Dalat Vietnam HD Tourist Attractions & Tour

Hi Welcome to Dalat. This awesome little city in the South of Vietnam
is only a short bus ride from Ho Chi Min City and Nha Trang. There are plenty of amazing
sights for you to see in Dalat. The popular Crazy House is a very unique building. Often
Described as a fairy tale house, the weird shapes and objects of this building have been
inspired from works of artists such as Dali and Walt Disney. Make sure you climb all the way to the top to get a beautiful view of the entire city. On your way out of the crazy house stop by
the Dalat Chatedral as they are walking distance from each other and admire its beautiful architecture. Another popular attraction of Da Lat is the
amazing Truc Lam Cable Car that takes you all the way up to the Thien Vuong Pagoda. This beautiful
scenic cable car gives you a panoramic view of the entire city. Da Lat has cool weather year round which is
perfect for agriculture. Because of this make sure you take a light jacket or sweater to
use at night. After the awesome cable car ride you will
arrive at the serene Trúc Lâm Temple This beautiful well kept monastery is one
of the most peaceful places we have ever been. One of the main objectives of the temple is to
recreate the spirit of Zen Buddhism The monks at this monastery have an attention
to detail compared to no other. Every inch of this place is taken care of and the view
of the lake from the top of the mountain is just breathtaking. The lake near the center of the city is probably
one of the best sights of DaLat and makes the whole town look that much more interesting.
Take a stroll around the late at any time, and stop at one of the many cafes around the
lake to have a very relaxing drink with a beautiful view. There are plenty of tours that take you to
the countryside of Da Lat. We decided to join a motorbike tour given by our hotel which
took us to different places. We got to try eating a cricket for the first time, experienced
the everyday life of locals and visit the stunning Elephant waterfalls. We stopped on the side of the road to check
out a plant that’s used in curry that we were told it was sometimes used as lipstick. Another great attraction that you definitely
can’t miss is the old style Dalat Train Station. This well kept station takes you
back into time with its vietnamese architecture and design. Get on a short train ride to the
unique Linh Phuoc Pagoda. This amazing pagoda is a work of art. It is completely made out of shattered pieces of glass and ceramic. On site you can see the talented artists working on statues and furniture.
YOu’ll be amazed with all the different pieces of art, tall buddas and colorful architecture. We hope you enjoy our video, if you are lucky
in dal at you’ll get to see a monkey on top of a pig. Make sure to visit our site
for more detailed information.

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