Compliment Challenge: Vinny vs. Angelina | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Compliment Challenge: Vinny vs. Angelina | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– First of all, is that
a weave or is that real? – It’s like a thing. – It’s a weave. I’m not complimenting someone else’s hair. (laughs) – Shut up. (energetic music) – There’s been a long-standing beef between my friends over
here, Angelina and Vinny. – All right Kim Kardashian. You’re more like the Rob
Kardashian in Staten Island, you ugly (bleep). – No one (bleep) wants to hear you. Because I will (bleep) come at you. – Come at me! Uh, come at me! – I want to take this time to
see if I can keep the peace, and I want to see if
maybe you guys can make up a little bit, we can start, maybe you can give her like
a nice little compliment. Come on,
(laughs) Pauly D positivity over here. – Are you serious? – That’s what you’re gonna do.
– Oh, you can. – That’s not possible. – Just try it for me. – Yeah, you should try it. (boxing bell dings) – Vinny? – C’mon, help me out, I don’t… Um, you have, nice… – Oh god, I don’t even want to know what’s gonna come out of your mouth next. (timer ticking) – Ears? (record scratch)
– What the hell? – You do have nice ears though. (ding) – Hmm, well you’re from
Staten Island, which I like. – I mean that’s cool. (laughs)
(ding) (boxing bell dings) – You’re– – Look her in the eye. – You’re very– – He can’t even look me in the eye. – I’m gonna turn to stone! (crackles) You’re brains are, there. (ding) – What do you mean they’re there, what the hell is that? – Big brains. – I’m actually very smart. – Really? – I don’t know, stop, you dress nice, you dress different,
(ding) from a lot of other guys I know. (bleep) – She’s like, you dress different than anybody I’m attracted to. (boxing bell dings) – You are very, modest. (ding)
– Thank you. – That’s nice. How hard was that? – (bleep) hard. – I have to admit, which
I don’t really want to, but, you are very smart. (ding)
– Thank you. (boxing bell dings) – I like, your… Skin. – Wait, what the (bleep)? – You have nice new boobs. (ding)
– Oh thanks! Vinny. – What? (romantic music plays) – You have a nice mom. (ding) I like your family. – I’ll take that. (boxing bell dings) – Yeah, I really like
the top of your head. (tires screeching) – Oh my God! – No, not from that! From when she kissed my feet. (scary music)
(screams) – Your crusty-ass (bleep)– – Compliments Angelina! Compliments! – I think you’re a nice person, I really do,
(ding) I think you’re a nice person deep down. – You do?
– Even though you hate me, I think you’re a nice person. – Damn, said no one ever. (boxing bell dings) – So I’ve heard, but I don’t know, well actually I don’t remember. – Go on. – That you have a nice (bleep). – Oh, damn!
(many dings) – I think we got it.
(laughs) – You would know! – I think we can end it now. – You would know. – Wow. Wow. – Angelina is the winner here. Aww, who would’ve thought! This day would ever come. (energetic music)

4 thoughts on “Compliment Challenge: Vinny vs. Angelina | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. Angelina has no bring home quality to her. Vinny will end up with a nice Italian woman eventually. If anything Snooki and him was the deal till he joked about her being easy and Italy closed that door shut. This mess with Angelina is just for ratings.

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