Dan and Phil’s Tour Bus Tour (Bonus)

Dan and Phil’s Tour Bus Tour (Bonus)

Wassup? – Yo, I’m D-Hizzle.
– I’m P-Lizzle. And welcome to our
tour bus. Come on in. ♪♪ Welcome to the lounge.
Oh, yeah. This is where I’ll be doing
all my sweet browsing. – Look at that position.
– Yeah. That is ergonomic.
You got it down, Phil. Mat. Non-slip mat. Don’t know why
there’s two TVs, but there is a huge-ass one
right there. You see that? VHS. All my Winnie the Pooh
VHSs, we’re gonna be busting
them out on this thing. Yeah. Oh, Phil, um… oh, look, the room
is extending. It’s, look, ah,
so much space. Phil, keep it going, keep that force
pumping out. – Boom.
– Whew. That took a lot out
of me. Here’s the microwave. You need that onomatopoeia
to cook your food in. – We got the WIFI.
– WIFI. At first we were like, “This is gonna be awful,
we hate life,” but then we saw that,
and we’re like, “No, got the WIFI.” Seriously, we need that
to live. – We need it so bad.
– Actually. I don’t know what
would have happened if the bus didn’t
have WIFI. Storage, check it out. We got storage here. That’s a bin,
that one doesn’t even open. Plastic cutlery. – There’s a scoop.
– Scissors. They’re not left-handed,
I can’t use these. Storage. Fact: Did you know that
this used to be Ed Sheeran’s and Kanye West’s
tour bus? Wait, what? Kanye used this
on tour? [stammering] I just need a moment.
Let me… (hyperventilating) Dan? And welcome
to the bedrooms. Wait, what?
I don’t see any beds. Hey, Phil, why don’t you
show off the bunks? Welcome to my bunk, yo. We’ve got a baby poo-colored
mattress, which feels a bit
like rocks. We’ve got a DVD player. I can watch all my anime
and cry while everyone else
is falling asleep. And a red light that
looks like it’s part of a serial killer’s
basement. ♪♪ See you later. And I hear you asking
“what about the smell?” You can’t be stinky
on a bus with a bunch of people
for two months. Well, let me show you. Welcome to the shower. It’s got a slightly
see-through shower curtain ’cause who cares if all
your co-workers and friends can see your butt? It’s too small
for a tall person, so that’s gonna be fun. And it smells a little bit
like a sewer. Time to get soapy. Okay, let’s just give him
some privacy. Wait… Stop looking. And now, are you ready
for the best thing on the whole bus? Welcome to the master bedroom. A.K.A, my room. Wait, what? It’s my room.
I’ve already called it. You can’t just call
the bedroom with the TV. Yeah, I can. I’m on the bed,
I’ve marked my territory. Whoa, TMI. I think there is only
one way we can resolve this. BOTH: Ultimate
Rock, Paper, Scissors! ♪♪ BOTH: One, two, three, go! – No!
– Hahaha. One, two, three, go! Yes! ♪♪ BOTH: One, two, three, go! No! – That’s me!
– No! Get off the bed. – Get off the bed.
– Don’t do this to me! – [laughing]
– [whining] It’s so small! And I’m so big! – Yes!
– Ah! – Oh, whatever, fine.
– Bye. [scoffs] ♪♪

100 thoughts on “Dan and Phil’s Tour Bus Tour (Bonus)

  1. Dan And Phil: there’s only one way to resolve this!!
    Dan and Phil: Ultimate Rock Paper Scissors
    Me: yep of course.. um that was what I was totally going to …. say yes totally Pffff what were you thinking.

  2. The first time I watched this I was convinced that Dan didn't know the tour bus used to be Kanye's bus. Seriously, they have to be on a sitcom or something

  3. "storage! that's a bin, that one doesn't even open" why does that make me laugh so much

    idek why i'm here at 11:00 at night when i'm supposed to be studying for an algebra 2 exam tomorrow morning, whatever my life is a train wreck anyway

  4. this looks so orchestrated 😂 they're trying to look cool and it's so funny but also slightly weird like something's not as it should be, which makes sense as they're so awkward (in a good way)

  5. am i hallucinating or are phil's eyes almost completely black when he's giving a 'tour' of the shower ??? (around 2:10)

  6. thats star trek noise effects if i ever heard them ( 0:36 ) I believe its dr mccoys tricorder scanner?

  7. The editing makes me feel like I'm watching one of those educational videos your teacher plays in 3rd grade to teach you about nutrition or some shit

  8. gosh, being here after pride month you just KNOW so much more about this time of their lives. at least dan didn't have to sleep in the cramped cabin

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