Colorado State University Campus Tour

Colorado State University Campus Tour

– Hello, I’m Tony Frank. Thanks for taking the time
to watch this video today. Colorado State University
was founded in 1870, and its first building
was just a claim shanty put up by the local grange to stake out the site
for a future campus. Today, thanks to the support
of our donors, students, and the people of Colorado, it’s developed into one
of the nation’s leading research universities and an exciting place
to live and learn. The vision of alumni, students,
and supporters like you has helped us reach new levels, transforming many lives
along the way. So whether it’s on a scale
of a few dollars every month all the way
to underwriting a college, the collective support of our
donors makes all the difference, and that’s especially visible in
the physical side of our campus. We continue to upgrade our world-class research
facilities and classrooms. Students find themselves
living and learning in spaces worthy
of their efforts, spaces that fit
their 24/7 lifestyles. All in all, we’ve dedicated
more than $700 million to improving campus
in just the past seven years. Now, if you haven’t seen
campus in a while, you’ve missed the building and renovation
of some fantastic facilities. To help give you
an overall sense of what I’m talking about,
I’d like to introduce you to Mike Hooker,
university spokesperson and, for today,
your personal tour guide. – Hi, Tony. This is
a really easy thing to do when there’s so much that we’re excited
about showing here on campus. – Now, if you haven’t been back
to campus in a few years, there’ll be some places
you hardly recognize. – And then, of course,
places like the oval here where we want to make sure
you recognize them. We want places like this to stay
just as they’ve always been. We value newer and better,
and we value tradition. Let’s go have a look around. The oval is a great place
to talk about building on the foundations
of this university. While many of the facilities
and buildings here have been modernized
and renovated and updated, we’ve done a lot of work
to make sure to keep the traditional feel
and look of the oval. It’s part of what we consider
being good stewards of the foundations
of this university so that students who come here really feel a connection
to our traditions. Many of those renovations
have been helped along by gifts
from thousands of donors. These bricks in the oval
are dedication bricks to commemorate some
of the largest gifts, a million dollars or more, to help our students
and our faculty, our facilities and our programs. A great example
of ongoing donor efforts is right here
at the Guggenheim Building and Preconstruction Center. Over 100 industry partners
joined together to make the entire $5 million Preconstruction Center
renovation possible, ensuring that Construction
Management graduates have the tools they need
to be successful in their field. On the other side of the oval, our donors
have helped us renovate what was once the library, now home to the Institute
for Learning and Teaching. The Russell George Great Hall, funded by
the Boettcher Foundation, makes for
a wonderful centerpiece. Next door,
you’ll find Ammons Hall, home to the University
Welcome Center. This grand building once
held and indoor swimming pool, but now it helps students
take another kind of plunge, into their academic time
here at CSU. We’ve moved across
College Avenue to the site of the old
Fort Collins High School. We’ve added on to this building
and renovated it so that now it’s the truly remarkable
University Center for the Arts. Let’s go inside
and have a look around. This incredible building isn’t
being reused as an afterthought. These spaces, together
with the Griffin Concert Hall, the Runyan Music Hall,
and Bohemian Theatre Complex, have opened doors
to entirely new avenues in learning
and creative expression. The Organ Recital Hall here
is a great example. This space
was designed specifically to accommodate the university’s
famous Casavant organ. There are nearly 2,100 pipes
all throughout this setup. In fact, look at these.
They’re huge. These ones–the biggest
are 19 feet tall. This is a great space
for concerts and recitals of all kinds. The acoustics in here
are just about perfect. CSU has one of the few
performing arts programs in the country with music, theater, and dance
all under one roof. We’re considered one of the top
ten best university art centers in the western U.S. When we think
of transformations, it’s easy to get caught up in
the bricks and mortar of campus, but the most important
transformations happening here are in our students as they pass
through our university. Our state-of-the-art facilities help them reach
their true potential. This is the southern part
of the academic corridor. It’s renovated
and some new buildings with laboratories
and classroom space. This one’s kind
of tough to miss. It’s Albert Yates Hall. It’s actually built
right over top of the corridor. Just across from here, the new
Behavioral Sciences Building hosts a couple of IMAX-size
projector classrooms, great study spaces, and even
a 3-D projector classroom. Wow, I wish you could see
this on the video, what I’m looking at
with the glasses on, and what the students see is,
in this case, the way DNA is packaged
in the human body, and it’s complicated, but this way, I can
see through it and around it, and it really does make it
much easier to picture what’s going on
in there. Okay, back in the real world. This is the Griffin Lobby of
the Computer Science Building, recently named one of the nine
best computer science programs in the world. We’re preparing students to land some of the best jobs
in the industry. Students will also find room to meet in study groups
or just relax. The Human Performance
Clinical/Research Lab allows students to work
across disciplines to better understand disease
and promote healthy lifestyles. The laboratory
was recently expanded with the help
of many generous donors. Construction on the Suzanne
and Walter Scott, Jr. Bioengineering Building
just wrapped up, and it’s pretty amazing. Classrooms, labs,
and offices are all arranged around this central atrium. The Don and Susie Law
Student Success Center is a wonderful addition
to this beautiful building and offers students a place for advising
and career development services. Preserving the history
of the department, the Animal Sciences Building
is being renovated to encompass
more classroom space, computer and research labs. The construction is expected to
be complete by spring of 2014. Believe it or not,
students really do have a life outside of the classroom
and labs. We’ve worked hard
to make CSU a place where students
can feel comfortable to study, grow, and build relationships. Of course, for students, a lot of that time
outside of class involves hitting the books, and what better place to do it than right here
at Morgan Library? And like so many places
here on campus that students get
so much benefit from, there are walls
full of benefactors who have made
it all possible for CSU. The latest addition includes
the nearly all-glass study cube, where students have 24/7 access. This amazing library
is about more than books. In a lot of ways, it’s really
the technology hub of campus. Students can check out laptops. There’s a 3-D printer,
and check this out. It’s Google Liquid Galaxy. You use this joystick, and on this whole
array of screens, you can fly all around
the globe and explore. When it’s time to take a
much-needed break from studying, students can visit
the Lory Student Center. This building,
the heart of campus for many, is currently undergoing
an extensive renovation. New spaces will emerge
over the next year or so. One renovated space
that’s already in use is the very flexible
LSC Theatre. This is the Student Rec Center, and the climbing wall here
is nearly 40 feet tall, and this entire space
is surrounded by glass windows on three sides, so it almost feels
like you’re climbing outside. The Rec is a great place
for students, staff, and faculty to reenergize from a long day. Pool, weights, cardio, and much more all
in the middle of campus. As our students wrap up
that long day, many of them find their way to one of our new
or renovated residence halls. For people who remember
the old Parmelee Hall, you’ll hardly recognize it now. From here
in the new student lounge, it’s a great place for you
to see an example of the stewardship
we’re talking about here. We saved 90% of the shell
of this building and still added this
fourth floor to the building. What that did was allow us to
add 25% more beds for students, but because this renovation
is so efficient, the building now uses
20% less energy. Many of our residence halls are home to specific residential
learning communities, where students
of similar interests, passions, lifestyles, or fields of study
can choose to live and build connections
with other likeminded students. This is the Durrell Center,
completely renovated, and now it’s not just a better
place for students to eat. It’s also a better place for students to learn
in a surprising way. Food waste from here
and other dining halls is diverted from the landfill,
composted, and then used on campus
in landscaping projects. Students
from Soil and Crop Science partner with Housing and Dining
and Facilities Management staff to make it all happen. Students are engaging
in classrooms, academically, engaging with each other
socially outside of class, and wherever those students
find themselves, CSU continues to strive to help
students make connections here at Colorado
State University. Of course, athletics
are a fun part of our university community. We Rams have an energetic
fan base of students, alums, and community members. [cheers and applause] This is Colorado State’s
indoor practice facility, the latest athletic facility. This helps our teams
and our student athletes reach their full potential. In this space, the athletes
are able to practice their skills on
that unusual Colorado day when the weather
isn’t picture-perfect. all: Let’s go, Rams! – Moby Arena,
the home of Moby Madness, is in the process
of several expansions, including a new training center
and concourse facilities, the Everitt Weight Room
and floor refinish. [cheers and applause] We ask a lot
of our student athletes, and to help support them,
donors have made it possible to add the Anderson Academic
and Training Center. It’s got this whole section
of computer workstations, and then there’s
this great study area, and along this whole wall,
there are private rooms for tutoring sessions
and study groups. After pushing their minds
in the academic center, student athletes can come
right across the hall to push their bodies in this
state-of-the-art workout center. In both areas,
our student athletes are leading Ram athletics
to new levels. And speaking of new levels, we’re hoping to put
a new football stadium on this site right on campus. It’s a bold new era
that will bring students and the community together around athletics
and many other events. These artist renderings give an
idea of what it might look like. Colorado State University’s
facilities extend beyond the main
Fort Collins campus. The Griffin Foundation
joins several other foundations and individuals
with the renovation of the Washington School,
just west of campus. This historic building
now houses the university’s
Early Childhood Center. – You did it! – Just south of the main campus, the James L. Voss Veterinary
Teaching Hospital continues a long tradition of
research and academic service. At Colorado State’s
Flint Animal Cancer Center, the top center of its kind
in the country, they give hope to pet animals
battling cancer and then translate that research
and knowledge to also benefit
people with cancer. A recent addition here is this Veterinary Diagnostic
Laboratory, dedicated to understanding, treating, and preventing
animal diseases. The lab spaces are open
and filled with light. A similar laboratory space was
built at our Foothills Campus. This is
the Research Innovation Center, the latest addition to our world-class Regional
Biocontainment Laboratory. Scientists here study everything from tuberculosis
to agricultural contaminants in an effort to make a positive
difference around the world. Lots of happy horses out here at
the Equine Reproduction Lab. Thanks to the help
of a lot of donors, they were able to rebuild
this facility after a devastating fire
back in 2011. So now the world-class
equine reproduction work can continue here at CSU. Colorado State University
has offices, classrooms, and lab spaces
all across the state. One of the newest facilities can be found right in the heart
of downtown Denver. The CSU Denver Center
hosts events and classes for our Denver students
and alums. To help show your CSU pride,
check out the Ram Zone, with exclusive CSU merchandise. – Thanks, Mike,
for doing such a great job as our tour guide today. – Absolutely. It’s great to get a chance
to see so much on campus. There’s just a lot
of fun stuff to show off. – Very true. We’re very proud of the way
our students and our facilities have developed
at Colorado State University, reflecting and supporting the important academic work
that happens here. A great university
requires great spaces, inspirational spaces for
learning, research, and study, and our students and supporters
have really transformed our learning environment by investing in CSU’s
physical infrastructure. I want to thank you again
for your interest in our campus and your help in continuing to make Colorado State
University a great place. Go, Rams!

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