Dabhol Bunder | Green Tourism | Episode 03

Dabhol Bunder | Green Tourism | Episode 03

So, once again I’m at Dapoli Obviously for Green Tourism In previous episode we watched places like Keshavraj Temple and Murud Beach So, today also we’re gonna explore interesting places like that Lets Go! Right now I’m at Dapoli Bus Station and I’m going to Dabhol Dabhol is a small seaport 30km away from Dapoli towards South so, waiting for the arrival of Bus it’s scheduled at 3 o’clock, not yet arrived finally I’ve got the bus for Dabhol and I’m going to Dabhol by this Dabhol is an ancient Seaport Dapoli – Dabhol distance is approximately 30km Dapoli Dabhol Road is very scenic and charming Now I’ve reached Dabhol it took 1 hour to reach here from Dapoli Dapoli – Dabhol Bus frequency is very well Buses are available from morning 5 am to 7 pm in the evening in every 30 minutes We’ve got down at Chandika Devi Stop which is before Dabhol Bus Station There is Temple of Goddess inside which we’re gonna see after walking for like 10 mins from main road, we reach this Temple here Chandika Devi Temple is a self-made deity Goddess’s statue is located inside a natural Cave which is 3 feet high made up of black basalt rock entry to this cave is narrow and short one has to lean to enter here path inside is totally dark it’s too dark that one can’t guess where to go after walking for few steps one can spot the dim lighting of Diya after taking a right here, we exactly come in front of Goddess Statue Only light produced by Diya is allowed here no other type of natural or artificial light is allowed here, says Priest Now let’s move to Dabhol Bunder a small pathway from Chandikadevi Temple which directly goes to Dabhol Bunder (Shortcut) one can skip the 3.5Km distance of main road by taking this pathway while walking from here one can enjoy the scenic views of Dabhol Village while enjoying this scenic views one couldn’t realize when the pathway of 2km got finished this pathway surrounding roofed houses this nature, reminds me Keshavraj Temple the surrounding is quite similar to it if you have watched Vlog of Kewshavraj Temple then you will also feel the same after walking for like 15 mins We reach here in Dabhol Village I’ve reached at Dabhol Jetty and there is a small village named Dhopave beyond I’m gonna go there by Ferry Boat I guess I’m gonna get that boat which coming here Ferry Boat service is operated by “Suvarnadurga Shipping & Marine Service” from here This Ferry Boats are able to transport heavy vehicles along with Passengers and Tourist One can quickly reach to Places like Guhagar, Vellneshwar, Hedvi by own vehicle and return before sunset Places like Ganpatipule, Ratnagiri are easily accessible by this Ferry service Best thing is it is, this Ferry service is in operation for 24×7 We took tickets and boarded the Ferry I’m at upper deck of this Ferry and we’re going to Dhopave which is on other side return ticket is Rs.25 This is a peninsula of Vashisthi River which originates from Chiplun One can enjoy the scenic views of Vashisthi Creek From the upper deck of Ferry one can spot Veldur and Dhopave Villages There are few Tourist places like Gopalgad fort and Anjanvel Lighthouse one can easily spot the lightning of this lighthouse during night This Ferry Boat reaches the Dhopave just in 5 mins We didn’t get down here and came back by the same boat In few minutes boat got unloaded and loaded and boat again started heading towards Dabhol We also started heading back by capturing this beautiful Sunset by eyes and camera had this nice ferry boat ride There is beautiful Lighthouse on the other side of shore and Dabhol’s Enron Power Project but now it’s too late to go and explore those places cause it’s 6 in the evening So, now I came back to Dabhol and I’m going to Dabhol Bus Station to catch the Bus for Dapoli my bus has arrived Dabhol – Dapoli and I’m going back to Dapoli by this on this note I’m gonna end today’s Green Torism we saw Chandikadevi’s Temple then we went to Dabhol Port went to other side of shore by Ferry Boat I have tomorrow’s one more day to explore Dapoli and surrounding so, definitely I’ll explore an interesting place like this Keep watching Green Tourism with Public Transport

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