Cree Summer Talks Susie Carmichael’s BEST Moments on Rugrats! | NickRewind

Cree Summer Talks Susie Carmichael’s BEST Moments on Rugrats! | NickRewind

The next thing you gotta do
is stop saying you’re scared. You’re big and you’re brave. Like a big brave dog! Keep saying it over and over. Hello, this is Cree Summer, the voice
of Susie Carmichael from Rugrats. Wow! It’s great, Susie! It’s got a basket, a bell,
a pinwheel, a horn, and look, it’s even got a flector. It’s beautiful! Wanna sit on it? Now, let’s not get carried away. I try to think of my favorite
Susie episode, I mean all of them. Anytime Angelica got checked,
it was heaven on earth. [laughing] Move over, Angelica, here I come! Oh, no you don’t! Hey, you can’t do that!
It’s cheating! You’re not supposed to win, I am! But I think my favorite Susie
episode is when she showed up. And these are the kids. Buster, Alisa, Edwin and… Susie! My sucker! I’m sorry, dear, you know that’s
not the way to get what you want. Oh my, what a nice Jell-O-o mold! Come on, let’s put it in the fridge. I want my… hey. My name’s Susie. What’s yours? Tommy. Hi, Tommy. Want me to
show you our new house? But what about your sucker? Sucker? Oh yeah, that’s not
important right now. Come on! Wha can I say about the Carmichaels?
They’re a beautiful family. They were a healthy family.
They were an intelligent family. So long, Lucy, bye! Bye, Randy!
See you tomorrow! I wanna talk about that Lost episode. Hey Luce, you remember when the realtor
told us about that ancient Indian curse? – Mm-hm.
– You don’t think he’s it, do you? – Randy!
– Just a thought. Bye, Tommy! Thanks! It is really, really magnificent
and empowering to see a family that looks like
the families you hang out with as well. Come on, let’s go celebrate Kwanzaa! [cheering] Mm, this is the best peanut butter
sandwich I ever had. I didn’t know you had it in you, Buster. George Washington Carver would be proud. Oh, it’s been a wonderful day. And I want to thank Aunt T
and Uncle Charles for for bringing out family together
and reminding us how much we have to be grateful for. Susie, would you like
to make the unity toast? Goodness child, you can’t make
the toast without a cup of unity. Now, let’s see. We need something very special
for this important ceremony. And I know just the thing. To Aunt T, for showing us we can all be great peoples. Harambee! Harambee! I loved it, because we get
to see Susie’s Grand mama, and we get to see generationally
how magnificent this family is. I remember that episode because
I didn’t know what Kwanzaa was. But what’s Kwanzo? Kwanzaa is a cultural holiday
established in 1966, commemorating the first
harvest celebrations of Africa. Huh? Susie represents little brown girls
all over the world at last. Angelica… Someone wants to see you. Cynthia, you’re alright! Thanks for all your help, Doctor Tommy. Nurse Phil, Nurse Lil, Chuckie. Thanks, Susie. You are a pretty good
doctor after all. No problem, Angelica… this time. Susie was authentic. Come here, Angelica.
I’ll tell you where babies come from. Huh? Really? So Susie rocked my world
and liberated me, and as far as I can tell
from what the fans share, really set them free too. The winner is… Susie Carmichael! What? Thanks, everybody. I especially want to thank
my special friend, Angelica. Susie was very articulate, but that didn’t mean that wasn’t ready
to throw down when it was necessary. The Eueumort! Come on, we gotta go after it. If you wanna catch a monster,
you need bait. Can’t catch a monster without a net. What’s that for? Nothing really,
I just think it looks neat. Now let’s go get that monster. Yeah! [screaming] It’s only the vacuum cleaner.
Come on.

86 thoughts on “Cree Summer Talks Susie Carmichael’s BEST Moments on Rugrats! | NickRewind

  1. Cree is amazing, she is one of the most unique voices in all of animation imho. And she's had some of the most iconic roles in so many cartoons, period!!! A legend.

  2. Cree is so GORGEOUS๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ‘งโ€๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ’œ

  3. She also voice numbuh 5 and Cree Lincoln a.k.a numbuh 11 from Codename KND, Cleo from Clifford big red dog, Chloe Flan from Sabrina teenage witch, Valerie from Danny Phantom, Miranda from As told by Ginger, Tiff on my life as a teenage robot and Peabo from the proud family

  4. I love how in the first time we meet Suzzie she leaves her lollipop behind to show her new friend tommy around ^^

    Iโ€™m sometimes bad at comments my bad :,)

  5. Her big entrance is such a clever misdirection. She comes in screaming endlessly like sheโ€™s going to be an even bigger brat than Angelica… and then she turns out to be the most well adjusted kid on the show.

  6. Cree Summer is absolutely amazing! She deserves all the recognition. She is one of the only black actors who played black AND white characters.

  7. Randy-"Remember when the realtor told us about that ancient Indian curse?"
    Randy-"You don't think he's it do you?"
    Randy-"Just a thought."

  8. This woman had a voice in half the shows of my entire childhood. One of the only people who are instantly recognizable when you hear them speak.

  9. Susie was one of my top favorite characters as a kid! I always loved how much she'd offset Angelica's attitude during the episodes they were both in!

  10. My aunt name is Susi not Susie
    I don't like my aunt susi
    I like Cree as Susie
    I am black and my uncle is black my aunt is white
    She is rude to my mom
    She is a witch

  11. I always wished Susie was in more episodes on Rugrats. Instead of adding Kimmy they should've just had more episodes with Susie.

  12. The first time I saw her, I thought she should have switched names with Angelica, who is anything BUT โ€œangelic.โ€

  13. I'm going to comment on this video while I still can (thanks to YouTube, the comment sections on some of the other Rugrats videos on your channel have been disabled).

    Cree Summer is one of my favorite voice actresses, due in part to Susie Carmichael (and to a lesser extent, Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toon Adventures).

    Rugrats loved go above and beyond when it came to racial diversity. The show not only had two Christmas specials, but a Passover special, a Chanukah special, and a Kwanzaa special.

    3:33 – I bet that was the inspiration for a certain Disney Junior show…

  14. Wow, Cree Summer did an incredible job on voicing Susie Carmichael, along with Elmyra Duff from โ€œTiny Toon Adventures,โ€ Kida from โ€œAtlantis,โ€ Numbuh 5 from โ€œKids Next Door,โ€ etc.

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