியமான விசியம்டா கன்னுகளா ,,,எங்களுக்கு எப்டி hydrocarbon ஓ,அது மாதிரி உங்களுக்கு 8 வழி சாலைனு கேள்வி பட்டேன் ,,,,,so கவல பட வேனாம் ,எல்லாரு சேர்ந்து சாகலாம்டா .

  19. Madurai the city that never sleeps. Sangam veithu Tamil valartha oor. En Madurai. Proud to be born in Madurai…

  20. Normally Coimbatore people respect people lot & they have a beautiful language – slang ~ u can identify a Coimbatore person anywhere in World he goes 👍

  21. அடியே கோவை குற்றாலம் எங்கமா…🙄
    கோவை குற்றாலத்தை விட அழகான இடம் கோயம்புத்தூரில் இருக்கு..🙃
    where is kovai kuttalam ? that is most beautiful place i ever see in coimbatore..

  22. Machan ithu sakkaraiyaa, siruvaani thannidaa….. Nathikarai nagareegam, nanga noiyyal athu parampara daaa…. Kovai na gethu…..

  23. You had missed a big landmark of coimbatore that's called koniyamman temple it is referred as covai in kaaval dheivam

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