100 thoughts on “Confessions Tour 720p

  1. Bravo bravo y bravo ???, siempre que estoy triste veo este video y alucino con este show, me da animos, grande reina madonna.

  2. The Tour that made me a Madonna fan. I was 16 years old. Since then I had the chance to attend all of her tours but men, I would give anything to be at this show!
    See you in Lisboa, for the Madame X!

  3. Madonna is the best!!!!!! Words speak more than words… All her tours are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn´t choose one honestly. Thank God I don´t have to. ¨Cause in every tour Madonna does it better….. This one in particular is fllawless…….Long live The Queen!!!!!!!Saturday, October 5th 2019.

  4. As part of a school project I have been watching several female singers performances the last weeks. Now I can totally say that Madonna is the best of her type, she nows how to create music in such elaborated masterpiece. Yes, she deserves the "Queen" title.

  5. It was hard to pick but … The Confessions Tour has to be my favorite Tour she has done. I cannot describe it any other words than Artistic, Immaculate, and Explosive.
    THIS is her legacy.
    THIS is what makes her The Queen.

  6. Melhor show da rainha! Faltou VOGUE no repertório. Enfim… figurino, edição, repertório em si e etc. The best❤??

  7. History being made right there. Such a classy, energetic, modern and smooth concert – Stuart Price must be one of the best Madonna’s collabs of all her carreer. I will never get tired of watching this, it amazes me everytime. It’s timeless!

  8. Madona simpre trato a los hombres en sus videoclips como objetos y nunca vi a los hombres montando protestas…a ver si aprenden esas feministas que ya aburren xd

  9. Best show ever! She makes you enjoy every single moment of the show. There will never be someone like her. She’s unique and she breaks every single stereotype that there’s on Earth. Long reign Madonna!!!

  10. Me parece que lo del dedo va bien. Es cierto que en la sección de lo barato existen duros insultos para una figura como esta. La capacidad de respeto por lo que es oculto o inventado por uno mismo hace de la fuerza de esta estrella en escena una atmósfera fuerte y un club del que muchos quieren formar parte.

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  15. I saw this front row of the catwalk in Cardiff. Nothing will ever capture the excitement when the disco ball opened. The place went nuts; still get chills now.

  16. Soy la unica que se fijo que en el minuto 23:58 sale la hermosísima Sofia Boutella..!!! Este es de los mejores conciertos de Madonna…!!

  17. Was she really talking about guns? Starving kids in Africa? Climate change? Religion? Wow. I don't think she is a queen, I think she is a person who feels, who sees, who is willing to talk about some matters that other singers don't. That's really something

  18. I saw the dress rehearsal for friends and family for Confession tour the night before the tour began at the Forum, and watching it again tonight it's just as hot. Definitely her best tour ever. I saw Madame X last week at the Wiltern, and it is also fantastic in a completely different way. No one puts on a show like Madonna.

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