Could Humans Hibernate for Space Travel? | WIRED

Could Humans Hibernate for Space Travel? | WIRED

81 thoughts on “Could Humans Hibernate for Space Travel? | WIRED

  1. Stopped watching at 0:16 when it claimed this could a solution to getting to Mars. Read up on what is actually going on, hibernation is not the problem at all with putting people on Mars.

  2. It is good to know how us HUMANS ARE NOT LIKE bear ?
    Also cool , To know how ORGANS need cooler temps to use again lol ?
    Thank You for asking him these things he STUDIED.
    Yet how dose it hurt a mammal to be poked & sampled while asleep?
    More information needed about the drugs used to get tissues sampled on mammals is it all same as human beings are getting in use to cure those cancers?
    It’s great that sleeping heals us too.
    So how do we stop internet use on sleepless to get them to sleep for health?
    Besides power outs ?
    Teas ……too.

  3. It's not hibernation, but probably induced coma. Thus some people will not recover. Earth is our prison and paradise. Unless we force and a planetoid to change drastically so we can live there. Also, why not creat a giant spacecraft to orbit, say, Jupitor in a certain region of it's orbit. We would find the same gravitational pull and live there

  4. The problem is, does hibernation slow down the aging process? If it doesn't, humanity is screwed for long flights. What is the point of hibernation if it doesn't slow aging?! More importantly, to hibernate, wouldn't you have to genetically alter humans to be able to do it?

  5. Imagine waking up half way through hibernation and just being stuck in your pod to go crazy. There better be an emergency release on that door…

  6. Well I want to know why time flies when you are sleeping? You go to sleep and sometimes it feels like you’re asleep for 2 hours in reality you were asleep for 8?!?

  7. I never thought they were hibernating the sci-fi movies. I always assumed it was stasis where their vitals and metabolism are completely paused.

  8. Maybe they won't have to do that. Maybe D.N.A. technology will advance so far that they'll be able to modify cells to last forever through means of gene modification.

  9. haha, we already do that on earth: because we do not pay attention to everything that happens under the sun. it is winter and the son has not yet entered in our hearts, because we love the night more than the day. sela

  10. Call me when they make this reality by using Cripr modifying modern human to commit suspended animation or cool hibernation. I'll sign up

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