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  1. Oh my goodness- this room is ingenious!! What wonderful thought you put in it and it’s so inspiring. Thank you for the tour and I’m loving your videos. I’m trying many of your techniques. Thank you!!

  2. Hi Jennifer, I love your organizational style. I was sent the link for how you use the soda bins for clear stamps after I had made labels for the "DVD" style containers. While I'm not ready to undo what I've already created with my stamp sets, I love how the same bin works so beautifully for the embossing folders and die sets. I can see myself making some great changes in the near future. I hadn't given much thought to precutting my cardstock, however, you've shown​ a valid point; I can see how I would be more likely to make cards if everything is precut and ready to go. I've got my work cut out for me and with your videos, I'm encouraged that my happy space will be ready sooner than later!

  3. Thank you! I have a huge art studio, but it is bare. I just don’t know what to do with it. When I had a small room, I was so organized. I am thankful for the larger room, but I need help getting things together. So, thank you! This video will go on my craft room pin board.

  4. Dear Jennifer, this studio is just amazing. Great work.
    One quick question: what is this container you store your stamp shammy in??

  5. My dream craft room. Just need space for sewing machine and I’ll be in heaven. Thank you for sharing. Love your creativity and all the cards you’ve made

  6. I've been searching for ideas for my craft room, and you've captured my heart. I had the idea of cabinets and counter top like you have, but wasn't sure how to put it together. I LOVE what you've done!!

  7. Oh boy I was just blown away by your organisational skills – my craft room is a hot mess, and I frequently spend ages looking for things that I've put "somewhere safe"! Thank you so much for the tour – jealous? YES! Hugs xxxxx

  8. OMG! Absolutely amazing craft room! I love it and thank you for sharing. I wish to have this room to?. Happy crafting?

  9. At the beginning of the video I was thinking "I wonder if I could recreate that back counter area with Ikea Alex drawers?" and 11:15 answers that question ? DREAM SPACE ?

  10. Wow, wow, wow! What a fun to see all your supplies and how you have thought through organizing them with ease of use in mind. Thanks for giving me some ideas to convert my space from a huge room to a much smaller shared space.

  11. Can I have one day in your craft room? I would have so much fun! I love what you've done with your organization. Thank you for sharing your room.

  12. It was so nice to see the way you keep yourself organized. It gave some idea of what to do. Thank you so much for sharing. God Beless

  13. Hi Jenny, l love this video of your craft room, l have a question though. You mentioned that you get your card stock( Nihna) cut to different sizes to make it easier for you to create your cards. Could you do us a video on the sizes (measurements) you get your card stock cut to, pls. This would be every helpful, a specially us beginners who have difficulties with measurements and layers. Thank you, much appreciated.

  14. Wonderful organization!! I keep trying and you have certainly inspired me. Thank you Jennifer for the tour of your world!

  15. I really really love your craft room. that's one of my ultimate goal. wish you would do decluttering giveaway. would realy love to join.

  16. Went to Ikea today OMG knew what I wanted going in thank god,dropped my phone taking a pic of the bin numbers need new phone now lol

  17. You are so inventive and inspirational!! I'm new to card making and die cutting, and you have given me so much to look forward to! Thank you!

  18. Thank you Jennifer your tour is amazing. You are wonderfully organized. I love that crafting space. I do a little paper crafting maybe someday I will do more I do love to watch all different kinds of videos.Thank you for sharing!

  19. That video has been a shot in the arm… I’m off upstairs to my studio right now. I have mini pockets of organisation like that, but I’m channelling Miss Haversham a bit… time for a change. PS: I have the succulents and cacti too….

  20. Wonderful, beautiful, effective organization that looks like a delight to work in. Thanks for sharing your many tips on how to not be overwhelmed.

  21. Jennifer. Your video provided SO many inspirational ideas & tools for organizing. I can’t wait to check out the links to see what I can use in mine. Such a pleasure to see that someone loves to be organized when creating. I love the freedom that organizing lends to my art creations. Thanks for the tour. ????

  22. I'm awestruck by a) the organization and b) the style. I am moving soon, so thank you for the ideas because now that I am retired…the craft room is going to be my priority. Love love your hints…you are a crafting Goddess! Thank you for sharing

  23. OMG is wonderful, I want one day to have a similar room, now I keep my markers and cards in recycled jars and recycled boxes. Thanks for everything you teach us. Greetings from Colombia!! 😉

  24. Wow…my first time on your channel and I think you totally topped all my other favorite craft room tours! No joke! Thanks for the inspiration, as I will be moving most of my craft room from the basement up to a small bedroom. Now, off to make more money to be able to afford them drawers that I need to get. ?Awesome tour, I absolutely loved it! ?

  25. Very inspiring to watch this again! I especially loved the things plugged in and ready to use. And cards already cut and folded ready to use?

  26. I think I just entered Heaven ??? love it love it love it ?????????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it was like a dream to see your Craft room. Thankyou for sharing ?

  27. Thank you for the job ticket paper storage idea. I decided to try it and I LOVE IT! I've organized my paper many different ways over the years, and this is the best way yet! It's been a year and I am so happy with this system. I love being able to keep my scraps in the sleeves. Thanks so much!

  28. This is just amazing and inspiring ? one of the best I have watched so far ?? Hopefully a new craftrooom tour is uploaded soon ?

  29. I find it very odd that people have left you hundreds of beautiful comments and you didn't thumbs up or reply back to a single one. Of course you (or anyone) can't reply to every comment, but some interaction may be good.

  30. Amazing!!! A great deal of thought went into the organization of this room. I love that everything is out of sight and easy to find. Hat's off to you. A crafters paradise.

  31. Wow, most people who work don't have work spaces like this. And such vast varieties of supplies (I did hear your disclaimer at the beginning.) Beautiful set-up.

  32. Jennifer: I just found your videos, I am in the process of doing my craft room, your organizational ideas are just what I have been looking for. Thank you for all the hard work you put into the videos. I only hope I can become partially as organized as you are. Thank you.

  33. Jennifer, your organizational skills are phenomenal. Very inspiring and I'm sure achievable once one have all the resources to execute such an amazing work space. Kudos to you!

  34. Thank you for posting this. Gives me so many ideas to organize my craft room. And I love that it's all in closed cabinets so it looks clean. Fabulous!!

  35. Jennifer Your craft Room is Sooooooo Beautiful, Clean and Pure. It's absolutely Gorgeous, this reminds me what Heaven looks like with flowers blooming everywhere. It's so sweet to finally put your beautiful face with a name ; ) <3 You've always sounded so sweet and you my Dear are so tiny and petite, you are a sweet little one. You look just like my granddaughter, I miss her, she moved to Texas when her mother did so she don't live with us in Salt Lake City, Utah anymore. Oh and I need to tell you, it made me tickled pink when I seen you walking bare feet. Well Thank You so much my crafty friend, for the nice walk around in your beautiful craft room. I really did enjoy it and if I could ever have a 1/4 of a room and supplies what you have I would be happy! Sending my Love and Blessing to you and your Family. HUGGS XXXX

  36. I’m a relatively new subscriber and after watching many of your card making videos I went looking for “the craft room tour” to see where all the magic happens. It’s just beautiful. I noticed that this was your old studio and that you’ve since moved to a new “similar” one. I hope it’s a nice as this one! I would find working in such a space to be truly inspiring!!! Thanks for sharing…

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