CUBA – How much it costs to go to HAVANA for 5 days ?

CUBA – How much it costs to go to HAVANA for 5 days ?

Good morning everyone, actually I have no
idea what time you’re watching this. Good time of day everyone! Cuba is a very interesting place and now is
the time to go because things are changing fast. We went for 5 days 4 night and I’m tell going to tell you exactly how much everything costs so you can better budget your trip and use this as a
reference. Havana felt like a totally different universe
although you can swim there from Florida, just like this 64 year old lady did by swimming
53 hours straight. You know, there was once a time when I thought
I was tough.. So we went with the mindset of keeping costs
to a minimum but we also wanted to experience everything and not be limited to much by costs. So we still went out every day and night and
had an awesome time. Airfare and visa: I flew Alaska Airlines direct
from Los Angeles to Havana. Airfare includes several fees because it includes
Cuban medical insurance and other fees. There were some cheaper flights at the time,
but we booked this whole trip pretty last minute. So when we landed we took a taxi from the
airport to our Airbnb in Central, which seemed like a very local part of town. I didn’t see a single tourist on our street
the whole time we were there. So we booked our Airbnb 2 days before we left,
so kind of poor planning on our end. We still found this 2 bedroom place that we
split 3 ways. It was comfortable I didn’t mind it, but I
was not a fan of the lighting. I just realized that’s a very snobby first
world complaint. There was a lot of this older florescent lighting
which made everything feel kind of like, a horror film. What’s up guys!? Ahh! Hahaha After we landed we just walked around
a little bit, checked out the Malecon. There was a lot of people on the street trying
to give us recommendations on places to eat which you should never listen to, because
they will try to squeeze those tourist dollars just straight out of you. We just randomly ended up here. Food and drinks were great. Afterwards we walked around and ended up getting
some more late night snacks and drinks. So day 2 the internet deprivation kicked in
and we ended up at this hotel for internet. Next was the beach, Havana itself doesn’t
have a great beach, so you kind of have to go a little ways out. We’re thinking about going to Varadero, we
heard a lot of really good things about it. But after speaking with some locals, we ended
up going to Santa Maria del Mar. It’s much closer and I was told it has a little
bit more of a local vibe. So we took a taxi there, got some drinks,
and enjoyed the blue Caribbean beach. Is it “Caribbean” or ” “CarIbean”? You said “Caribbean” ? I guess so. I thought it was “CaRibean” How to pronounce.. First thing that pops up is “How to pronounce
car-amel” Car-amel or care-amel? I think it’s caramel..If you say “Caramel”
I’m gonna…Caramel apple..that is not sound right…We got a little side tracked, Caribbean
beach was amazing, we got some really good street food, souvenirs and taxied back to
Old Havana. That’s another thing, Havana, Habana, I guess
the locals called it “Habana”, I’m the worst at pronunciations, so never use me as a reference. Old Havana was super cool, lots to see when
you’re walking around. It’s a little bit on the touristy side, but
lots of history, trendy restaurants. Just walk around that area and you’ll find
something cool. The food was, pretty amazing there as well. Later that night we ended up walking to a
bar called Subarino Amarillo. That might have been one of my favorite bars
there, it’s a Beetles themed venue. The crowd was mostly younger locals. It was interesting to watch Cubans preform
American cover songs. They were actually, pretty good. Dude this dude just tried to steal my phone…Seemed
like a pretty nice guy and stuff but he’s just like right there somewhere..See if we
could find him. But yeah, he just came up and put his arm
around me, and was like “where are you guys from?” and then I just feel my phone just
like start to start slipping out of my back pocket here. He’s just like right back there too. God I don’t know I want to do something about
it but..I don’t know.. At first I thought he was just trying to sell
us something, I just thought it was going to fall out, so I was trying to catch it,
but then when I caught it, it was in his hand, like he was trying to pull it away from me,
so I had to yank it back. It was super strange, I didn’t really know
what to do at that moment. He was just like “hey man, so how’s your stay?” like after I caught him trying to steal my
phone, and he’s like trying to shake my hand and stuff and I was like, this is weird, you’re
like the nicest burglar I ever met. Day 3 I say one of Romina’s videos where she
goes to Soroa and I was like, I MUST go there! she has a bunch of videos on Cuba so you should
definitely check out her channel. She has lots of good recommendations and things
to check out. But before heading out we found out that whole
area was completely dried out so…Super lame we ended up not going, and instead we had
another issue to deal with. I was trying to sleep in and then they’re just
like “Dylan can’t find his passport!” Dylan I think you’re gonna be stuck here forever. Let’s just take a lap and just like, look
behind everything. Under everything. I already helped earlier. So now I’m just taking a break. We weren’t sure exactly what happens if you’re
traveling and lose a passport, but we went to the US embassy and they actually made a
whole new one in like, 2-3 hours for $135. Not too bad, could have been worse. After that we just wandered around Central
and Vedado. We ate, ate, and ate some more. Eating out in Los Angeles is expensive, so
we took advantage there. I really wish we had a little bit more time
for one of those convertible taxis, again another recommendation from Romina’s videos. But we were kind of hoping to do it when it
was sunny, and the weather was kind of murky so, we ended up not doing it. Every time we flagged down a taxi I was secretly
hoping Vin Diesel might be our driver and we’d somehow be involved in a car chase. That ended up not happening, unfortunately,
but you, know, sometimes you just have to be content with what you have. I asked a dozen people what’s the one thing
you must do in Cuba and they said you have to go the Malecon and bring some rum. Thank you guys for recommending it. The Malecon is like this long strip along
the coast where a lot of the locals just kind of congregate every night and you can just
kind of hang out there and everyone is super friendly. So you’ll probably end up talking to somebody. The rum there is so good and inexpensive. When you guys go, bring me back a bottle,
seriously. Usually if I’m drinking liquor I’ll have to
mix, but this rum I was just able to just drink straight out of the bottle. Late at night it looked there was a lot of
drunk people just walking around this area, so there’s probably some stuff going around
there so maybe you can go and check it out, let me know what’s there. Dylan’s a writer so he would not let us leave
without going to Hemingway’s house. We took a taxi there, we walked around, there
was some interesting things to look at. If I were to go again, I would probably book
a tour guide, because they can tell you a lot of the interesting little details of the
house. For example, there was a point where Hemingway
was obsessed with his weight, so he would weigh himself everyday, and then write his
weight on the wall. There’s no signs in the area where you can
read about what you’re looking at, so maybe tour guides can tell you stuff like that. Then we walked around and we were basically
just looking for the place that looks the most local. Like, if we walk into a place and we just
completely stick out, and everyone like, “there’s Wha, there’s tourists here? Why?” That’s the place I want to go to! We ended up here and it was great! And cheap! And we took a taxi to Fusterlandia, it’s totally
free to go in and check out this house, but there’s a donation box if you want. We walked around that area, saw some kite
surfers. Now I want to learn how to kite surf! That looks awesome! Then we went to F.A.C., which was this super
cool art bar/gallery. They’re open Thursday-Sunday. It’s really cool to just walk around and enjoy
all this art and music, it was great! They don’t mess around with their drinks,
you might get plastered. I didn’t see a ton of locals there, they’re
mostly tourists from other countries, but it was still awesome. Met people from Germany, from Singapore, and
it was a really good night. Yeah..and I drank too much..Day 5 we ended
up meeting with our new friend for breakfast. So we’re walking down the middle of the street
and that’s when I realized, I need to throw up, RIGHT NOW. So I found an alley that looked semi quite,
I ran over to this corner and looked around, and I was like, okay, this is the spot, URGHGHGH…. And I look up like slightly and there’s this
like kid on this balcony, I think he was like 6 years old, staring at me, this whole time,
I really curious to what that boy was thinking, I wonder if he was kind of traumatized, like
“what is going on?” or if he was just like kind of like “pssh, another guy that can’t
hang, god control yourself” Afterwards we saw this huge line on the street for ice cream
so, this must be the ice cream spot! We waited in this long line and had some ice
cream. Then we realized we f#$%@ up. On our way back, we realized that we kind
of went to this like corner that no one really goes to. But everyone else was waiting in the line
for this! It’s like we went all the way to Disneyland,
to eat at the cafeteria, then left. We picked up a couple cigars as souvenirs
on the way back. I don’t know anything about cigars, so I just
kind of picked up whatever. And back to the airport, so now let’s tally
everything up. I spent $548 USD for flight, visa, Airbnb,
and $226 CUC during my stay there. And that converts to about $240 USD, so my
entire trip, with conversion rate and everything included was $788 USD. Things are going to change depending on how
many people you go with and where you decide to go. For example, all our taxi rides were split
3 ways, you can probably see that a majority of the costs was the flight and visa to get
there and back. So if you’re doing an extended trip, you could
expect to not spend a ton more than this I had to get back in time for work, but I
would have loved to stay a couple extra days and head down to Trinidad. Looks like there’s a lot of cool stuff to
do down there, and there’s this cave bar that looks EPIC. That’s how much I spent, you were doing pretty
good on your budgeting, the passport destroyed you. Good job Dylan! Except for the passport. F$%*^ #@@#$%@. Mika was the best at staying
on budget and she only spent $129 while she was there. Basically she just didn’t waste money on anything
she didn’t really need to. If you’re on a tight budget, there’s probably
places where you can trim down on costs, and on the other hand if you like to travel luxuriously,
there’s some hotels that were like, over $300 a night. If it’s you’re first time going there, and
you’re still confused about a few things, check out my other video where I talk about
visa, things to know, currency, all that stuff. So if you’ve been to Cuba and have any tips
for future travelers, post it in the comment section below, I’ll be pinging the most useful
comments so everyone else can see. I’m also planning out some future trips, and
I want to know what is your favorite travel destination and why. Have fun and seriously don’t forget to bring
me back some rum. I’ll take a dark Havana Club, thanks, bye!

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  1. Excellent video! Just came back from Cuba and it was amazing !
    Here's a few of my tips:

    Must visit "Plaza de la Revolution" where Che's face is stamped on the building along with Castro's, thats where you'll find a lot of old vintage cars too. People are too friendly and helpful. Felt safe at all times.

    Exchange dollars to Euros before your trip, exchange to CUC once at the airport. You can exchange it back to Euros if you have any money left at the end of your visit.

    If you hire an old cab, be aware that sometimes its normal for them to have another "driver" with them, this happened several times on my trip. Everything was ok. But i didn't know what the deal was having his friend along for the ride.

    Varadero is a must, amazing beaches, 1 hour 45 min from Havana in a cab. Worth the ride. Do it.

    Night Club? Go to Sarao's. amazing place, great music, beautiful Cuban women. Staff was very friendly.

    Great and extremely cheap restaurant "El Biky" modern deco, food plates were huge, prices were ridiculous low and the staff, as always, friendly.

    Wifi and internet is a nightmare in Cuba. You have to buy internet pre-paid cards that lasts like 30/40 min. And you need to go to any park or plaza to get a good signal ,you can't miss it, you'll see a lot of locals with their phones there.

    And lastly, Don't fly Spirt Airlines, Fly JetBlue. Trust me.

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