Creepy Camping Alone Horror Story Animated

Creepy Camping Alone Horror Story Animated

100 thoughts on “Creepy Camping Alone Horror Story Animated

  1. why is it always something to do with a scary creature or a man! like why!? huh? whyyyyyyyyy???!!?!

  2. I would be smiling like that to if i saw a handsome naked young man walk up to me. Except my smile won't be scary cause i am also a young good looking guy and i love handsome young men in their early 20's that have smooth fair skin and a well built body! Hmmmmmm….mmmmmm… I feel hungry now just talking about handsome young boys.

  3. That thumbnail was a little disturbing, it makes the character look like he was being drilled in the ass by someone

  4. Im in school watching this and im sitting next to my Lebanese Canadian friend who is totally not interested in watching this

  5. As it was getting dark, I decided to grab some wood , make a fire and some lunch ass naked with the wind blowing on my b*lls

  6. What the motherfuck??
    So….let me get this straight, your parents went out of town and you took that as an opportunity to go sleep naked in the woods? (am I clear so far?)
    Then some dude steals your shit and then tried to fuck you? Come on man

  7. #1 first of all, he decided to go skinny-dipping…
    #2 he slept naked?with a small piece of towel…
    #3 when he woke up.. there wasn't his towel or his clothes…
    #4 he immediately took his bag and left…
    #5 he was driving when suddenly he saw a man who was wearing his clothes! The man freaked him out…
    #6 after driving he finally got home..
    #8 I SWEAR his neighbors and people who were driving on the road.. Would see him naked! XD

  8. If I was you:

    Me: "Are you okay?"
    Man: smiles Creepy
    Me: looks at him
    Man: looks at his clothes which became wet
    Me: "Sorry but I had to pee"?‍♂️

  9. Why is he still naked even when he is hiding in sheets? ?

    I also wonder if mosquitoes didnt bite him that night. I mean, his tent is open

  10. Loool I don’t know why he’s complaining, he chose to go camping ALONE , he deserved everything that was coming to him

  11. There are some criminals including bums do roam on campgrounds or forests to steal anything for survival Next time go with somebody else or packed full campground plus a locked zipper on tent. But some of them can cut thru with a knife.

  12. Can any true fans relate that the guy was from another video under the title my couluege tried to kill me this man had stabed 2 people

  13. 2:04 oh my god that face on his butt he is so necked what I'd somebody saw him crossing to his house like that ? They will say

    wtf wtf wtf wth wth? !!!!!!!!!

    Me: ??????????????????????

  14. This Dude sat down naked in the woods

    And when he got home. He still ain’t put on clothes lol I wouldn’t either tho. No lie ?

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