Costa Rica Vacation – The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD

Costa Rica Vacation – The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD

With a Tropical Climate,
all year round. It is the Happiest place,
on Earth, Containing five percent,
of the World’s Biodiversity. Widely protected,
by National Parks. Bridging the Americas,
and Bordered by Oceans. Volcanoes rise,
above the forest canopy. Over two million visitors per year,
with more than five hundred thousand Species. Experience nature,
like never before. In twelve,
Diverse Climate zones. Where adventure,
is limitless. Around every turn,
there’s more to explore, more to experience.

24 thoughts on “Costa Rica Vacation – The Best of Costa Rica Travel HD

  1. thanks for sharing this…. Pura vida 

    by the way, we are creating an incredible, food and energy producing community in the mountains of Southern Costa Rica.  A great potential investment, especially considering what's going on in the global economy.

  2. If you want to live in one of the most beautiful and happiest country on earth, learn the self sustainable life style and the Pura Vida!! Well never is too late! Let me help you to find you a great property for your family. Fire sales at Costa Rica!!! Get yours NOW

  3. Excelente trabajo de nuestros amigos de Costa Rican Vacations. Este video refleja el profesionalismo del productor.

  4. This is such an up-and-coming place. I've had so many clients go here in the last year and everyone raves about how beautiful it is. And it's still pretty cheap!

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