Condor Classic Camping Axt – Testbericht Gear Review

Condor Classic Camping Axt – Testbericht Gear Review

Dear viewers, today I introduce you to an axe again. This time from another manufacturer. In fact by Condor Tool and Knife. Here i have the Camping Hatchet ot the Classic Series. In Germany somewhat rarer but I still wanted to introduce you to. So enjoy the video. The axe is made in El Salvador is 35.8 cm long and weighs together with the 52g heavy leather sheath 875 grams. The slightly rounded edge is 7,8cm long and has a very convex grind. This reduce canting in material. Here you see the small beard of the axe at the bottom end of the cutting edge. On the other side the small butt/poll is well suited for small hammer works. In addition, it is rounded and is therefore good for skinning animals For a secure hold, the handle is fixed in the eye with a wooden wedge and circlip. The forged lip/lug on the head have been omitted at this ax. But that is ok by a head width of 5cm. The head weighs 600g and is made of a 1060 high carbon steel with a hardness of 45-50 Rockwell, that is not stainless. Because this is the Classic Series, the head is completly untreated except of the cutting and poll/butt. The rustic look I like a little more at competitors. The axe is delivered without razor sharpness which does not mean that it is not sharp. With the axe you can cut smaller logs well. With the softer steel (1060) and the convex grind the ability to hold an edge is very balanced. By the way the heads are forged by hand in El Salvador. As usual for almost all axes and hatchets a durable and flexible hickory wood from the United States is also used here. With the axe a handmade dark brown leather sheath comes with button. A belt loop does not exist but the axe can be well stowed in smaller backpacks thanks to the compact dimensions. The axe can be used well for split of kindling wood, but also finer works due to the light handle are no problem. But to me the carving of small curls was slightly difficult through the very convex grinding. Smaller logs are as already mentioned no problem and the canting in the material is very rare. The handling of the axe is comfortable and by the thickening of the head at the upper end of the handle longer finer work are also pleasant. The good attachment of the head and the slip guard at the lower end of the handle makes you feel safer at work. Lets come to the end. Dear viewers, back again. I like the axe well. The price is about 50-70 dollars totally ok and the materials used are also good. By itself, the axe really does not differs from those which I have already presented. What I did not like was the style. In my opinion, somewhat carelessly and by omitting the lip/lug the axe looks a bit boring. I’m missing something for a Classic style. But that’s all a matter of taste!!! Otherwise, a good ax for good price. Those interested in Condor other models are present slightly more here in Germany. Links in the description. I hope you enjoy the video. like if you like it, comment and subscribe my Channel. Until next time. Take Care!

4 thoughts on “Condor Classic Camping Axt – Testbericht Gear Review

    Du sag mal wie bzw womit hast du die Slowmotion gemacht? Ich film ja mit ner DSLR aber da kann man die Frames ja leider nicht so hochsetzen das man vernünftige zeitlupen machen kann.

    ps. war gestern auch fleißig reviewen. Video ist gerade im Schnitt. Ist schon krass wieviel Arbeit immer in solchen Videos steckt 🙂 Aber Spaß macht es ja trozdem.

  2. Ich hab mich auch für ein anderes Produkt entschieden. Trotzdem ne klasse Arbeit von dir. Bin immer wieder über die Kameraführung fasziniert und kann hier viel lernen. Thx dafür.

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