COSTA RICA Travel Guide: Monteverde & Manuel Antonio | Little Grey Box

COSTA RICA Travel Guide: Monteverde & Manuel Antonio | Little Grey Box

Oh my god! (Matt screaming in terror) (Phoebe laughing manically) Hey you guys, Phoebe here from Little Grey Box
with Matt behind the camera and today we are in Costa Rica because we are
continuing our 15 day adventure with the guys at Intrepid Travel (music) To help you travel well we’re gonna
be sharing all of our experiences and travel tips along the way you guys so if
you don’t already be sure to subscribe and say hello in the comments below
Now if you missed the last two videos from our Costa Rica series go and watch those
and then come back here so you are all caught up So we left La Fortuna and
caught a bus, a boat and another bus right here the Monteverde, now we are getting stuck straight into it with activities starting with a horse trek Be careful, you go on different horses I not recommend that you go behind the horses
normally the horses kicking but my horses no kicking I have a siesta for me here (music) This is something we’ve done independently
through Horse Trek Monteverde and it costs USD$49 per person with a pick-up and drop-off
back at our hotel and it’s been about two and a half-hour ride so it’s
incredibly good value for money more importantly than that
the animals are so healthy they are so happy there’s no bit so
there’s no metal piece in their mouths they are beautiful animals and this has
been one of the most enjoyable rides I have ever, ever done
I ten out of ten recommend For our first dinner in Monteverde, Eddie our guide has brought us to a place called Restaurante de Thomas Now you guys the food here looks amazing these guys have got some amazing
tuna steaks that look perfectly cooked They’re not saying much so that
means they’re enjoying it because there’s a lot of silence going on
over that side of the table For me I have got some veggie fajitas… mmmm it’s really good (music) So this morning we are still here
in Monteverde of course and we are doing something really really
fun we’re at a 100% Adventura and we’re about to do the zipline experience. You guys this is beautiful Lise she is on our tour with us Now Lise… how old are you? I’m 7 and Lise is going ziplining today Why? What made you think I have to do this? It’s always been on my bucket list
yeah and especially in Costa Rica, yeah Absolutely… there’s no better place to do it right? (music) I’m as nervous as a pregnant nun
but I’m going anyway I’m not going to let common sense
or fear stand in my way Geoff, thoughts? Ahhh… if I don’t come back
the whiskey’s in the fridge (laughter) Likewise, really looking forward to this (laughter) We have no whiskey in the fridge (laughter) (music) Oh just great, just finished the Tarzan
swing and it was bloody awesome you step off the platform, it’s a freefall then way
out over the rainforest and back the best event by far Had a bit of partying last night
but I’m all woke up now let me tell ya! (laughter) (music) (screaming) That was so much fun oh my goodness if
you come here you have to do that by far the best zipline I have ever done What did you guys think? Awesome! Really loved it. They take such good care of you and it’s not what you think It’s very smooth and you can see everything
and you feel very safe and you had fun? I loved it. I would do it again. Oh yeah. Love these adventure activities we are having the best time and we’re not done yet today this afternoon
we’re exploring more of Monteverde So… let’s go do that (music) We’re in a cloud forest area some people
might think that is a rare ecosystem but actually you find in many other places
in Central America normally cloud forest happens higher than 900 meters about sea
level you can find it also in certain areas of the Black Forest in Germany
according to experts also in Madagascar in certain parts of Hawaii you know so
the trees and plants involve certain characteristics to try to catch as much
as possible from the clouds experts call that a sideways rain Nowadays Monteverde is also
known for adventure You guys did the ziplining, you did the
horseback riding so it opened morning into… from scientific tourism you
know and research into also adventure so now ATVs, horses and many other activities
but still be a very special place for for the forest for the cloud forest ok
So I can assure you amiogos we’re in a very special place you will enjoy
a lot this hike it’s not as good as the lowlands to see wildlife
like to spot them because there’s a lot of biodiversity but it’s a little bit
harder to spot the animals here so let’s walk a little bit more (music) We’re doing a guided tour through the amazing
cloud forest here at Monteverde with our incredible Intrepid guide Eddie the
amount of knowledge he has is incredible not just on what he can see what he can
hear as well so it’s really great to have that knowledge with you because
there’s so much that we would miss otherwise and so much that we just
wouldn’t learn along the way and this is really worth doing this is absolutely
beautiful if you’ve ever visited the cloud forest in Singapore at
Gardens By the Bay It’s like that but a million times better you have all of the cloud cover
I don’t know if you guys can see it I’m sure Matt’s captured it but it’s
all cloudy and misty through here so it doesn’t just rain vertically they say it
rains sideways and that’s all the moisture coming out of those clouds and
everything in here is damp and mossy and lush and green there’s so much
vegetation the air is so fresh and this walk is just beautiful I’m a little bit
puffed from coming up the hill but even I can do this walk so I can you can and it’s a
great way to experience Costa Rica’s wilderness (music) We had dinner tonight at the
Treehouse Restaurant and Cafe which is right in the heart of the
little town where we are saying now the restaurant is really beautiful it has
this gorgeous big tree that goes through the middle and a spiral staircase and
then the restaurant, the eating areas kind of wrap around the middle of it
there’s live music and there’s a really great ambience in there
Maybe if I have my time over again I might just choose somewhere else to eat
for me personally I just found my veggie burger was maybe a little bland it could
have used a bit more flavor don’t let my feelings about it discourage you you
know make sure you check out that menu because it could still be a really great
fit for you now you guys tomorrow morning we are
off to Manuel Antonio, we’re gonna be going to the beach I am so excited if
you guys watch this channel a lot and you know me you know how much I love the
beach I love to swim so I’m really looking forward to that and seeing
another part of Costa Rica but I gotta be honest I am exhausted I’m sure you
can tell from looking at my face I am so tired We’ve had so many great adventures over the last couple of days and it is really
taking me out… taking it out of me and my brain isn’t working so we’re gonna get
to sleep right now and then wake up in the morning and head
out to Manuel Antonio (music) Welcome to Manuel Antonio
also known as Quepos Now this place is famous for its
incredible national park you guys and that is something we are
going to be exploring tomorrow but this afternoon after a big day of travel
Matt and I had one thing on our mind and that was the beach, some cold
drinks and some great food so that is exactly what we
are going to be getting stuck into now we came down at the perfect time for sunset We got to watch it it was really beautiful
and there are some awesome beachfront bars here Now our group are going to a place
called La Cantina and I understand from reading
the menu that it’s very BBQ oriented lots of meat so it’s going to be great for
all of you carnivores out there but for me, not the best fit so we are trying something else on our own and breaking out from the group (music) We just had dinner here at Baldi’s Fresh Matt was asking me before how did I find this
place and I forget to kind of share these… insider travel tips with you so all I did was I jumped
on Google Maps and I had a bit of a look at all the different restaurants that
were near where we are staying walking distance really. I knew I wanted to eat somewhere across from the beach so that we could kind of hear the water and look
at the sunset if possible then I jumped on Tripadvisor, read some of the reviews
Baldi’s looked really good so my final step was then to cyberstalk them on
Instagram and not just their feed pics but the pics they’re tagged in or the geotag
of the restaurant so I could see like actual real people’s photos of the food
and it looked amazing so we came on down and it absolutely delivered
our server in there was so so lovely and if I’m thinking about comparing the
service we had tonight to last night at The Treehouse there’s just no comparison
the guy last night just didn’t want a bar of us. The girl here she was so attentive Every time she’s like ‘how’s your food?’ ‘how’s it going?’ ‘what else can I get you?’
and we said we loved what we were eating she went inside and told the owners
and you could just tell that there was a lot of pride and what they were
putting on the plate and they really cared whether or not we were
enjoying what we were eating and that to me is what makes a great meal
and that is the kind of places we like to recommend to you Buenos días amigos Buenos días, buenos días How good was that! Alright you guys so we are going
kayaking this morning I’m really excited
are you excited? I’m really excited too yeah What are some of the things we’re
gonna see today? Ah well we… we’re gonna be doing kayaking in
some mangrove areas so we might see some monkeys we might see I know ah snake
lots of aquatic birds like kingfishers egrets, herons so its a really cool
place to see wildlife besides mangroves are quite important
ecosystems right yes Um… I was planning on being in a double kayak with Matt and
having him do all the paddling but Eddie’s just dropped the bomb that it’s single
kayaks don’t hate me (music) This place is absolutely beautiful
you guys it is so cool it feels like we’ve seen
Costa Rica from so many different angles we’ve seen the mountains, the rainforest,
the beaches and now we’re down here in the mangrove seeing it from one more
angle now in terms of difficulty when we were going the direction of the tide
which was going out to the ocean it was really easy you could just kind of float
along I am not gonna lie on the way back in it’s rough going my shoulders are on
fire but there’s breakfast at the end so I’m highly motivated (music) This is our boat for the afternoon
you guys I’m so excited so we gonna be spending a good a couple
of hours on board here we’re going to be having some lunch going snorkelling there are slides we are going to be heading out to the open water for a swim it’s gonna be sunset I think
there are some boom nets, the whole crew the whole tour group are here with us
now in terms of price, I think it was around seventy-five US dollars per person
but that includes food. your activities and it also has a bit of a bottomless drink
situation going on Weirdly beers aren’t included but spirits
are, I’ve never heard of such a thing (music) Good morning you guys Alright so as you probably saw
yesterday afternoon didn’t go exactly as we had planned
our beautiful sun-drenched afternoon turned into an episode of Deadliest Catch
Rain was coming in sideways it was hectic it was not the glorious you know sunset cruise that we were all
hoping for but that is… travel Now this morning of course
we have woken up to absolute weather perfection it is
blue skies it is sunshine it is the perfect day for the beach so we have
strapped on our hiking gear we’re gonna do a two-hour hike with our superstar
guide Eddie this morning and then Matt and I have a big afternoon of beach
activities planned (music) Guys… this is Ron. Ron, what is your number
one tip for Costa Rica? I don’t know there you have it, folks,
he doesn’t know Don’t bring smokes into the national park
and if you do, hide them in the toilet? What is your number one tip
for visiting Costa Rica? bring a raincoat Alright that ones been taken Dan, what’s your number one tip for Costa Rica? Make sure you bring lots and lots of
money because there are so many wonderful excursions and ways to
spend it and everything’s perhaps more expensive than some other countries So true. A good tip. We were just walking along and our champion spotter Lise goes
‘What’s that I think that blob in that tree is a sloth’ and she was right so we’ve seen our first
sloth today here in the national park and not only is it a sloth
it’s a sloth with the baby Awwww We have just seen out fourth sloth in the
space of a matter of maybe 10 minutes this place is just jam-packed with wildlife
and as our tour guide Eddie was saying Manuel Antonio this National Park
is the number one visited National Park in Costa Rica but that means
everybody comes here so we’ve had a lot of different national park
experiences and I would just say they offer different things if you don’t like
crowds if you don’t kind of like that push and shove and a lot of people kind
of crowded around in a media scrum trying to get a photo this may not be
the best spot for you if that kind of thing does bother you and you
really want to see that wildlife you want to be guaranteed to see a sloth and
this is definitely the place for you but just weigh those two things up
personally I think I’ve kind of preferred some of the other experiences
we’ve had where it’s felt more remote and more out in nature you know places
like La Fortuna was just absolutely amazing for me so different things for
different people just keep that in mind when you’re planning your itinerary and
deciding where to go and what to do (music) Our lunch was absolutely delicious you
guys we went to a local spot near our hotel it was so yummy really affordable
and great food and great service too So I definitely recommend. Matt and I
our typical Australian sun-dodging selves have come down late in the afternoon so
we can watch the sunset with a few cold Cerveza (music) Now today is a travel day for
us we are catching the public local bus from here back to San Jose with a couple of stops
in the middle and our farewell dinner tonight It is also Ron’s birthday which is really
exciting so we are going to be doing a little bit of something-something for
him later on (music) Happy Birthday dear Ron Happy Birthday to you! Hip Hip Horay! 36 man! Happy Birthday bitch! (laughter) Mucho gusto hoe (laughter) Make a wish Look at this! I get to make a wish? Can I click my heels three times
and just go home? (laughter) You should blow out the candles blow out the candles first? and make a wish I wish we all meet again (music) Alright you guys that is the end of our Costa Rican
adventure I hope you have enjoyed watching all three videos we just had the best time we’ve
had an amazing group of people here with us its been so good getting to know each
and every one of them and I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know them a little bit
through these videos I also want to say and especially huge really big heartfelt
thank you to our incredible guide Eddie the things that you guys didn’t see in
this video are Eddie running around behind the scenes checking on us and
making sure that we were getting some great video content for you guys he has
gone above and beyond every step of the way I cannot thank him enough
and of course a really really big thank you to the guys at Intrepid for
sending us on their Classic Costa Rica Tour Now we’re gonna have that link below
and hopefully by the time you watch this a whole bunch of blog posts too so
everything you need to plan your own amazing adventure will be linked below
but for now we are going to say goodbye because we are gonna spend
another couple of days here resting before we head off to
Mexico so those videos are going to be coming your way very very soon Now if you do not already be sure to subscribe right now and leave us a hello in the
comments below have a great weekend you guys and I will see you the brand new
episode is next week Love ya! (music)

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