Corn Heads – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 19

Corn Heads – Talking Tom and Friends | Season 3 Episode 19

-[Hank] A-hem. As President of Movie Night, I want
to welcome you to a perfect evening -of entertainment and wonder!
-All right! I can’t believe no one voted for me
to be President of Movie Night. Come on, picking Hank was a no-brainer.
He’s the master of movies. He’ll get every little detail right. Yup. I got every little detail right! We’ll start at eight o’clock sharp,
the best time for movie viewing. I’ve lowered the lights to 37%, the perfect dimness
for optimal screen focus. And for the ultimate movie snack
we have… [gasp] Oh, no, no! -No, I’m a failure!
-Wait, is something wrong? Aw! We’re out of popcorn! Movie Night is ruined! No! Ha! Now I get to be President of–
Aw man, he took the remote! ♪ Wa-oah! ♪ Whoa! Who’s this hard-working farmer
and what did you do with Hank? Angela, the tragic events of last night
really opened my eyes. If we can run out of popcorn once,
we can run out of popcorn again! So, I’m growing my own corn. Oh! That will be so nice to have
at Movie Night – in a few months. A few months? No way. -These will be fully grown by tomorrow!
-But that’s not how farming works. -Unless you’re planning to–
-[Ben] I found it! If you need instant super-growing results, nothing like my experimental fertilizer,
SuperGrow. -Great! Science me up, Ben!
-No! Put that away! Plants should only be grown
with natural things, like sun and dirt and smiles. Like this! [giggles] -That’s not doing anything.
-Wait for it! -Hank, use the SuperGrow.
-No! If you mess with nature,
there could be terrible consequences! Oh. All right, Angela, you win! I want my popcorn to be natural.
And you were louder. You’re making the right decision. So I’ll just wait here, then… Nice and patient. No need to rush to– I can’t take the waiting anymore!
Give me that SuperGrow. Now! Now! Now! -Wow!
-[creaking] Ah! What? -Hank, did you use the SuperGrow?
-Now, don’t you worry about that, friend. Just sit for a spell
and let old farmer Hank fetch you a treat. Get that away from me! Science is
for phones and space ships, not food! Now, now, that there ain’t bad corn.
It’s good corn! -And stop talking like a farmer! Ew!
-[gobbling] Uh… Mmm! That corn is gooood corn. Ben, I told you not to let Hank use the– What is all this? Why, this is a-farmin’! We’re plantin’ a whole passel
of this here corn, see? [gobbling] Such good corn it is. -Uh…
-Good day, Miss Angela! We sure would be honored
if you’d sample some of our vittles. Our vittles are corn. [screams] Oh, Tom! Thank goodness it’s you. -Of course it’s me. Are you OK?
-I’m fine. But something’s wrong with Hank,
Ben, and Ginger. And there’s corn all over the place! Oh, that? Yeah, I can explain. -Follow me.
-Oh. That’s a relief. I was worried something terrible
was going on. Well, you’ll never have to worry again,
Angela. Because what’s going on is actually… -…wonderful!
-[thunderclap] [screams] This here’s the Mother Cob.
Ain’t she a beaut? Oh, no. You’re one of them. Join us, Angela. All it takes
is eatin’ just a little bit of corn. No. -Corn.
-No, Tom. Corn! Nooooo! Corn. Corn. ♪ Corn, corn, corn ♪ Corn! ♪ -[all] Corn. Corn. Corn.
-Oh, no. [screech] Corn! Corn! [thunderclap] They were all brainwashed!
I barely got out of there, Xenon. It sounds like
you’re describing “corn control.” It can happen when people eat plants
grown with artificial chemicals. You didn’t happen to get
a sample of Ben’s formula, did you? No. I was too busy being chased around
by a giant monster corn that Tom called the Mother Cob. That’s it! That could be the source
of the mind corn-trol. -What?
-You have to go back and find a way to destroy that cob! I’ll have to make them think
I’m one of them. Ooh, this is going to take
all of my acting skills. Fortunately, I was in a play once. [distant owl hooting] This caramel would make
some good caramel… cooooorn. [others] Corn. Corn. -Corn. Corn–
-Howdy! Corn. Huh? A-hem. [country] I felt so guilty I came back
and ate a bunch of corn. -Hm?
-Huh! Now I’m just like you. Cooorn. -Welcome to the corn stalk!
-Corn. Corn… So, uh, what are we doing
with the big heat lamps? We’re making caramel popcorn
for the town movie theater, see? [gasp] But that’s the tastiest
movie treat! Everyone in town will eat it
and get controlled by the corn! Uh… W-which is good. [nervous laugh] Coorn! Yes, Corn Sister. -Corn, corn…
-And after that, we’ll control everyone. Everywhere. Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. -[snoring]
-[sleepy moaning] Are they asleep? I was getting tired
of staring at the inside of your hat. Bleugh! Corn. Ah… Yeah. Now, we have to stop this
before it corns up the whole world! [Hank] Corn. Remember me? [hiss] I’ve brought the one thing
any corn fears – a blow-dryer! [screeching] Ooh. Can’t take the heat? -Huh?
-[screeches] -Deceiver!
-Ginger, no! Outsider! You are not of the corn! [hissing] Corn. Corn. Angela, I didn’t tell them anything!
Don’t let them– -[bubbling]
-It’s time for you to join our cornmunity! Eeee! Corn! Come on, Tom, fight it! I know you’re still in there!
Remember all our memories! -Huh?
-Stay with us, Brother Corn. -Corn.
-You’re my boyfriend. I like you! -Don’t listen to the outsider.
-[strains] I like-like you. [screech] Corn. Corn. -Corn.
-I like-like you. -Like-like you… Like-like you…
-Corn. Corn. Corn. -Corn!
-Corn. Listen to the music of the corn! Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. -Corn. Corn.
-Tom? Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. -Corn.
-Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. Corn. -[thwack]
-Cooorn. -Let’s go!
-Aaah! Run! You’ve betrayed the Great Husk! -There’s no escape.
-[screams] -Succumb to the mercy of the cob!
-[screech] -Ginger! No!
-[screech] -[Ben] Corn! Corn! Corn!
-No! [screech] [rumbling] -Corn?
-[roar] [roar] -Corn-corn.
-Not today! [roar] Now we’ll see what happens
when a Mother Cob pops. -Tom, let’s go!
-[screams] [birdsong] Tom? Tom, where are you? [groans] I… That was “a-maize-ing.” -Huh?
-That’s a terrible joke, Tom. [groaning] What happened? You used chemicals to plant your corn
and it took over your minds. Hey, don’t blame chemicals!
Water is also a chemical! I learned you should eat popcorn angry! Take over my brain, will ya? -Nom-mm-mmm..
-[all laugh] I think we know the real lesson
we learned. Right, Hank? -Uh…
-It’s “don’t mess with nature.” Huh. But more importantly,
I learned I’m a pretty good farmer! With all this popcorn, we’ll never
have a bad movie night again! -Woo-hoo!
-Yeah! Finally!

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  1. When I want Chips= Cornnnnnnnnn, COOOOOOORRRRRRNNNNNNNNN,
    Edited: Angela's face looked weird when she said 'CoOoOrRrRnN'

  2. so if the corn is infected or something and it has turn into popcorn is in it still infected? so they will get infected if they eat the popcorn!

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  6. And this is why they say girls go to college to get more knowledge, boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider. Girls made the rocket and then drove it to Jupiter while the boys did not even make it there alive!

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