COSTA RICA Travel Guide: San Jose & Tortuguero | Little Grey Box

COSTA RICA Travel Guide: San Jose & Tortuguero | Little Grey Box

All right you guys, so we have been doing
this incredible boat river… Alright you guys so we have been doing
this incredible boat te… tour… Alright you guys so we have been doing…
what? (laughing) Hey you guys! Phoebe here from
Little Grey Box with Matt behind the camera
and today we are in Costa Rica because we are doing an incredible
15-day tour with the guys at Intrepid Travel and we are kicking things off
right here in the capital city San José (music) To help your travel well we are gonna be
sharing all of our experiences and travel tips along the way you guys now
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in the comments below Now this is our first day here in San José
and we weren’t really sure how to get into the city so we thought we’d
take advantage of a little something called an Urban Adventure which is a tour
offered by Intrepid Travel it’s just a couple of hours with a great guide and I
want to introduce you to ours… this is Eli he is going to be showing us around Hi guys, my name is Eli, welcome
to Costa Rica, I’m a tourist guide from Urban Adventures San José so enjoy
the video and don’t forget to subscribe ok (music) Ok, this tour is very very important for us we’re going to show you the real
face of San José we are going to see how the streets looks like where the people
go to buy the produce, fruits and vegetables every single day Oh, I’m excited (music) So guys you wanna try coffee? yes! with sugar? no sugar?
black… with milk? black black without sugar for you
and this is with milk for you You think I’m gonna burn my tongue
on YouTube for ever for the world to see Ok this is my first try of Costa Rican coffee It smells really good.
I’ve gone straight up black no sugar, no milk, no messing around oh that is good
that’s really good This is the Market Borbon since 1950 but before the Central Market, it was
just land, big land and all the people all the farmers they came here and they
sell their produce and vegetable in ox carts you know ox carts? yeah yeah But the owner of this place
they were from Salvador They decide to come back to Salvador
and they sell this area so what happened with the farmers with the poor
people they decide to work together and buy this place all the people there are
families that are 3rd or 4th generation of families working and
it’s so old, it’s like going back to the past and see the old Costa Rica This is (I have no idea!) the little
brother of Mango, so… Eli was just saying that with the coloured skin they’re
sweet and with the green skin they’re more bitter more sour, so apparently you eat this
skin and all. You’re not just winding me up I’m not gonna eat it and then
have a bad time? No I think he’s being serious Oh! It’s not too sweet not to bitter
It’s like a combination of flavour right It’s weird and the textures weird it’s
kind of… um gritty dry almost like but still somehow juicy. I can’t even describe that
I’ve never tasted anything like that Do you like it? Do I like it? I’m not mad at it! And this is, of course, a passionfruit They are not originally from Costa Rica, they grew
up here but they are not from Costa Rica It looks weird, like an alien egg yeah alright it tastes very different to the ones on
this slave is not as strong sometimes a very acidic at home that’s like a very
mild Miller but still gently sweet flavor at home they’ll blow your face
off hey guys we are on the big addiction one
of the first particles Cantina in Costa Rica since 1884 la mejor cerveza Costa
Rica that traditional Imperial gusto grande para Instagram flavorful you have
one like that so colorful doesn’t mean that you had a lot of money but it’s
okay yeah it’s a good representation I think you have to go with the one that
le likes they have only with cheese cheese some
beans for chicken and meat so you want to shoot some beans we are digging into
our first real experience of local food with these delicious empanadas now Ellie
was brought us yeah is Pato at sua and he said these in
his favorite food I’ve had in Granada school but he didn’t look like this so
I’m kind of smaller this is really big and we’ve got Al’s with things
incredible yeah nothing about well you know we like
things spicy get that on let’s hope it’s not too spicy to the pastry is really
crunching I’m beautiful on the outside and then inside it’s fluffy and then the
flavor of the veins is so strong it’s got like a refight being flavor of
refried beans you will love this that’s amazing
the chilli sauce is perfect not very spicy just a really nice so guys this is
the la la mora market this is the first eye cream shops in
1901 they have been working here around 112 years so they saved the best ice
cream ever in Costa Rica that’s an obligation if you come here you have to
stop here can do all right let’s try this bad boy no I like so good it’s like
really gonna strong looks strong better good spice flavor from all their spices
and I’m not a big spicy there that’s really good this moves – it’s all the
only spiders is make only here since night kill my in this ride there are no addresses in Costa Rica
let’s just let that sink in for a moment no addresses so we were asking the
person who gave us a transfer how do you tell somebody where you live and he’s
like oh well you kind of just say I’m 300 meters from the bakery turn left and
then 400 meters from the street is that right yes sir they just don’t have any
kind of address and to get your posts you come down here right yeah actually
we’d have a street name so if you ask for some direction it like you are going
to get lost relative migration is a lead from the Accra report to high school
near to the mangoes tree behind the yellow house that’s my directional
actually I always have problems when I need to go to someplace the first time
because if I asked you for directly you give me one direction yeah and I get
lost if I ask you for direction I’m going to get lost if I ask for five
people they’re going to give me five different directions what do you do if
you want to get like pizza you have to find the name of the of the place you
know Pizza Hut passio : Pizza Hut la roca and you have really know what is
totally complicated totally cold I couldn’t survive I need my pizza to live
it see this is our final stop of course
you’ve just seen us of making the hot chocolate and now we’re going to enjoy
it I’m just waiting for it to cool so I don’t burn my tongue and we also have
tamales and they have got a meat-free option for us so I have seen to my ways
before I’m clear off the straight guy this lady made them and they looks
absolutely delicious cooked in a banana leaf we’ve got some beautiful beans
today I was just sticking to my finger and corn simple but it smells amazing
I’ve never tried these before just dig in okay kind of a solid it’s giving me
Thailand vibes ooh I like that hmm yeah
brave flavor in the beans really I feel like if I ate that that would be enough
so when it comes to getting around by far the best way to do it is going to be
with over and that is something that we thought before we got here but confirmed
with le our lovely guide from today you don’t have a sim card you can pick one
up from the airport they should cost you around four US dollars which is great
value we didn’t realize we could get one of the airport so there’s something that
we haven’t done and now we’re kicking us at home so this is of course our first
time in Central America and Costa Rica and we’re a little bit intimidated we
didn’t really know what to expect so doing that urban adventure was just the
perfect way to get things started it took all of the guesswork out of it for
us now let’s talk a little bit about safety because that was another thing
that we were a bit intimidated by and unsure of what it would be like here and
it has been no problems whatsoever and that is because we followed some basic
safety rules when we met up with Ellie he said to us look it does happen people
do have bags roof-top them or take them from them they do get pickpocketed and I
think from what Ellie said that can really be attributed to not really
paying attention to your belongings so today Pirellis advice I didn’t wear
any jewelry to attract attention to myself or make myself more of a target I
kept my bag to the front at all times I had the strap attached to my camera
and I wrapped that around my wrist multiple times always holding on to my
bag and both Matt and I just being vigilant and keeping an eye out
and we had no problems whatsoever all right you guys so we just had our
welcome reading with everybody our amazing it to a guy thinker who you guys
are going to get to mate or out this video series he took us through all
about briefing information let us know what we need to know for the next couple
of days and what we’ve got coming up you’ve all
gone all right so next we are getting on a
boat this is like a journey today yes sir average and so you know we are
intrepid yes arrived so good some welcome drinks
that part ride was awesome sorry sponges wildlife is odd is a sloth a spider
monkey and the loads of birds you guys but now we’re gonna go check into our
hotel and check out that room we have just cooked up our target here to the
village which is only about five minutes before I think I was saying at large you
try some local snacks have a couple drinks have a group dinner and just
enjoy local live where San Jose was kind of really built up and had that big city
feel here we’ve got more of that village community life everyone is smiling
laughing waving hello there’s plenty of street food great beachfront bars we
just headed over to the beach on that side it just has such a welcoming
friendly atmosphere to it so amazing that guide Eddie gave us the hot tip
this place of Buda cafe or Buddha cafe is the best spot to come for a cold
drink along the waterfront so it’s going to get why when hace que también para el tor to
vero carry poco silly moon de la república de Costa Rica Akiyama Sankofa
loco parentis a miracle of the Seton King lachimo wrong
Ron Rico yellow moisture comas horizonte from Paquito the opinion oh yeah
so this is coconut water is he sore a generous dash of rum and some fresh
pineapple juice let’s try Oh and it was 3,000 Costa
Rican colones around about five dollars we just had the most delicious dinner
here and on there Richard and that means Richards place just in case you didn’t
know because I didn’t that is run by a lovely husband and wife of course the
man Richard and he’s a lovely wife the service is amazing the guys the food was
absolutely delicious they had some Caribbean flavors in that Matt and I
tucked into fajitas and it was so good to feel like we were really proud of the
local community perfect in for today for now we are going to go and catch the
taxi boat and back to our hotel and get some rest so I will see you in the
morning I don’t believe it in the Costa Rican jungle right now this is so
beautiful it is all things humid and lush and green and tropical it has been
pouring down rain so you’ve got punchers and galoshes or Wellington’s or gum
boots whatever you call them on and it’s been so much fun you guys we’ve spotted
some great wildlife this big rodent looking thing a toucan a woodpecker we
saw a baby turtle we were even joined by this beautiful little puppy he was
walking along at the front next to a guide Eddie so we’ve named him Eddie jr.
but this is definitely been a highlight experience for me it just has suddenly
hit me that we are in Costa Rica the you your mother you see the boobies
are going to Corazon well okay the sentiment apart I mean or another
hi I’m Sam from New York get down to Africa
hi I’m Jenny I’m from Western Australia we’re best friends we met 17 years ago
on an intrepid trip in Vietnam and we’ve been traveling together ever since
hello I’m dick I’m from Canada hi I’m Lee’s and I’m from Canada estoy sin we were trying to decide where to go for
lunch and there are a few different restaurants around the place but we want
to do something a little bit more local and a little bit more and what then take
a little bit rough and ready you know so we saw this great little roadside spot
and I asked you do empanadas and the locals are like heck yes we do sit down
they made us feel so welcome so we have got these delicious empanadas these are
1,000 colones each very very cheap they are full of
rice and pinto beans let me get this open for you so you can see the lady who
made them is absolutely beautiful you can just tell she’s been making these
for 20 years oh no I’m sure they have different
feelings if you are a meat-eater to go with it you could get a Coco loca
which is the fresh coconut cut up and rum pineapple inside but we have gone
for some mango and pineapple smoothies you guys and again these are really
cheap and everybody is so lovely but I will say this Matan and I ordered wrong
he just had ordered rice and beans so lucky for us out to a guide Eddie was
coming passes like could you just take a hold of the right thing because I have a
feeling I didn’t get it across and he checked for me sorry that’s just another
benefit of having a guide if you don’t speak Spanish and I feel a bit ignorant
I wish I did speak Spanish and we make it so much easier but for now we’ve got
what we wanted we even tuck in and give this a try
yeah burner so we have been doing this incredible
boat tour out here in the canals and it has blown me away this morning we did
our walk through the jungle and it was awesome we were spawning some great
animals but this has gone above and beyond and Eddie’s gonna tell you some
of the animals we’ve seen today yeah actually we’ve been very very lucky
we’ve seen lots of animals we’ve seen white faced monkey the spider monkeys
howler monkeys we’ve seen a three-toed sloth Jesus Christ lizards we’ve seen
lots of different kind of birds like egrets herons jacanas Caymans
we’ve seen came in so yeah actually we’ve been very very lucky we just saw
like a two pairs of green macaws just going by so it was also something very
special yeah it’s unbelievable it’s like you’re almost on a really really cool
theme park ride except it’s way better because it’s real live so this is
absolutely unbelievable and something you should definitely do once in your
life good luck you guys so we are waking up
in the cool to get out of national park but we are never getting out of here
because we are getting ready for another action-packed adventure fuelled fun
driven day in Costa Rica as promised city has brought us to this vintage
alongside this really busy major and it’s run by a lovely family is
all women in here and they are taking amazing care of us
so laid out this incredible spread of tropical fruits and local bites and
goodies for us to try and in this amazing way to really connect with the
local produce and try some things you probably haven’t tried before so this is
the soursop it looks kind of interesting it’s not the prettiest of fruit is good opening it isn’t a little
difficult but an inside looks like a little soft egg and it is delicious Duff so listen I have no idea it is in the sky yeah 20 laughs gracias
thank you so much for having us in your homes we so so happy to be here and
spend the summer we have arrived in Santa Rosa and we are
having a really special experience here because we’re doing a home’s say we
arrived at our homestay house and a lovely host Francisco and her family and
all of their pets were there to meet us we’ll show you guys where we’re staying
a little bit later but for now we’re doing this amazing farm tool with one of
the locals who’s telling us all about the area and how it got started and it
really started from nothing they have built this up and really they thrive on
tourists coming to visit doing these cultural experiences doing the farm
tours and inviting you into their lives so these little seeds are full of color
and I’m gonna paint Matt like a sexy cat’s name is Wilson that’s a big
pineapple it’s done
so even come here to this kind of undercover area the local ladies have
cooked us this incredible feast we’ve got some I’m gonna magazine which we
actually helped make as part of our cooking class rice homemade so she is
this beautiful vegetable lentil soup Easter kinda business oh my goodness
we’ve got beers we’ve got a pineapple hidden kind of a mascot behind us up we
made that I don’t know why I have the feelings nightly wildness and local
moonshine going around let’s give this a try yeah that’s so good it’s really
flavor some lots of in terms in them absolutely beautiful lentils yum
delicious delicious where when we got our song for arrow Indiana bitch yeah good one of you guys we are waking up
here at our Harley stay isn’t this place circle there our algorithm say mother
friend’s sister she’s made us feel so welcome this morning she cooked the most
delicious breakfast her whole family would be so welcoming to us and it’s
just been the loveliest way to get today started but now we’re gonna get in the
car we’re gonna head up to El Rancho because we have some fun cultural
activities to take part in this morning after all those great cultural
activities the start making the arts-and-crafts the dancing but they
have cooked up this incredible lunch for us and while they’re in there cooking
dancing and laughing and talking it’s such a great community feel and love
India but they have made this this face for lunch another really cool thing
about this is that all of the fresh ingredients are going right there on the
bum so obviously they buy the rice and beans but everything else is local paper
the fruit for the juice and they are so important so everybody comes in sticks
with us we’re talking through Google Translate it’s really really lively now
I will link below for you in the description the exact details of our
tour so you can check it out and interpret have a whole range of Tours
through Costa Rica we really wanted to do this one because it’s 15 days and
it’s around the whole country so we’re gonna get to see a lot of different
things which is really exciting and with that that brings this video to
a close thank you so much for watching I hope you’ve enjoyed this video if you
don’t already be sure to subscribe and say oh yeah in the comments below have a
great weekend and I will see you next week
love you

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