Daddy Kid Campout 2017 – Camping in the Backyard!

Daddy Kid Campout 2017 – Camping in the Backyard!

– [Chris] You gotta, when
I say three you gotta go. That’s how one, two, three works. Don’t you know how one, two, three works? – No, no. – [Chris] That’s how it works. – I didn’t know. – [Chris] Okay, you wanna try again? – Yeah. (dramatic music) (wiper blades screeching) – Good morning everyone. Today I am going to Universal Studios to do more additional dialog recording. So I will be working with
the cast of Haters Back Off for Season 2 and we’re
just recording their voices to put into the show. Sometimes you need little
bits of their voices put back into the show and we’ve got an awesome Daddy camp out planned for tonight. So, should be really
exciting, let’s get started. Just got to Universal Studios and now I’m gonna go in and kind of look over everything that I have to do today and make sure that everything’s in order before the actors start coming in. I think the first actor I’m
working with is Francesca. So actress, we’ll call her an actress. She is in New York though so she’s gonna be, I guess we’re like, remotely working with her from here. So I’ll be in the studio here and she’s in a studio in New York and we’ll be like, able to
oversee everything from here. So, that’s what we’re doing. I’m inside the studio now, that’s where the actors’ll be, in that room over there behind that glass. And we’ll be able to listen to them and make sure that their mouths match up with what’s
happening on the screen. Very exciting stuff. Okay, the session’s all
done, it was a lot of fun. Not much to talk about though. I mean, we just recoded
lines that were said or not said that we needed. So we have audio pieces now. It’s Steve Little, Steve Little. They say in Hollywood you might see stars and I just saw one, it’s Steve Little. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Gives you a rush. We just finished doing his session so he’s leaving now, I’m leaving now, I get to go home and be with my kids and it’s just like, it’s lunchtime and I get to go play with my kids which I’m excited about. Oh my gosh, I just tried
to put on my sunglasses which have been in my car and this, like these little things
that go on your nose totally just burned me
because it’s so hot today. So I’m gonna just do
this for a little bit. (gentle music) Okay, that’s better. I haven’t gone anywhere,
I just have been here, put on my sunglasses and I had to tell you hot hot they were because they were hot. Hey, look who I found. We’re just hanging out inside this little play area of Duncan’s. – Yeah, yeah. – Yeah, we’re having a good time. Yeah, yeah. Who’s this guy, what is this? – It’s the chipmunk.
– The chipmunk? – Our pet chipmunk. – You have a pet chipmunk? – Yeah. – What do you think of this Duncan? – Do you wanna pet him? – [Chris] Yeah, I wanna pet him? Is he ticklish?
– No. – [Chris] Wanna tickle him? You sure he’s not ticklish, not ticklish? – Yep.
– Not ticklish? – Not ticklish. – Even right here? A little ticklish? – Nope. – Nope, not ticklish at all? Not even a little ticklish? – Nope.
– No, no? – No, daddy’s funny (mumbles). (laughing) – Oh, I found his tickly spot right there. (laughing) Oh, watch out, you’re getting chipmunked. Jake, are you excited about the
Daddy, kid camp out tonight? – Yeah. – Yeah, we’re gonna have fun. We gotta start packing for that. Duncan, don’t worry, it’s only one night. I think Duncan’s a little sad because he knows he’s not coming with us. You’ll get to spend time with Mommy. Just you and Mommy, it’ll be
like you’re an only child. – Only child?
(sneeze) – [Chris] Oh, are you
allergic to chipmunks? – Only child? I didn’t know that. I never thought of stuff like that. – [Chris] Who’s talking,
Jacob or the chipmunk? – The chipmunk. – [Chris] Who said that,
Jacob or the chipmunk? – The chipmunk. – [Chris] Duncan said that? Did you say it Duncan? We are at the Daddy, kid camp out. Parker’s here. Oh, Catherine’s here, hi Catherine. – She’s blocking me. – Oh, she is blocking, watch out for him. He doesn’t like being blocked. I’m just kidding, it’s fine. We’re in our tent, this is our tent. Our friends actually set this up before we even got here
which is crazy, very cool, so thank you to them and we’re gonna camp
out in their backyard. It’s gonna be awesome. Yeah. (upbeat music) Bye Duncan. You’re gonna have fun with Mommy, okay? (kissing noises) – [Jessica] Yeah, we’re gonna have fun. (crying)
– Oh no, he’s so sad. He’s tearing up at the mouth. Here, I’ll swing you one
last time before you go. How about that? Little swing, little swing. This is what I’m doing
most of the time, is this. This is kind of my life right now. We have a good time
though, don’t we Duncan? You having a good time, swinging? (crying) He likes it, he likes it. You having fun?
– Yeah. – [Chris] You have lots of friends here? – Yeah. It’s the, we’re down right now so we’re landed. – [Chris] Oh, you’re at the dock? – Yes.
– Okay. (laughing) Look at this guy, he’s all
red and hot and sweaty. It’s a good thing you got a haircut. Are you taking a water break, good call. – I’m gonna go take a water break. – [Bailey] I’m taking a water break. – [Chris] You’re taking a water break? Awesome. – [Bailey] I have it in there. – [Chris] Wow, is he gonna drink the whole thing in one sitting? Is he gonna get the whole thing down? Or is he gonna laugh and
spit it accidentally. Oh, he’s still going, still going. This might be a record. He’s abandoned the cap,
he’s dropped the cap he’s so sure he’s gonna finish it. (laughing)
Oh no. (laughing)
Oh no. Oh man, that was rough. If you hadn’t of dropped that cap maybe things would be a little different. Don’t spit it out, you
gotta keep it in your mouth. That’s good water, we’re in a drought. You have to sweat it out, not spit it out. – I can’t even drink. – [Chris] You can’t even drink this? (spluttering and laughing) What are you (laughs),
oh no, you’re a mess. These are all the tents. (jazzy music) It’s all happening in a
backyard, it’s awesome. (upbeat music) You gonna do a handstand? – Yeah.
– Let’s see it. Whoa, pretty close. – This is how you do a, feet up and
– Uh, huh. – Your feet by your other feet. – [Chris] That’s good, that’s good advice. Whoa, cool cartwheel. – Watch mine. – [Chris] Okay, let’s see yours. Whoa, cool. – Whatch mine, I can do it more (mumbles). – [Chris] One, two, three. You didn’t go, Parker. – I, I, I
– Whatcha doing? You gotta go, when I say three you go, that’s how one, two, three works. Don’t you know how one, two, three works? – No, no.
– That’s how it works. – I didn’t know. – [Chris] Okay, you wanna try again? – Yeah.
– Okay, let’s go. Ready, one, two, three. Whoa, that was pretty cool. – I land like this. – [Chris] You landed like that? That’s pretty neat. – I landed like (grunts). – Like that?
– Like that. – [Chris] That’s your landing pose? – Yeah.
– Pretty good. – (mumbles) taught me (mumbles). – [Chris] Okay. – I landed like.
(opera music) – [Chris] Whoa (laughs) You almost landed it. – That fall, that made me fall down. – [Chris] Oh my goodness. Here you go, grab one, grab one. You know how to use that thing? – No. – [Chris] You don’t know
how to use that thing? – [Jacob] We’re actually roasting these? (growling) – [Chris] Okay, there you go, go roast it. – My marshmallow. Thank you. (exclamations of excitement) – [Chris] Okay, Jacob, I
think yours might be done. (laughing) That looks kinda, no, not, okay. Bailey’s just taking her time. – I’m gonna make it like honey gold. – [Chris] Honey gold, that’s the goal? I think Jacob’s going
for a honey gold as well. (laughing)
On the outside. Inside it will be black and charred. You gonna eat it?
– Yeah. I got chocolate in it. – [Chris] Chocolate, no way? Try it. (opera music) – (mumbles) are the best because you get (mumbles) marshmallow
and you get to have them and chocolate, and graham crackers. Very good. – [Chris] Is that your
secret recipe for s’mores? – Uh huh, it’s really good. – [Chris] It’s really good? Let me see that Bailey. Oh my goodness, that does look
like the perfect marshmallow. – It’s beautiful, look at it. – [Chris] Alright, glutton
free cookie on the outside, let’s see it, how is it? – Delicious.
– It’s delicious? (upbeat music) It’s perfect. – Oh my goodness, we just
had such a wonderful dinner. I hope the Daddies are all
having fun at their camp out. Duncan was really good, he
hung out with Katie a lot and kind of puked on her a little. – Just a tad. – Oh, this is Katie, I didn’t even, this is Katie, she’s amazing. I just am used to her being like, right here and cuddling with me. She is a bunch of our kid’s friends mom. All the, lots of friends. – I’m Catherine’s Mommy. – But notably, Catherine’s Mommy and Catherine is Parker’s
little best buddy for life. (swing music) And this is for Christopher. We’re bringing him home a
little present, a little treat. – Surprise. – [Jessica] What a good boy. (laughing) You were a good boy at dinner. Are we gonna have a fun
night tonight, Duncan? Maybe, are you gonna sleep
the whole night through? Yeah. Maybe a little bit of cuddles? Yeah.
– He’s trying to talk. He’s like, moving his mouth around like he wants to talk.
(gasping) Oh my goodness. Thataboy.
(laughing) – [Jessica] Happiest little guy. (upbeat Mexican music) – Okay, it is time for
our nighttime routine. The kids are gonna get in
their pajamas and go to bed. Hopefully that means this vlog is over. If it keeps going that
means we’ve had trouble. But if it’s done now, that means that the kids did a good job. (giggling) (upbeat music)

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  1. Here's what we learn today;

    We learn that Duncan can't wait to get older to go to Daddy Camp.

    We learn that if you are red and hot, just laugh while drinking water, it will get everywhere and your gonna cool off.

    And finally, if you don't know how to make a wheel, just listen to Katherine.

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  5. Hi! Let's talk about what we learned today!
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    We learned that Duncan does like to swing
    We learned that Parker doesn't know what one to three meant
    Finally we learned that Jacob wants his marshmallow completely charred

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