Couple Quit Job to Travel & Live Simple | Why Live Minimal?

Couple Quit Job to Travel & Live Simple | Why Live Minimal?

ah see what are we talking about today in a new video what are we talking about why we quit our jobs why we decided to travel full time and live full time in our tiny house why would we do such a thing I graduated eighth and I got a job at insurance and he got a job in a retailer and we started working and we’re like okay this is great when I first started I was so motivated I was like okay I got this I definitely you know I’m gonna be a top seller loved this company all this thing’s bad that was the first year and throughout the second year we got married it right away we bought the house we went on our honeymoon and we realized that two months or three months into being married and we never got to be together see each other often we only saw ya really sorry Charlie like a 10:00 at night 2:12 and it was left and then we woke up at 7:00 each of us we went to our jobs mission to your schedule that was really bad we had the fact that I stopped like I would get back home I need to do and then we’re like no way this way we can’t we just bought a house motorcycle how are we going to pay for we were paying about 7,000 honestly I’ve never felt like because I always do makes me happy just jump in the water read our jobs we were freaking out because we’re like hey just wait but how are we actually going to pay for our fails how are we actually going to survive you know that your only plan needs to work and we’re just like we’re going this with this 100% we started working with my parents like okay great we’ll work this and then meanwhile our company will start you know and we’ve rented out our rooms and our house I either make more money or decrease our expensive so we did both and it worked out great in like oh yeah we sold one car we just told our roommates were like okay you know we’re good guys that was like six months after and that’s what we decided we’re like hey we’ve always wanted to learn how to kite our businesses fully online let’s go to the place where we know we’re going to learn how to kite go for three month we did some things I changed our life right right we got the kite virus all we want to do is change the wind nothing else matters we’re just changing the wind if you want to start guiding of think about it twice because your life will never be the same maybe you will just want to live baby in a car anyway so we live there enjoyed living simple we enjoyed not having a million clothes to think about when you’re getting currents we enjoyed not having like not become on a car we had this really tiny motorcycle $200 motorcycle so I did the motorcycle I sound like this so we were riding like this the whole time you can film the cows you could smell the ocean you could smell nature it was great it was so good I think that’s what we realized that that was the life that we really wanted to live and when we went back to Miami we’re with and there’s weird freaky now we’re like I cried I just live without the wind we said you know what let’s go to Outer Banks in North Carolina they have great wind there and we said you know how are we gonna go without the dog so I’m thinking for an Airbnb and we couldn’t find anything for the dogs for us so we said okay if we go in the car we’re not gonna fit all four of us in the car sleeping in the car and that’s when we started looking for bigger options and we had no idea that tiny house actually existed so we’re like oh my god the second houses are so cool and we started looking into it something there’s a huge community out there of people like us that love to live tiny we realize that the tiny houses are very hard to move like you can move them once in a while but it’s not like you can actually live the road moving every other day or something like so that’s what we decided like okay let’s get a trailer fix it up and convert it into a the initial plan was to 23 months with the dogs six months you know what we’re gonna do six months let’s just over the whole year and we love it right now we’re super obsessed with our house so if you liked our video make sure to give us a thumbs up and hit the subscribe button below and if you guys have any questions and your suggestions for future videos see you back see you know

4 thoughts on “Couple Quit Job to Travel & Live Simple | Why Live Minimal?

  1. Omg your dog is the cutest dog I've ever seen!! Don't tell my dog haha. I just subscribed and hit the bell. I love watching travel videos 😛 I also have a channel if you want to check it out. I make videos on minimalism, health, fitness etc 🙂

  2. Super exciting guys, i've subscribed to followed your travels 🙂 We quite to travel too and have just started a travel blog! We're on our 5th episode and are currently in Australia! Would be great to get some mutual support!

  3. Such an inspiration! My husband and I have been backpacking Asia for over 5 months now and still have half a year left, and I cant imagine going back to normal life when we're done!

    We would love to do what you guys are doing when we get back, live out of a car with our dog and drive around North America!

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