Cool Areas to Visit in London (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

Cool Areas to Visit in London (That You’ve Never Heard Of)

(upbeat music) – Everyone knows London
Bridge, Oxford Circus, Borough Market, but I’m going to show you some of the coolest areas
around London to check out, that you’ve probably never heard of. By the way, if you’re new here, I’m Jess and I make lots of videos
for people who are coming to visit London and want
to see the cooler side of the city. (upbeat music) We’re in the area of
Clerkenwell, which has lots of really good pubs and
restaurants, but the standout spot is Exmouth Market. During the week at
lunchtime, there is a pop-up food market where you can
get a really good affordable lunch, by the way, make your
way down Spa Fields Lane if you want a cool little
park to have your lunch in. (upbeat music) Even if you visit Exmouth
Market when it’s not lunchtime, on a weekday, there are
tons of really great food and drink spots as well
as shops to check out while you’re here. (upbeat music) London Fields is in East
London, and it’s a favorite area amongst Londoners. Besides all of the great
pubs, bars and restaurants that you can check out around
here, you can head down to Regents Canal and go
for a cycle or a walk along the river. (upbeat music) This is also where the
world famous Columbia Road flower market is. It happens on Sundays. It does get really busy so
once you’ve checked it out, and you’ve had enough,
make sure you head over to Ezra Street and get
yourself some oysters or a pint while you sit
on the sidewalk and enjoy with the rest of the Londoners. (upbeat music) During the Windrush hour in
the 50s, much of what became the British Afro-Caribbean
population settled here in Brixton, so this is
the best place to come if you want African or Caribbean cuisine. I’d recommend heading to
Brixton Village or Market Row. That’s where you’ll find those places. You’ll also see a bunch of boutique shops and other types of restaurants too. (upbeat music) Do me a favor, write down in the comments if you’re now going to
visit any of these areas that I just talked about and don’t forget, before you come to visit London,
watch one of my other many London tip videos. They’ll help you to get
the most out of your visit. (beeps) By the way, make your
way down Spa Fields Lane, a bug just flew in my eye. (beeps) (beeps) (beeps)

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  1. Born and bred Londoner (Hackney). I still live here. Aside from London Fields and broadway market. There’s Dalston (cool bars), Hackney Central (pop ups), Hackney Wick (breweries) and of course Shoreditch (for a night out – quite touristy though). Upper street, in Islington is lovely too

  2. Hey there Jess! Just wondering- if you applied for any specific visa when you moved ? I'm assuming you didn't need a work visa since you do freelance work from home. Thanks 🙂

  3. Been watching your videos religiously for the last two weeks.  Great information.  Reaching out to see if you know of any bars, pubs or clubs that play New Wave, Synth, Alternative made in the 80's by Londoners?

  4. Super late to comment on your video, but I just found your channel today. My girlfriend and I were in London over last Christmas week, and we had a great time going to Camden market and THEN slipping down to the canal and walking along the banks all the way to the zoo! Quite a walk, but worth it.

  5. Could you do a video on “most instagrammable” places and also a video that includes Sketch London? I’d love to see your thoughts!!

  6. Hi, Love Your videos. I'm planning a visit to London with my Friends next summer. It's going to be in different Euro Capitals actually and London would be one of them. Can you made a video about what kind of clothing and shoes are good for a summer vacation in London? Many like Us would appreciate it!

  7. I love your videos about London, they are very helpful. I have a question about living in London
    What are the rules and regulations/ laws to live there ?

  8. Yes, I will when I return to England. I believe East London is perfect for me because I don't care for too much touristy stuff as I am laid back when I travel. Yes, I'll see West Minster Abbey and probably the changing of the guards and maybe a few museums. However, I just want to relax while I explore without a lot of crowds.

  9. Hi Jess! We will be visiting London at the end of July and i'm wondering if you think renting accomodations with air conditioning will be necessary to feel comfortable during that time?

  10. Going to London in April! Loving watching all ur videos but love suggestions like these!! Plan on trying to go to the first one and the flower market now! Thank u!!!

  11. Hi Jess, we are going to London for the first time ever and will be there late March. We are hoping for great weather! Thanks for all your tips! I think we've watched all of your videos. You are awesome at what you do!!! Thanks again from Chicago.

  12. Will be back in London first week of October and plan to visit most of these spots!! Thanks ever SO much!!!

  13. Hey, you are amazing!! Could you please help me which part of London and tube or bus stops have most of the worth sightseeing in London?

  14. As an English travel vlogger this made me very ashamed that I’ve never been to London. Fantastic video, very informative.

  15. Food ?
    I have heard about an off grid community, anything about that?
    Going May 17-28, it's the Chelsea flower show and just hoping for two amazing weeks with beautiful weather.. ?

  16. Useful tips all easily accessible and not expensive either to wine dine and socialise. Exmouth market is a good suggestion. I would also advise Hampstead for a change of scenery and Fitzrovia or neighbouring Bloombsury for a bit of laid back culture, history and some nice eateries and pubs.

  17. Hello, I have recently moved to london. I m planning to buy a house here.. can h suggest which is a good area to buy a House. I m currently based in Stratford

  18. Thank you for the tips!! We're only going to be there 3 days next March, but we'll try and hit at least one of your recommendations amidst the touristy usuals. Probably Exmouth.

  19. London is the best city in the whole of the UK and entertaining with culture history and class other uk cities like Birmingham and Manchester are boring places

  20. Our family just returned from a trip to Italy via a brief stop over in London. Watched a number of your videos prior to the trip and found them extremely helpful in getting the 'lay of the land' in London. We visited a number of cool places on and off the typical tourist destinations. All of us are very keen on returning to London for a longer duration so that we can see more of the places that you have highlighted in your videos. One trip can be solely for the purpose of mastering the Underground and learning how to efficiently get around! Thanks again.

  21. Thanks Jess, we love to find all the "cool" places that no one else usually goes to and we certainly surprise the UK family when we tell them about these places. Already planning 2021!

  22. SO glad I found your videos! I can't wait to check out the vibe in Brixton Village. I'll be visiting London in December/January so I'm going to be checking out your things to do in the winter videos next.

  23. I did visit Brixton a couple of years ago. Fantastic market. Just a great neighbourhood, overall. Still, I think one of my favourite areas to visit would be Muswell Hill. Highgate is lovely, as well. Just a great part of London to walk around & enjoy. Toff's of Muswell Hill, right at the Fortis Green Rd / Muswell Hill Broadway roundabout, has the best fish & chips I've ever had, anywhere! I'd recommend taking the Tube & bus to get there, and walking downhill back to Highgate to work off the food! Maybe drop in to the Angel Inn for a drink – recommended especially to any Monty Python fans. Graham Chapman was a regular there, and there's a blue plaque on the wall in his memory.

  24. Plan my first London trip in April. I will definitely check it out. By the way, I’ve been watching several of your videos! Thank you!

  25. Check out Bloomsbury farmers market in Torrington Square every Thursday. A great combo of fresh and cooked hot food with around 40 stalls. Just between SOAS and Birkbeck colleges and only a five minute walk away from the British museum!

  26. When you are on Columbia Road flower market don't miss Jack Garcia's coffee shop, amazing pastries and brilliant coffee but incredibly busy so get there before 9

  27. Yeah unfortunately all those people who came in the 50s and 60s and set up their businesses for the local people have been priced out by increasing rent and business rates in the Brixton area its good for visiting people but a little sad looking at the area in the 70s as apposed to now

  28. Used to fish along the regent's canal at broadway market when I was a kid. Love my city Just sad that it's changed for the worse in certain areas.

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