Czech Holidays in World of Tanks

Czech Holidays in World of Tanks

Ah yes, it’s August. The time to put everything aside and
spend the final month of summer right. You may have already noticed that your Garage has
become unrecognizably festive. That’s right,
the Tank Festival, the main in-game event
of this summer, is in full swing. And the first stage of the event,
the Czech Holidays, starts on August 9. You’ll be able to relax and
enjoy the best part of summer accompanied
by good Czech… action. Click on the special flag
or photozone in the Garage or just select the
Czech Holidays in the Events tab and learn the conditions
of this series of missions. Cushy ones, befitting
of this easy-going season. The Czech Holidays consist of ten
stages. A new mission will appear daily. Even if you fall behind schedule,
you won’t lose anything. The unlocked missions can be completed
at any moment until August 19. With proper intent (and skill), you
can get a load of blueprint fragments and research the branch of fast
and mobile Czech vehicles in no time. In the blink of an eye, the long-desired Tier IX and
X tanks will be in your Garage. Since we’re talking about holidays, you
won’t have to do anything supernatural. The missions are so simple that
even a rookie can complete them, let alone experienced tankers: earn XP, cause damage, be
among the top players on your team. You can complete missions
in Random Battles and Grand Battle playing solo or in a Platoon. Simultaneously, you’ll complete
similar missions of the festival, so you won’t
go away empty-handed. To complete the stages, you can
use any vehicle from Tier IV to Tier X. But there’s also another way
to success—the Škoda T 27. This fast and maneuverable
Tier VIII medium tank seems to have been made
for completing the Czech Holidays. This mischief-maker has a secret: a three-shell autoloading gun
with decent armor penetration, as well as good
accuracy and aiming time. In skillful hands, such a gun will
cause a lot of trouble for opponents. The most important thing
is to run away in time. Not only is this vehicle perfectly
suited for completing missions, it also farms better. Finally, you can decorate your Škoda
with a spectacular “Jan Žižka” 3D-style. And everyone who completes
the Czech Holidays will get the style. It’s up to you
which vehicle to play in. Note that the rewards are credited only
for a single completion of missions. But you can hop
in the Škoda T 27 at any time and complete all remaining missions in it
while receiving a more generous reward. But remember: you won’t be able
to complete the same stage twice. Let your holidays
be enjoyable and useful. Train your skill
for the future victories. And good luck
on the battlefield!

25 thoughts on “Czech Holidays in World of Tanks

  1. Sure the mission campaign is nice, but why have they gone with a more pay-to-get-immense-bonus way? The missions that lets you complete the objectives on T4 to T10 tanks, OR buy the new premium tanks and get better rewards. And not just like a little better. Multiple more Fragments, Credits, Training Bookets and ONLY crew members for the Premium focused mission.. Come on WG, that is just dumb. :S Money-grabbing strategy. And the Final reward… Skin for the T27… WHICH ONE MIGHT NOT HAVE THEN! -.-' Just completely bonkers.

  2. But why "Czech" and not Czechoslovak" ? In the game the tanks are Czechoslovak and not only Czech. You know it's a big difference, right?

  3. You would think, with how good the human models are in this garage, you would actually be able to interact with the crew in the regular garage by now, but no, lol.

  4. Why isn't the Skoda T 27 a marathon tank? Missions for it but no way to get it without buying, not even a rental? disappointed.

  5. when normal people actually has time for play a marathon you decide to create a marathon for blueprints? disappointing

  6. So, we can play any tank from tier 4 to tier 10 and get good loot and a style for a tank we don't have, or we can shell out $43+ for the prem Skoda T27 and get a bunch of extra prem loot and special skin, but only if we complete the entire event with it. Did I understand that correctly?

    Even if us average schmoes had $43 just lying around for this thing, grinding this one prem tank through this event for days just seems incredibly boring. Why make an event that's supposed to be fun, and turn it into something grindy, with the best parts locked behind an expensive paywall? I don't normally do the soul-sucking marathons because, well, I have a life outside of this game, but I wouldn't mind if this tank was part of a marathon during this festival. It would've fit better into the theme anyway.

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