Curacao Vacation Tips

Curacao Vacation Tips

You’ve always dreamt of
vacationing on a tropical island and you ended up choosing Curacao Congratulations! You chose the perfect vacation destination Before you let all of that excitement get
into your head be sure to check out all of these vacation
tips They could possibly make or break your vacation Hi. I’m Sheedia. Exploring Curacao and the world is my passion So dive in with me as I show you around Let’s start with the first tip Put on Sunscreen When visiting a place like Curacao
it is important to apply sunscreen… and apply it often A lot of people are not used to using sunscreen This needs to change when you visit Curacao Too much exposure to sun could cause
major sunburn and eventually skin cancer So regardless of what color you are,
make sure to apply sunscreen Do not be afraid to explore Staying in a beautiful hotel is awesome
but not if that’s all you do The island has so much to see,
so make sure you see them If you think I’m only referring to the beaches
you are wrong Try to explore a bit more
like Take a stroll in Willemstad, try a boat trip or even a road trip around the island Do not hitchhike If exploring means hitchhiking to you,
stop right there Curacaoans are not used to people hitchhiking Do not do it! If you want a cheap way to get around,
try the bus system instead Last but not least Drink plenty of water It is nice to lie at the beach and drink a
cocktail with blue Curacao in it The only problem is that you also need water The heat in Curacao can easily dry you out Especially if you are not very active
you might not feel it right away Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated There you have it Now that you know these tips you are ready
to go Use them wisely to protect you and
help you have a wonderful time If you like this video
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25 thoughts on “Curacao Vacation Tips

  1. Thank you so much Sheedia! I am visiting Curacao in December for the first time and I found your channel while researching Piscadera Bay! I am so happy that you have these videos! Please keep them coming! Is it possible to contact you through a private message with some questions! My friend and I want to make sure that we make the most out of our 4 full days on the island! 🙂

  2. Feel free to send me an email via the contact form on Curacao Vacation Blog (Youtube does not let me post my email in here). I will be more than willing to help.

  3. Great video! Excited about coming there with the family next April! Can you please tell me what location serves as the backdrop for your main narration (example seconds 10-20) – looks like a fantastic lagoon

  4. The location for that is Santa Martha view (Banda Bou). There isn't anything to do there, but a lot of people go there just to see the view.

  5. Hi, I will be arriving to Curacao in a cruise in May 2017. What is the best thing to do? Since cruise hours are limited on the island I want to make sure I choose the best activity. There will be about 25 of us in a group. So we would like to do a group activity. Any ideas? Thank you in advance and great video!!!

  6. Very good Video 🙂 Dushi Curacao, soooo beautiful 🙂 Come on my channel to see my Curacao Lovesong with holiday Pictures. Best wishes from germany

  7. Helloo sheedia i went to curacao many times…. the places in all the videos look familiar ….the island is so beautiful like you ?

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