Cuba Travel Vlog (Cuban Cigars, Living With Locals, Communism) – Rozz Recommends: Unexplored EP4

Cuba Travel Vlog (Cuban Cigars, Living With Locals, Communism) – Rozz Recommends: Unexplored EP4

Hey, what’s up! This is Rozz, I’m in Cuba! Now Cuba has been on my bucket list since forever. It all started from growing up with
my brother’s obsession with Communism and Che Guevara and my love for travelling to
parts unknown. Now millions of visitors come to Cuba each year but most of them hardly
ever leave Havana. There’s so much more to Cuba than the city of Havana so I’m gonna spend my next 12 days just going around. Before coming to Cuba, I learnt that there are two
kinds of currencies used here in Cuba. First, the Cuban Peso Convertible which is what we’ll
get when we exchange money as a tourist, and Cuba Pesos. Cuban Pesos is what the locals
use but don’t worry about that because you only need to use CUC, which is Cuban Pesos
Convertible. Here’s one way to kinda differentiate between the two. Cuban Pesos Convertible or
CUC only have monuments of heroes of Cuba, whereas Cuban Pesos, the local currency, only
has faces of Cuban heroes. This is so that you never get mixed up if you ever change
money and you’ll never get cheated. So I’m going to be sort of on a digital detox for
the next two weeks, I’m not sure where the Wi-Fi zones are. It’s pretty exciting, I don’t
know what to expect but I’m in Cuba! Oh my god I cannot believe this, I’m pretty sure
my brother is so jealous of me right now. I’m gonna make the most of it and I’ll update
you as I go along. I am finally making my way to Trinidad,
the first stop of my Cuban adventure. It takes about 3 hours to get there and I’ve got my own car so yes. 20 minutes
into my journey, the driver decides to pull up in the middle of a highway to check my
name. He’s like “Are you Lee? Ms Lee?” and I’m like “Yeah.” “Okay give me a moment.”
And he got out of the car! I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t speak Spanish. I guess when you travel, you kinda put a lot of faith and trust into complete strangers to take you from one point to another and this is such a situation right now. I feel very vulnerable,
anything can happen, but I’m gonna trust. I’ve finally arrived at my casa in Trinidad!
Hey, welcome! Check this out. This place is an art home. So the owner, Carlos, is a huge
collector of all antiques and he loves music. Look at that! Oh my god, old school radio! And guys… there is… a jukebox! Wow. Oh my god I love this house. My host family. And Carlos… who’s filling up my passport right now. I just made them try kaya. Do you
like it? This is the family kitchen. I got a really strong drink as a welcome drink. I’m a bit drunk right now. Having lunch here at Trinidad,
everything is so quaint and beautiful. This is a restored home-turned-restaurant and I’m the only one here. Getting connected
to the internet is pretty tough, sometimes almost impossible here in Cuba. That is ’cause
the internet lines are pretty much state-owned and there’s only one of them. However, you
can buy Wi-Fi cards in denominations of 1, 3 and 5 hours. And these you can use to log
on at Wi-Fi hotspots around the country. Of course there are more in Havana but now I’m
in Trinidad and it seems like the hotspot is right here at Plaza De La Musica. Everyone’s
looking down on their phones trying to connect to the whole world – social media, you name
it. I’m gonna log on too. Canchánchara guys, it’s 10.45am in the morning and I’m drinking something really strong. Wow it’s really good. It’s got honey, white rum, soda water, and
lemon. And sparkling water, not like it makes a difference because it’s primarily rum. This is how you can get drunk because you don’t taste the alcohol at all, it’s really sweet
but I know a lot went in. A lot of white rum. So this is a sign of Communism right here.
Everyone gets rations, this is one of the shops. Alright so I’m doing a tour around Trinidad city right now, outside of the touristic
area. The roads already feel very good because in the touristic area everything’s all cobblestoned
and now it’s smooth asphalt. One of the things to do in Trinidad is to climb up the bell
tower for unobstructed views of the city. It’s quite a workout… but I promise you
it’s worth the climb. Look at that. So I’m back at this very quaint cafe it’s called
La Fortuna, it’s clearly a fortune to be here because dollar bills from all over the world… line the ceiling of this really quirky bar. It kinda makes me feel like I should put a
Singapore dollar bill. Hello Yusof Ishak, you’re in Cuba. There’s nothing to write home
about, Cuban food… but the drinks though, oh my god. The rum is amazing. Doing a horse
ride around the town of Vinales today. A beautiful morning. We’re just riding through sugar cane
plantations and tobacco fields, surrounded by mountains and open spaces. I’m loving this
town of Vinales, it’s really quaint. You definitely can feel the tourists, but still hasn’t lost
its charm so definitely recommend a stopover. Everything is made by hand? By hand. Is this
honey? I’m gonna be trying my first cigar ever. Just need to remember not to suck it
in. Oh my god, it’s really light! I think I’m tasting the honey. It doesn’t get more authentic that this. Smoking a Cuban cigar in a tobacco farm, lit by the farmer
who farmed this. So I’m here at a restored former coffee plantation by the French when they occupied this place back in the 1800s. In 1802 – 1850 this whole area was concrete
and it was used to dry coffee and it was the slaves – there was slavery at that point of
time – that turned around the coffee beans to dry for up to a month in the sun. I’m looking
down at one of the slave quarters. 3 metres by 3 metres. Each of these quarters fit 12 slaves. Like how on earth? Ola from the Biosphere Reserve of Laz Terrazas. This is
my last stop before I make it to Havana and this is such a beautiful place. This entire
thing is a protected reserve with lots of flora and fauna. So we’re just going around,
you know, the main areas checking out art studios. This is one of them. Just love how
Las Terrazas is just home to so many artists. So I’m here in the studio of an artist, his
name is Ariel. I made a mistake of calling him a mermaid. It’s amazing because there
was a paper shortage in the 1990s during the economic crisis so Ariel’s decided to use
the environment, recycle and all that. This is taken from all the unwanted paper. Soaks
them in water, until they get all pulp-ish and then that’s a machine he made himself
to grind out everything and this is where the paper is sifted out using these screens
and then it’s kinda laid out on to sheets of cloths. Then once it’s all laid out it’s
pressed using this metal press. I make it sound so easy but it’s really not quite. So he’s just hanging out the pulp to dry. And when it’s completely dry you can easily peel
it off. And it’s just hanging right below laundry! Look at all this paper that he has
made. It’s amazing. Just exploring the quiet town of Las Terrazas, there’s about 1014 inhabitants here. 80% work in tourism and the others work to maintain the forests. So the houses belong to the government? Oh wow, this sounds very much like Singapore.
Our houses don’t belong to us, it belongs to the government but we pay for it! We rent
it from them. We got it wrong, guys. We should not be paying for the houses, we should just
be paying for our PUB bills! And someone says Communism is bad again? Hello? So there are
two flights of stairs here. On the left are the normal flights of stairs that we are accustomed
to and on the right… oh hello, doggy! On the right are stairs for salsa dancers and
drunkards. They’re both the same steepness, same height but apparently the ones on the
right are easier to climb. I’m gonna try it. Here at the home of Lester Campa, one of Cuba’s
top 9 artists. He’s got a pretty iconic painting that mashed up John Lennon and Che Guevara
I’m gonna check it out now. Wow I can smell it. So beautiful! Look at your
studio! Oh so beautiful. Which one, Che or John? Oh so John Guevara. Oh my god, the pope
even got one copy of this. Fidel! Castro. Yes! Wow look at you, how old are you? So we’re here at the farmer’s house. There’s always
music. This is the restaurant. Usually hosts all these tourists that come in and the view
though. Oh I’m gonna miss this. Alright entering the kitchen of Casa Del Campesino right now and it’s amazing, they’re really cooking by wood fire. Look at this stove. Pounding. Don’t wanna be at the receiving end of this one. Ah, this bubbling cauldron of awesome. I’m standing right here at Revolution Square, that’s Che Guevara behind me. Now this was
the square where Cubans used to gather to listen to Fidel Castro give his speech 3 times
a year and his speech will be 3.5 hours long. And this was where the Rolling Stones performed
when they came to Cuba. Zaru soba with kakkiage at a
Japanese restaurant in Cuba and it’s pretty legit. I took a gamble because I cannot stand not having soy sauce. It’s been almost
a month on the road in Latin America and when I googled this Japanese restaurant I
decided to give it a shot ’cause it’s run by a Japanese lady who’s apparently a restauranteur
in Osaka and she’s pretty anal about keeping Japanese food authentic so. This is cold zaru soba and with deep-fried kakkiage. Oh my god, vegetables, thank goodness. On point. Thank
heavens. So I’m here now at a very special park where the locals frequent and I’m sitting
next to a bronze statue of John Lennon except that something’s missing. You see, because
there was a huge Beatles mania here so people have been stealing his iconic round glasses
and now there’s this guy that pretty much guards the park and puts on the glasses every
single day so no one would steal it. This guy is here, look at that! Imagine… all
the people that get to enjoy John Lennon in his most iconic state. If you wanna check
out my photos in Cuba, follow my hashtag on Instagram #Rozzincuba. Of course you can follow
me on Instagram too if you like, at @heyrozz. Don’t forget to hit subscribe and if you wanna
watch our videos before they hit YouTube, download the clicknetwork app. I’m Rozz, bye.

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