Couple Assaulted While Camping: First Person Defender| S5 E8

Couple Assaulted While Camping: First Person Defender| S5 E8

– I want you to just walk on. – Man! – I want you to just keep going. I just want you to keep walking. – Hey baby, where you going? – Don’t pay attention to her,
go back where you came from. – Hey man, can you catch that? (gunshots) (shouting) [Narrator] Welcome, to
First Person Defender. Where regular people come face to face with unknown attackers
in real world scenarios, and fight their way out. This is First Person Defender. Ian works at a gun store
where he carries openly every day. Although he’s a hunter and
has a background in shooting, he hasn’t had formal
self defense training, with him is his fiancee. This force on force
training uses real firearms converted to fire marking cartridges. The crew wears yellow
shirts and are considered to be invisible to role players. The scenario today puts Ian,
and his fiancee, Mallory camping in a public area. He knows something’s gonna happen, but he doesn’t know who it’ll be or where it’ll come from. – What’s up guys? – How’s it going? – Hey man. – What are y’all doing out here? – Man, you guys got our spot. It’s a beautiful spot. – Yeah it’s amazing. – You have any spare water? – Yeah, hey Mallory, can
you hand them a water? Hand me a water. – Oh thanks, man, well enjoy your spot. Thank you guys, enjoy it. – Alright Well, this is our spot, they’re mistaken. Hey, what’s going on man? – Hey, what’s up brother? You camping here? You have a water, buddy? – Yeah, Mallory. – I’m super thirsty, I don’t know if I’ve had water in two days. Appreciate it. You have any food in the tent or anything? – No, man, we don’t have anything. – Well you’re like camping, you gotta have something there. – No man, we’re fixing to leave. – You don’t have food anywhere? – No…Mallory – Like in the tent or anything? – No brother, we don’t want any trouble. – I’m not trying to cause trouble. I told you I’ve been on the back trail, I haven’t had water, I haven’t had food. – Look man, I got you some water, but I’d appreciate it if you left. – Hey dude, back! (gunshots) Put it down, put it down! What you got a gun for, man? Step away from that. Both of y’all, turn around,
let’s walk back this way. (upbeat music) – Well, ummm – Just tell me the whole thing, from start to finish. – We were camping, we didn’t
expect anyone else here. Two guys did come up unexpectedly. My primary concern was her, of course, so the entire time I’m
telling her to stay behind me. I tried not to let her hand them anything. I tried to let me hand it to them, because if anything happened I wanted to put myself between a threat and her. Then a third gentlemen came up, and sort of the same deal,
but instead of walking off, he hassled us for some supplies and food, and when I saw him turn I
started to go for my gun, and before I could come
up, boom, I got shot. – So, why’d you go for your gun? What made you go for your.. – Cause I saw him distinctly
turn to where I couldn’t see, and reach for something. I saw the motion of his shoulder start to reach for something. – So you saw the furtive
movement that tell tale sign of the elbow coming up. – That’s when I went, and
by the time I came up, he got the drop on me. – This to me means you’re reaching. That elbow has to come up and back when I got for something. Show me that elbow move one time, show me what you saw,
turn around and show me what you saw. Please show the court. – When I saw this, when I saw this happen, I knew exactly what it was. – By the way, we never die
in First Person Defender. No one ever dies, alright,
I’m glad you didn’t drop to the ground, you stood there. You gave him your, and
you put your gun down. Guess what he was gonna
do, when he takes you guys in the woods. – He was gonna kill us. – More than likely,
something bad’s gonna happen. (upbeat music) – We all want to be accurate shooters, but how do you practice,
even at close distances? Well, this is called
the Ragged Hole Drill, and the goal is pretty simple. We want to make one ragged hole. We’ve got a Ruger SR-1911 in 9 millimeter, and we’ve got a target
only about five yards away, but to make one ragged hole,
it takes lots of control especially on that trigger. (gunshots) (loud rock music) It’s a tough thrill, but
the Ragged Hole Drill will keep you honest and
make you more accurate. (loud rock music) – There’s so many things
we could talk about in this situation. There’s so many different
tactics or techniques that we can do. We want to move to cover. We want to create distance. We want to get our firearm out. How do we do all those things? Well, we can create distractions. One of the big important things that I see as a really important thing,
as an armed person in society is that I am very conscious,
and I’m very concerned that people don’t know I’m armed, because I don’t want
people to have an inkling that I may be the biggest
threat in the room. That I may be the biggest
threat in the area. So, as we’re standing here, and you think about this scenario, how
could we create a distraction? Bad guys here, we got our
blue man set up out here. I’ve got your gun, now
I’ve got it concealed. I would be willing to bet that most people don’t even realize at this point that I have your gun concealed on me. So there’s my number one advantage, I’m not an immediate threat. So as the blue man turns around and presents his gun, maybe I go, whoa man, what are you
doing with that gun, holy cow! And I don’t want to get
my hands way up high, I still want to keep my hands somewhere near where my gun is, because the only way I can get to my gun is by
having my hands down here. I don’t want to have a
huge bit of movement. Here’s what we’re gonna do,
we’re gonna set you guys up. You’re gonna be just like you were. The bad man’s there, you can’t really see what the bad man’s doing. He’s gonna buy you some time by not going right for his gun. If the guy turns and shoots you, he turns and shoots you, there was nothing you could do the last time, right? And the gun was right there ready at hand. But let’s see if we can’t
buy each other some time. You guys are gonna
separate, and you’re gonna figure out a way to get that gun. Alright he turns. – Whoa, let’s think clearly about this. Let’s not do anything too rash. Let’s not do anything too rash. – Ian (gunshots) – Good hit, you created
a little commotion there. Hooked up in that chair, he looks away even if it’s for a second
it may be your only chance. [Narrator] First Person
Defender brought to you by Liberty Safe Simunition Gun Dealio Smith and Wesson And Elite Survival Systems (fast rock music) – So, Ian is out camping
with his girlfriend, and another hiker walks
by asks him for water. The situation progresses to where now who is the bad guy is getting aggressive, looking around, probing around his camp. Look, take a stand, alright, are you just gonna get bullied and pushed around? He’s just another man in the woods. Two men ready to duke it out. This is why I preach carrying your gun, being trained in shooting is not enough. You have to have some
sort of other physical combative bridge to get to that firearm. Take a stand. Kick em out. Get ready to put your dukes up and fight if need be, if he wants to take it there. But he just bullied through your campsite now he’s walking around. The bad guy created distance, turned, and drew his weapon. Had the drop on Ian from the get go. So if that bad guy’s moving around get up in his space, the second he starts to reach for something
grab him, head butt him, hit him, grab him, go
and contact shoot him if he starts going for a gun. (fast rock music) But that gives you an option to get on top of him quickly. If you’re gonna give him that space make sure you give him enough space and try and put something
between you and him to use as cover or concealment. So either get up close and personal, get ready to put your
dukes up and go to work, or give enough space to
where you put yourself in a tactically advantageous position. (fast rock music) – You know dry firing,
but do you dry draw, practicing your draw
when you’re dry firing. Let’s do it. So you need to have a target, obviously. I like this XTE, because
you’ve got an extra little hammer, you don’t
have to reset it every time. You can just keep working that
double action trigger pull. And then the holster,
Elite Survival Systems Mainstay Hybrid IWB, flexible, works a lot of different places, but make sure you can get
that gun out efficiently, make shots on the target, dry draw. (loud rock music) [Narrator] The second
scenario puts the couple in the same set up, but a
jogger puts them on edge, and distracts them from the
training they just received. – Hey, what’s up man? What’s the rush? What’s the rush, man? What are you doing? What the hell was that? You’re running from something? Would it a been a bear? Hey bud, what’s going on? – Nah, not too much just
heading back to the parking lot. – Yeah – Well this is a park you know. You go camping, there’s people around. – Yeah, that’s cool. – Hey man, you mind if I grab a water? – Oh no, man, we’re all out. – No you’re not I can see bottles here. – I’d really appreciate
it if you just went, man. – I might just, you know,
can I have this one. – No. No, man, man, I’d really appreciate it if you just left. – Is this food in the red bag? – If you just left… – Y’all have food, man? I’ve been out here for
days by myself, man. Is there food back here in this bag? – Man, I’d appreciate it if you just left. – Whoa, what the…you got a gun for? – I want you to just walk on. – Man – I want you to just keep going. I just want you to keep walking. – Hey baby, where you going? – Don’t pay attention to her go back where you came from. – Hey man, can you catch that? (gunshots) – Stay down, stay down, get down! Get down! (upbeat music) – Tell me about that one. – Well, he made a movement again, like he looked like he was going for a gun so I drew. A couple things weren’t adding up that kinda put in my head
there was something off. – [Man] Alright – First off was, there was
a guy that came by running, and not used to seeing anybody out here, not expecting anybody to be out here, and then the next guy he came by, and he was kinda hassling us. I just asked him to leave politely, and then he turned his
back to me for a second, and I saw a shoulder movement like he was going for another gun. So I drew down, I didn’t fire, but I drew down and I politely asked him to leave, and that’s when he started going towards Mallory. He tried to throw a bottle of water at me to, I don’t know, throw me off. – A distraction technique – And he went to draw, and
that’s when I shot him. I shot till he went down on the ground, and I kicked the gun away from him, and got on top of him. Made sure, you know. – Yeah, you were really good up until you got on top of him. Number one, you never
get on top of people. – Okay – You’re not the police you
don’t have to restrain em. Number two if you get on top of somebody, you sure as hell don’t straddle em. – Okay – Because people can twist and trap ya, and next thing you know you’ll be the one on the ground on your back. If he had just left, at gunpoint, and he had just left, what would be your next move? – Call the police. What really surprised
me is my biggest thing against concealed carrying
while I’m at work, for years has been, well,
it’s not quick enough to get to. – It can be pretty fast
from inside the pants. – I was a lot quicker under stress than I though it would be. Than I thought it would
be, which was eye opening because it’s not until you’re really under the adrenaline, and you’re under pressure, and it’s in the moment,
to where you find out what works and what doesn’t. (intense music)

100 thoughts on “Couple Assaulted While Camping: First Person Defender| S5 E8

  1. @9:11 – Terrible advice! Start a grappling match with a guy for annoying you? When you know you have a gun… And have no idea if the "bad guy" does and what his strength and skill levels are? Its this kind of ego and bravado that gives gun owners a bad name… AND gets folks killed.

  2. I love FPD. These scenarios are hard to judge just like real life. What I mean is they know there's a threat most likely coming, but they still have to react with the proper force just like in real life. You never know what the escalation level of another person will be, but it's a good thing to train and mentally prepare for the reactions you may have to take. You may have to react with deadly force or draw down on them or it may just be some harsh words and non violent encounter but that's the thing people are unpredictable, so it's why training like this and other types are so important. Keep up the good work, love the show!!

  3. I HATE that these episodes display their sponsors garbage as good gear… Those floppy no retention holsters are dangerous

  4. You can really tell that he has never had training or ever worked in a profession where your adrenaline gets going and have to fight people. Your fight or flight response kicks in and in the 1st scenario, he chose, to puss out

  5. When your facing a bad guy and a bad situation you can not go half hearted into the fight. During the first scenario, when the bad guy turned and drew his weapon, the defender seemed a little confused and had a half hearted draw. He paid the ultimate price for that.

    During the second scenario he was a little jumpy because he didn't want to get shot again so he drew his weapon way to early. If you watch close he almost drew down on the jogger that went by. It kind of looked like the bad guy was defending himself against someone that just drew a gun in him.

    Obviously this is all easy to say when your sitting at home watching it on a computer monitor but the more of these videos I watch the more I question myself on the fact if I would be able to make those split second decisions correctly.

    Love the videos and would love to train like this. Really interesting outcomes and training.

  6. Less lethal, oc or taze his ass. When folks start snooping through your stuff, have your partner flank. Lord knows my wife would. Woodsball rocks for tactics.

  7. This is one of the tougher scenarios. You are completely exposed and really need to be paying attention to people's gestures. Most of the time you would be in no danger but it only takes once to pay the price. Glad that this guy is getting training. I believe we all learned a lot from this training.

  8. love this channel! I wish you would do a mom with kids scenario… we taught our young boys 5 and 5 (we are foster parents) when mom or dad says danger danger to duck and pay attention … what would you suggest?

  9. thanks for bringing this back, I'm a huge fan and a "gun guy" I have kids and a wife that's familiar with guns but doesn't see the need in carrying her self

  10. I've been in 2 gun fights back in the 1990s ,it's a terrifying (very very ) experience i can say 100% the Glock is the best gun for self-defense ,the first time i 🚶 in my home and i only remember the flush (i didn't hear the sound because i was very scared ,i pulled my 1911 colt and -Nothing happened -i didn't pulled the safety -i was lucky the guys run to the next room and that give me time to do it -the second time i got me a Glock and didn't had to worry about safety ,the police found them later (the one that got away )but it all gos down in 2 to 3 seconds (the longest in uour life.

  11. If it confused any of you when he said “we never die” it’s that when you get attacked in their scenarios, never give up even if the offender had a minigun and delivered hot lead to your abdomen like a pizza delivery. This guy fucking stands there and let’s himself get shot then proceeds to put his gun down and in real life die, and let the attacker do whatever the hell he pleases with his girl. That guy fucked up, even if you were screwed and knew you were dead you should still have fought for her life and the end of his with every ounce of will power he had left and shot the fuck out of the guy in a last ditch effort but no he fucked over not only himself but reeeeaally fucked over his girl. He fucking stood there 😂

  12. They should do a scenario where there's several defenders given random roles or objectives, so they don't know who are the bad guys, good guys, or bystanders. This way they can learn how the bad guys think if they're given the chance to play one. Better acting, and it'd actually be kinda fun too.

  13. For some reason…. I don't get why they are all nice about it. I would be like get the hell out of here, this isn't your site, and if they didn't listen the first time, I pull out my gun and say you wanna leave now? And if they still don't want to co-operate, not my fault you got shot.

  14. Efficient draw with a double action pistol, either DAO or DA/SA – Draw and start your trigger pull as soon as you're in front of the chest and punching out. As soon as your sights are on target, finish the double action pull, even if you're not at full extension. Definitely don't wait for full extension to begin the trigger pull. The faster each hit is, including the first one, the better. Obviously, the distance, size, and other factors will determine how sloppy you can be with your sight picture, and can slow you down. Just the same, practice hard.

    How would I know? I could keep up with open class pistol guys with my factory stock P226. Had to work my ass off to do it, but I did it.

    Having been a back-country camper on public land (but not parks), I would be really look askance at anybody who entered an obvious campsite without giving a holler first. Just walking into someone's campsite is not much different than walking into someone's living room. You need to knock on the front door, which in a campsite is done verbally. Don't just walk into someone's site. Just that alone would have me ready to draw. Act sketchy in the least and my pistol is coming out. Maybe the place I camp is weird, but people don't just act like this in my experience. They have manners – they announce that they're approaching and entering your campsite, they stop and talk to you… I've run into people who were lost and I've run into people who've run short on food. None acted this way. So, based on my experience, "hey, what's in this bag" would get them a great view of the end of a firearm, and a really stern instruction that if they didn't leave NOW, they might not ever.

  15. What if you kick the can (or whatever it was) and he doesn’t even flinch nor get distracted by it 🤔🤣 now you just made things really awkward and now you’re tryna draw your gun with one already trained on you and you die like a fool…

  16. Watching this gives me so much anxiety for the person, some people you just know they will get shot( iknow, easy for me to say) but he got pushed

  17. I had this happen to me while camping. He reached down into his pants and grabbed a……… hatchet. I already had my .380 pointed at him, and he dropped it. I don't trust people I don't know.

  18. so in the last scenario: you are not the police, you cannot just draw on someone for not opening orders. pointing a gun at someone in this instance would be felony agg. assault. technically, he could shoot you in self defense after you point a gun at him. Better hope youre the only one who is alive to give a witness statement otherwise youre going to jail for a long time.

  19. My uncle open carrys and my grandpa concealed carrys. My other uncle is a sheriff deputy. I worry about this kind of thing all the time

  20. I love the scenarios but you guys give it all away at the beginning by showing to much I already know what goes down just by the intro

  21. Just found this channel. I love it!! But only thing that bugs me, is you can't really be ready in this type of situation. The training in the videos is awesome! But if you're in this, you know something IS gonna happen. So of course you're gonna be on a high alert about anyone walking up on ya in a vest and helmet. Something like this still, I think, gives one an idea of what to expect but sadly, one couldn't honestly be ready until faced with a life or death situation.

  22. How do I get on your show I am very interested and skilled in weaponery training and would like to learn more

  23. The mistake on the first round was he took his eye off the guy for just a second and that gave him the time he needed to get the gun out and get the drop the second mistake was letting the guy just wander around your campsite that's a No-No…. my gun would have been out by that point telling him he needs to get on his way.

  24. I like to see a scenario where the couple is sleeping inside the tent and someone shows up with a gun pointed at their face and waking him up then what the hell do you do?

  25. They are acting like someone is out to get them. They aren’t acting normal, just like they are on this show

  26. Not for nothing him acting like a tough guy from the getco would escalate a situation way further and put him at a huge center of attention and made him look like a clear target, in fact if he handed over his wife and distracted then shot he'd be a lot better position, he messed up by asserting himself the second he saw someone that's completely unnatural

  27. Only problem with this "training" is that all involved know they are about to get into a sim fight. So because of that you have already skewed results.

  28. The second scenario seemed shooting was not justified and in certain states or cities wouldn't you would be behind bars for shooting a guy who threw a water bottle at you, even after he stole it as he was backing up and leaving.

  29. This is why training your pull out of holster and shooting 2 shots and then deciding to follow them up matter, the struggle he had pulling his weapon from his holster caused him to fumble for a split second and his pull up is extremely slow every single time he drew his weapon.

  30. Never let a stranger in your camp site like that. Good people never act like that. Good people will never look through your tent, vehicle, or camp.

  31. Our defender forgot to use his vocal commands, hence the bad guys were able to get too dang close… the advice to split is also very good.

  32. 1:00 shows the problems with these training scenarios.
    Who the hell gets up and gets physically defensive to two people walking by? He KNOWS something is going to happen and therefore he is on triple alert.

  33. I don't have camping problems cause I'm not stupid enough to go camping. If not in a locked and armed RV. I'm not having it.

  34. In the second situation (jogger, then bad guy), they shouldn't use the same bad guy as in the first one. At least have him dress differently. If they want to simulate unexpected encounters, they should keep doubt in the mind of the trainees as to who the threat is.

  35. I camped and hiked in federal lands and I carry a 10mm Glock , I disregard all signs they prohibit my self defense . …..

  36. These situations are very impractical and juvenile. Seriously there are a lot more useful things to practice than this. I guess it makes good entertainment for dumb kids and dumber adults who like to fantasize about this stuff.

  37. He gave up control of his personal space from the instant. He didn't get off of the X at all. And, his draw is way too slow. Needs to practice more. Love the training.

  38. Honestly, If Im out in the woods and some random asshole starts being that nosey and intrusive Im going to have my weapon in my hand already and assume there might be another guy trailing with him and tell him immediately to knock off. Screw that.

  39. This its nonsense,nobody it's ready 24/7,even cops die in the street.In the end all its luck.Sure some training will help but this kind of scenarios are unrealistic.

  40. Fist of all don’t fucking camp directly on a trail. Lmao. People should not have a reason to walk through your site. If you have any experience camping and hiking, the. You should know that conversation in your campsite (should you ever be having one) should be no more than just hi hows it going. Good. That’s it. Any stopping and dragging on a conversation is suspect in and of itself.

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