Counting Cars: Motorized Picnic Table (Season 7, Episode 8) | History

Counting Cars: Motorized Picnic Table (Season 7, Episode 8) | History

– You’re disturbing my day over
(inaudible). – Yes.
– So this better be good. Oh, this is–
this is really good. This will blow your mind,
but at the same time, I still can’t explain it.
You ready? All right.
– Here I stand. Hey, Mike! Bring out that– that thing! [laughs] Bring out that thing? – There’s no explanation.
– I’m ready, man. I’m telling you. I’m ready. [electric guitar playing]
– Eh? – I’m already liking it.
– Already, yeah? See? Ha ha ha. That’s Stoney. Yeah, buddy! Are you kidding me? You see what I mean? What– what is this? You see what I mean? What do you call that? Are you kidding me? It’s the best gig I’ve
ever had in my life. Rocking on the go, baby. Rocking on the go. DANNY KOKER (VOICEOVER):
This picnic table is bad ass. I brought this thing to life
with eight Odyssey batteries, powered by an electric golf
cart motor, 12-inch wheels, and a rack and pinion system,
so you can get your picnic on anywhere you want to. Then I did what Horny
Mike does best– made it crazy. First, I burned the wood
to bring out the grain, then I covered it in green
ice pearl and clear coat, because a splinter
in the butt will ruin a day at the park in a hurry. Next, I hooked her
up with a cooler that has a full stereo system. Then on the front,
a V8 propane grill to cook all your picnic needs. Then, of course, a giant set of
horns to finish off the front. Because, well, why wouldn’t I? My head is about to explode. Well, then let
me give you a tour of this beautiful picnic table. You obviously see the motor.
– Dude. [inaudible] Chevy. Aluminum heads, aluminum intake.
– No. No. More like a propane grill, so
that we can grill on the go. We got propane on the
front as a bumper– DANNY KOKER:
Because that’s safe. Come on back here. Oh, you know, we have
a beautiful umbrella, nicely done by Paul. Don’t want to get sunburned
while you’re eating food. – Got the badges.
– OK, OK. Tony, how long did
you know about this? Well, he told me
about it and said, hey, can you come in and jam a
little bit on my picnic bench? I’ve had some pretty strange
offers in my life, but this– this one is right up there. OK. All right, i topped it. So here’s– here’s
where it all comes out. This is what Stoney’s
playing out of. DANNY KOKER: Out of the cooler! Out of the cooler, man.
What? It’s not just a box. Fully functional. DANNY KOKER: It’s
really a cooler? HORNY MIKE: Yeah, we’ve
got all of your beverages. DANNY KOKER: And you’re
playing out of it. TONY: And I’m playing into it. DANNY KOKER: Wait a minute. What possessed you to do this? Why not?
Why not? You know what? I cannot dispute that answer. Mike has had some crazy
ideas in the past, but this picnic
table takes the cake. I got food. This isn’t– what? I got food. I got– I got everything set. We are ready to rock
and roll– we just got to get the rest of the fellas. Pardon the pun, but
I’m picking my seat. Let’s go. I got to get the food. – I’m ready, man.
– Come on, Ryan. I’m hungry, brother. This has to be one
of your better ideas. – All right.
– Come back. Here we go. We got a full spread,
ready to rock and roll. Kidding me?
Shannon, what’s up, baby? Yeah, got all the condiments. Want a burger or a hot dog? DANNY KOKER: I
know, they’re good. KEVIN MACK: What
are you guys doing? Kevin Mack! What is all this? How come nobody’s working? Because we’re doing a picnic. It’s lunchtime. So let me ask you
something, Mike. How much of this picnic table
does Count’s Kustoms own? Bro, if I had to guess,
Kevin, I probably own it all. You know what?
I’m in, then. Let’s eat.
– Come on. Let’s eat, baby.
– Come on! Come get some food. I’ve never seen anything
so bonkers in my life. Let’s roll. All right, everybody hold on. DANNY KOKER (VOICEOVER):
But I have to admit I’m excited to take it for a spin. HORNY MIKE: You really got to
pay attention driving this. Yeah, don’t blame Stoney
for not steering right. KEVIN MACK: This
is genius, Mike. HORNY MIKE: I’m
completely happy. I feel like we should
do this every day.

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  2. Ether that's a cool idea or just being stupid n fun of course wit dum horns it polly would be ok at concerts ??

  3. I’ve seen things like this in Nashville, TN. Except it’s powered by the customers, works via pedals, and is a bar.

  4. I don’t think it qualifies as a drive through, but it is most certainly what you might call eating on the run.

  5. That would be awesome & cool if someone came to the shop and said Hey , can you build me a mobile picnic table

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