• From finding a corpse while snorkelling
to a ghost at the end of your hotel bed, the Planet Dolan crew re-enact more of the best
true stories from our subreddit about the creepiest things we’ve experienced while
on vacation. I’m Melissa and today I’ll be your narrator. Number 10 was submitted by Blowinbubblez HoneyBits
When HoneyBits was eleven she and her family went camping in Wales. They arrived so late that they pretty much
put up their tents and went straight to bed. Before going to sleep HoneyBits decided to
take a Snapchat selfie. As she went through her different filters
she noticed her camera was detecting two faces: hers and someone – or something – next
to her… HoneyBits was creeped out but shrugged it
off as a glitch. Later on she got up to use the bathroom. On the way to the toilet block she heard what
sounded like a child sobbing. This was strange because there was no one
else staying at this campsite. She followed the sound and saw a young girl
on her knees crying. HoneyBits asked her if she was okay and the
girl looked up, giving her a blank soulless stare. The mysterious girl said, “You’re the
same…” and disappeared before HoneyBits could find out what she meant. Number 9 was submitted by DjNarwhal_YT Pringle
When Pringle was seven his parents took him to California. While they were there his parents had to go
to a sales meeting so they brought Pringle along. Pringle got so bored that he snuck off to
explore the building. As he raced around a corner he crashed into
someone and fell over. He got up to apologise but there was no one
there… The entire corridor was empty. Just as Pringle was about to shrug it off
he felt something lift him by the shoulders. He turned and saw a middle-aged man with a
blank stare and no facial features. When Pringle finally broke free he ran straight
to his parents to tell them what happened. They took a long look around but couldn’t
find the man. Security footage showed Pringle wandering
around but as soon as they got to his almost-abduction the footage mysteriously cut out. Pringle never found out what happened to him
that day, but it was a spooky way to start his Californian holiday… Number 8 was submitted by Queen-of-Sarcasm
Ramona This one time Ramona went on a school trip
to Quebec City. On the way they stopped for lunch at a shopping
centre. There Ramona and her friends found a witchcraft
store. The store seemed empty. But as Ramona was looking at all the Wicca
stuff the store owner suddenly bursting out from the back. She pointed at Ramona and was screaming in
French. She looked at Ramona with pure hatred and
said, “The spirits can’t save you, seer!” Ramona and her friends took the hint and got
the hell out of there, running all the way back to the bus. Ramona has no idea what the woman meant or
why she was singled out but it freaked her out. Number 7 was submitted by TheSoloLob0 Emojie
One time Emojie took a vacation to Florida with his dad and aunt. Emojie’s dad got sick during the trip, so
Emojie and his aunt went down to the beach to let him rest. Emojie dove straight in the water and was
having a great time. He told his aunt to come in the water but
she said she suddenly didn’t feel well. She made them go back to the hotel, which
Emojie was annoyed about. When they got back to their room Emojie heard
a huge racket coming from the beach. People were shouting and lots of sirens were
going off. It turned out that a girl in the water had
been attacked by a full-grown tiger shark. The story was all over the news and Emojie
realised how close he’d come to being shark food. It creeps him out thinking about what might’ve
happened if his aunt had suddenly felt sick… Number 6 was submitted by TrueOlive Doopie
When Doopie was little her parents often dumped her at her grandparents’ place for weeks
at a time and call it a ‘vacation’. One night while staying there Doopie was having
trouble sleeping, so she started staring at shadows on the wall to make herself tired. The shadows were of normal stuff, like trees
and the blinds. But as she was getting sleepy Doopie saw a
shadow that looked the silhouette of someone tall and thin. She looked over to the window and saw a long
gangly creature with blank yellow eyes peering in at her. Doopie kicked off the covers and ran out of
the room, slamming the door behind her. She bolted downstairs to hide, then spent
the rest of the night awake on the couch. She still has no idea what this creature was
but it was enough to stop her staying at her grandparents’ house. Number 5 was submitted by ElleRoseWater Gooby
A few years ago, Gooby and her mom stayed at an old hotel in New Hampshire. The hotel was surrounded by woods and had
no fans, TVs or air conditioning. It was so quiet and creepy inside that you
could literally hear a pin drop. Gooby went to sleep feeling very uneasy about
staying there. In the middle of the night she woke to what
felt like someone sitting on her foot. When Gooby opened her eyes she saw an old
woman sitting on the end of her bed. From the corner of her eye she saw a shadowy
figure run across the room and head outside. There was nowhere Gooby could go so she shut
her eyes tight and prayed for morning to come. The next day, Gooby’s mom said she felt
like someone – or something – had been caressing her back all night. It freaked them both out so they decided to
check out early while they still had the chance… Number 4 was submitted by Thewrench545 SaltySquid
When SaltySquid was little he and his family took a trip to Cancun. One day they went exploring in the dense jungle
and came across the abandoned temple of Tulum. SaltySquid and his brother split off from
their parents to check it out. Inside it was pitch black so they used their
phones as lights. SaltySquid was afraid but he really wanted
to impress his brother. As they went further into the temple, they
heard strange whisperings. The whispering grew louder and louder so Salty’s
brother pulled out his flip knife. He was so nervous his hand was shaking. Just when they thought the noise had stopped
a Mayan Indian jumped out at them from nowhere. He had a huge spear and was chanting something
they couldn’t understand. Salty and his brother thought he was trying
to put a curse on them so they ran towards the exit as fast as they could. The chanting man started shouting and chased
them all the way outside. When they reached their parents, they called
the police but the man with a spear was never found… Number 3 was submitted by SoutherBell Hellbent
When Hellbent was six years old he took a family skiing trip to Virginia. They stayed in a private cabin just outside
a resort. One night Hellbent was sleeping off a big
day on the slopes when he woke to strange laughter coming from outside. As he listened harder the laughter turned
into this creepy singing. The person singing was saying, “Comma comma
get you! Comma comma get you!” A terrified Hellbent quickly woke his entire
family. The family huddled together as the intruder
started scratching at their window. When the back door suddenly opened, Hellbent’s
dad told them to hide in the closet. As he dialled 911 the creepy singing got closer
and closer… The psychopath burst into their room, shouting
and swearing. He was just about to open the closet door
when suddenly the resort security tackled him and put him under arrest. Apparently this intruder had escaped from
jail that night. He’d been in there for all sorts of things
– like assault, breaking and entering, kidnapping… And he was hoping to add murder to that list… Number 2 was submitted by Super_Nerd_64 SweetCommando
When SweetCommando was thirteen he went to Jamaica with his family. But this fun-in-the-sun vacation quickly turned
into a living nightmare. It started when his family suggested going
snorkelling in the reef. SweetCommando had never snorkelled before
but he picked it up pretty quickly and was having an awesome time… until he spotted
something terrifying down below. A human corpse had been impaled by a big piece
of coral. The corpse’s eyes were wide open in terror
and its mouth was full of flesh-ripping teeth. As SweetCommando tried to swim away the corpse
reached out to grab him. After screaming and blinking several times
SweetCommando realised the corpse had disappeared. SweetCommando had visions of the decaying
corpse every night of the trip. I think he would’ve preferred Emojie’s
shark attack… Number 1 – What’s the creepiest thing
I’ve experienced while on vacation? Huge thanks for the folks over on our Planet
Dolan subreddit for submitting their stories. We have a question for you: “What was your
angriest moment ever?” Let us know in the Reddit page linked below
and you might be featured in a future countdown.

100 thoughts on “CREEPY VACATION EXPERIENCES #2 | Reddit Stories

  1. What was your angriest moment ever? Let us know on our reddit page and you may be featured in a future countdown

  2. Wait on number 10 the phone detected 2 faces but only one was found
    What happened to that other 😮

  3. Creepiest thing I saw in a vacation was I went to bed and when I woke up cigarette burns were on my sheets

  4. I just put my comment in and I looked at the video then looked at my comment and their was like 82 other comments…like if you relate…

  5. So this is a true story, I'm not making this up. It happened about 2 years ago
    I had pulled an all-nighter at my grandmas' to watch YouTube, when, at about 4 in the morning, I heard a devilish cackle, it rang inside my head for about 5 seconds, but when it went away, I saw it.

    A monster was standing outside the window down the hall, furiously clawing at it, mouthing something I couldn't understand while blood was pouring out of it's mouth.
    It had 3 horns, 2 on it's forehead, and one on the back of it's head. It had piercing red eyes that looked like they had been turned 90 degrees. It's face was covered in blood, and it had claws for hands. It was shaking violently, trying to get in.

    I freaked out, but I was so scared I couldn't move, and all I could do was stare at it.
    After a while, it ran away, and I could finally move, so I ran to the kitchen and grabbed a large butcher knife, and went to confront it.

    I held the knife in front of me, thinking it might try to pounce on me, but it wasn't there, it had run from the window to the edge of the forest in about 8 seconds which was how fast it took me to get the knife and run down the hall, so I knew it wasn't human, because it took the fastest person in my family took 4x that long to get there. It muttered something that I couldn't hear at first, but a second or two later, it rang out inside my head: "I'll be back for you" then faded into the darkness.

    2 weeks later, me and my family were leaving the house. About five minutes into the trip, we made a turn, and I saw it in the corner of my vision, glaring at me. I blinked and it was gone.
    I've never seen it since.

  6. one time i was with my friend and we were having a sleepover and we were having a lot of fun but when we walked into my room MY BIG life size superman doll turned its head strait towrds us so we ran as FAST as we could to my mom and screaming THE DOLL TURNED ITS HEAD THE DOLL TURNED ITS HEAD. AND LATER ME AND MY FRIEND THOWED IT OUT MY WINDOW AND NEVER PLAYED WITH IT AGAIN

  7. if the girl said ''your the same'' to me in the first section i would be sayingng ''yes i am the same in a way''

  8. one day I was going to bed I woke up from a bad dream the dream was true this person was stiring at me he ask if he can kill my family I said NO he ask why and I said what if killed your family and he left and never came back

  9. Not a vacation, but one day I was awake in the middle of the night when I was six and some guy comes in and grabs my private several times and left
    We still don’t know who did it

  10. ok everyone sooooo me my dad and my sis were going camping once and are van add stoped working and this part is realy werd we had broken down outside a semutery sooooo ya plus my dog stared burking and it was a pet semutery and now i dont camp no more. :b

  11. I find it a 'funny' coincidence that the video is 9 minutes and 11 seconds long, put it together and u get 911, then number you call in situations like these

  12. I remember I went to Austin Texas with some relatives for a week we stayed in a motel and on the last night I stayed up and then I heard our room door open but everyone was already in the room and the only way u can open the door is if u have the room key card or the masterkey card, my dad woke up when the guy closed the door so he stayed up for a bit and we all went back to bed, the next day my dad talked to the manager ,the manager said he gives master keys to his employees only and the manager said he knew the guy that opened our door the night before.

    2:10: Pringle and the psycho murderer
    4:10: Doopie, you just met a ReDead. Don't let it attach to your face!
    6:58: Hellbent just met Jeff the Killer

  14. In india I was in a hotel first it was normal then at night the power went out we left the next day there is a rumored there was a ghost who likes kids that's y I did not see her but

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