Cook Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Cook Islands Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Situated at the very centre of Polynesia, the Cook Islands is an archipelago nation
comprised of 15 islands. It is spread across an area in the South Pacific, three times the size of Texas. Supremely beautiful, with pristine white sands
fringed by coconut palms, the Cook Islands possesses
a castaway island magic and yet is only a four hour flight from
New Zealand. According to legend, these tiny islands, dotted amongst the vast ocean, were discovered thousands of years ago by
the very finest Polynesian seafarers. Guided by the stars and using other sophisticated
navigation techniques, they landed their legendary double hulled
Vakas and set about creating paradise. When Missionaries arrived in the 19th century, they tried to ban the locals from what they
considered to be ungodly traditions of singing, dancing and drumming. Far from being weakened, the powerful beat of Polynesian culture, with its intimate connection to nature was
blended with a deep Christian faith. Today, the Cook Islands moves to a generous
and gentle rhythm. It is a rhythm you’ll feel as soon as you
touch down in Rarotonga, the largest island in the group. You could easily drive around this sparkling
island in half an hour if you hurry, but that’s the charm of the Cook Islands….. no one does. Instead, slowly get lost amongst the pure
white coral sand beaches considered by many to be the most beautiful
in the south pacific. The island is ringed by a reef, creating a series of lagoons many of which
are perfect for swimming, boating and snorkelling. Take a safari tour inland where mountain trails
criss-cross the volcanic centre and enjoy fresh tropical fruits like guava and jackfruit. Learn to open a coconut like the locals or enjoy a locally brewed beer at the
Matutu Brewery. There is a saying in the Cook Islands, ”Kiriti maro tai,” which means there’s no such thing as a stranger. Experience true Cook Islands hospitality at
a progressive dinner, where you’ll be welcomed with a new course
at three different island homes. Experience the magic of many different generations
living under one roof, be serenaded by ukuleles and guitars and try
Ika Mata, a local delicacy. Another place you’ll be welcomed like family
is in Church, where you’ll find almost the entire population
of the islands on Sunday mornings. Early missionaries taught English hymns to
the locals, who blended the words into their own style, creating a rhythm that sweeps up to the church
rafters. Just a 45 minute flight north of Rarotonga
is tiny Aitutaki, perhaps the most beautiful of all the islands. Legend has it that this island was settled
by a famous seafaring warrior name Ru. Visit O’out beach, the tranquil lagoon where
he is said to have stepped ashore. Discover more island history on a cruise, where the Aitutakian love of song, dance and storytelling takes centre stage. Snorkel in crystal clear waters amongst tropical
fish and untouched coral reefs and explore smaller, deserted islands and atolls. Like many other polynesian countries, the Cook Islands is known for delicate handicrafts that have been an integral part of the culture
for centuries. Specialist stores throughout the islands offer
fine jewellery made from local black pearls prized for their
quality and lustre. Or, visit a vibrant local market, such as the Aitutaki Markets to purchase beautiful
hand painted and screen printed silks and sarongs. A little further afield is Atiu, also known as Enuamanu which means “Island of Birds.” This volcanic island rewards adventurers with
beautiful secluded coves and white sand beaches. Hike through untouched tropical rainforests
and explore the Anatakitaki Caves as you try to spot the Kopeka a rare bird that navigates using echoes. Another unique offering of Atiu is the fragrant, locally grown coffee, which has been grown on Atiu since it was
introduced by early missionaries. Don’t leave this special island without
a visit to the Rimau Burial Cave. It is easy to imagine the ritual drum beats that helped lay to rest the spirits of the
fearsome Polynesian warriors who are believed to lie here. It has been almost 250 years since
Captain Cook became the first European to discover these islands and yet there is a gentle timelessness that
endures here. So, come and discover the generous rhythm and warm hospitality of the Cook Islands for

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  1. I went to Rarotonga for 8 days and then stayed in Aitutaki for 3 days. It was absolutely beautiful there.. I would actually love to move there. I thought I would rewatch this video and see what I recognized and this seriously made me smile and think of my lovely trip ^^ Wish I could have stayed..

  2. I have been to one such island country- Maldives. Everything there is breathtaking and so beautiful that you doubt your own eyes. But life becomes monotonous in not more than 7 days and you want to come back home.

  3. I first went to the Cook islands in 95 and I thought it was Paradise then. I have not found a better place and so happy to be going back there in a week ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey guys, if you're looking to see more of Aitutaki, have a looksy here:

  5. We flew from Auckland to Rarotonga so good to get a break from city life and relax on the beach. The people that live there are very friendly and hospitable. Love to go back again one day!

  6. It's A VERY beautiful island.. but totally dead.
    Nobody lives there. The population is less than One hundred thousand.
    Unless you're 80 and taking your yoga mat with you to meditate until you die of boredom, I don't recommend any of the ABC islands. You've been warned.

  7. I was there 3 months ago. It is beautiful and the people are friendly but it is suuuuper expensive (in terms of food and other goods). Just about everything needs to be flown or shipped over on a barge from new Zealand. This aside, I would gladly visit again!

  8. amazing , expedia why arabic caption doesn't exist if you can I hope put it for people who speak arabic , thank you anyway .

  9. Right on people cook is land is the place to go for some relaxation and forget about the traffic in the big smoke
    Especially if you have the chance go to Atiu the island of birds

  10. Aitutaki that's where my dad was born in the village of Amuri. I'm going to go there one day to see my dad's heritage.

  11. Cook is the name of an explorer like Livingstone, who is famous in Southern Africa. It is good to see how, the explorers contributed to development.

  12. if you are thinking about going do it now because in a few years you may not be able to

  13. Now that I see this, I just want to live there with almost nothing. A place to sleep and food is all I need ๐ŸŒด๐ŸŒด๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ

  14. Iโ€™m glad for the video but at the same time I condemn the advertising of it, I donโ€™t want it to be over visited by a huge crowd of tourists which will do nothing but ruin it.

  15. It was Pedro Fenandez De Quiro a Portuguese Spainiard the first european who discovered the islands. He landed in Rakahanga in 1606. Captain James Cook arrived in 1773 and named the islands Hervey Islands. Fifty years later a Russian Admiral Adam Johann Von Krusenstern named the islands after James Cook. Which is the Cook Islands.

  16. I like travelling there for missionary purpose, but funds had been the hindrance and barriers but wishing an open door

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