Copenhagen Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Copenhagen Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Copenhagen sits on the east coast of Denmark, a country that consists of the Jutland Peninsular
and a series of small islands. Separated from Sweden by the Oresund Strait, this nordic city is Denmark’s capital. With cutting edge restaurants set amidst cobblestone
streets and picturesque canals, Copenhagen is a perfect combination of fairytale
magic and modern day cool. There is no better way to understand this
city’s charm than with the uniquely Danish word, hygge which describes a cosy and soulful state of
mind. It is a word that you can’t quite put your
finger on it but you’ll know it when you feel it and
in Copenhagen, hygge is everywhere. Hygge can be found in the candles that brighten
the windows and the warm sense of enchantment that fills
the streets. It can be found in the colorful wharfs, the city’s beautiful gardens and as the
sun goes down, it can even be found in one of Europe’s
oldest theme parks. One of the very best ways to enjoy Copenhagen
is the way most locals do by bicycle. The city is laced with almost 250 miles of
bike lanes and cycling is a way of life for all ages. Head to Nyhavn, a 17th century waterfront
and canal district that is full of color, and character with its many bars and cafes. Enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or
grab a drink and watch the boats glide by. Visit the little mermaid, one of Copenhagen’s
most recognisable characters. Created from a story by Hans Christian Andersen, she is just a short stroll away from the wharves. This statue has been staring longingly toward
the shore for over 100 years, hoping to catch a glimpse of her beloved prince. Discover real-life royalty at Amalienborg, home to the much-loved Danish Royal Family. Catch the changing of the guard ceremony which
takes place every day at noon. For more fairy-tale magic head to the Tivoli
Gardens. This park has delighted generations since
1843 and holds a special place in Copenhagen’s heart. Take a ride on one of the oldest operational
wooden roller coasters in the world or spin through the sky on the towering Star
Flyer. Watch a pantomime, ride a dragon boat or enjoy
the Tivioli’s stunning gardens. For a little more nature, take a picnic and
enjoy Copenhagen’s many other green spaces. Visit the botanical gardens, which are close to the centre of town and
famous for its historic glasshouses. Hip, charming or just plain magic, however you define Copenhagen it is easy to
understand why it regularly tops the list of the world’s
happiest cities. Like the fairy dust, that seems to be in the
air here, Hygge may be hard to define but its easy to
feel. So slow down, relax and enjoy the beautiful
moments this city has to offer.

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  1. Why do you have videos for the other Scandinavian cities, but not Stockholm? Stockholm has the largest population out off all the Scandinavian cities.

  2. I went to Copenhagen last August, it is really a marvelous place full of magic and wonderful people 🙂
    Greetings from Chile!

  3. i went to copenhagen this summer, it was like " spot the danish guy" ,, cant believe u have so many immigrants over there…in not racist but thats a real shame

  4. Fantastic video! Copenhagen is indeed an amazing city. If you want to know
    more, check out my travel blog with city guides, photostories and much
    more from all over the world:

  5. At 2:21 the entire dome should have been shown. Its majestic, and I've heard is the same size as that of the St. Peter's Bascilica in Vatican 🙂

  6. I went to Copenhagen this June with my family and me and my mom commented that Copenhagen is a livable city. Even after I left Copenhagen to go to Rostock Germany on the Disney Magic cruise ship. I still would like to come back. I have a mini Denmark flag and a wallet that my mom bought from Copenhagen. I adore my Danish stuff. I would like to live in Copenhagen after I graduate college with a degree in law.

  7. I was listening to the news channel talk about stuff and ding! it dawned on me in a real way again late that they are true profit-oriented "interests"! and don't care about what they do to people whatever they talk about like distorted failures of yakking about it. Because a lot of people don't know that, a lot of poor people, that we have been within a kind of character refinement conflict with, not that we erred or didn't care about the nightmare of what people don't know about people. I think Mercury has been in retrograde for some time.

  8. Who else came here from Ssundee? I googled this because the famous YouTuber known as Mr. Crainer lives in the wonderful country known as


  9. I went to Copenhagen in September last year, even though I was only there for 5 days I fell in love with the place, and haven’t stopped dreaming about going back since…

  10. I'm going back in 3 weeks and I'm so excited!!! København is my favourite city! ❤️

    Edit: I just got back from København and I just fall in love with it more and more every visit. 😍❤️

  11. Here's a song called Copenhagen that I composed about one of Scandinavia's amazing capital cities. Please like and share if you enjoy it. And have fun in Copenhagen!

  12. Copenhagen it can be a nice place but the rest of the country it is really ugly and hard to adapt and fit in,
    Less people in the street almost empty "ghost citys " and very close to themselves,especially for arabic and muslims , very racists and unfriendly , i have a bad experience in denmark, i think its really weird flat boring country 😑
    Compared to germany ,france or other European city.

  13. Magic, lots of history, colourful and fun … that's Copenhagen we saw back in our visit in 2017 and we would go back anytime as soon as we have another opportunity! Cheers for this great video!

  14. I love your video. Thank you for touring us in Copenhagen. I love to go visit Copenhagen the next time I go back to Denmark. I've been to Denmark and have some of my compilation also of places Ive been to on my channel. Hope you can check out also my channel if you wish to see a quick tour of Denmark. But surely I love to go here in Copenhagen.

  15. Capital of hygge , Kobenhavn ! Thank you for a beautiful time.Imagine living here ; would be like opening a Hans Christian Andersen chapter .All the colours to compensate for a grey sky and gloomy day . Copenhagen has all the ingredients for joie de vivre !

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