Dan Bilzerian | House Tour 2019 | Ignite $60 Million Dollar Bel Air Estate

Dan Bilzerian | House Tour 2019 | Ignite $60 Million Dollar Bel Air Estate

The Playboy Mansion might be outta commission
these days but Dan Bilzerian stepped right up to fill that void in Hollywood and give
the LA party scene a much needed update. Located at 10979 Chanlon Road in Beverly Hills,
Dan Bilzerian’s party pad sat on the market for a couple of years due to the fact that
it was just too expensive for anyone to buy it. Dan decided to pick up the property in 2017
with various reports circulating about what he spent. I think it’s safe to say this is the ultimate
party pad and will be for the next couple of decade and until I’m invited to one of
his parties I’m gonna enjoy the view and keep bringing you guys videos like this. With that said, today I’m taking a little
break and I’m handing over the hosting work to my girlfriend Kara. Fella’s be nice, I’ll be reading your
comments. Even if you don’t follow him, I’m sure
you’ve seen his pics before. Just looking at his profile you can see that
Dan’s life is full of working out, expensive cars, private jets to beautiful places, and
hundreds of half naked women to keep him company. Well doesn’t that sound like any man’s
dream! Hey guys, it’s Kara and today we’re doing
something a little different, it’s a House Tour video here on the main channel. There are few houses in the world that are
getting the same type of attention as Instagram King Dan Bilzerian and his Party Pad in Bel
Air, He’s also got property in Las Vegas and more. If you wanna see more videos like this, I’ve
been doing house tours vids on tons of Hollywood stars like Kevin Hart and Will Smith on our
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Michael might not be living the Dan Bilzerian lifestyle but we got a nice place here in
Toronto and you can see more behind the scenes stuff from us, plus I LOVE connecting with
you guys and girls. Aright, let’s get into this video. Dan is far from humble and clearly likes to
show off what he’s got. But seeing how he grew up…I’m not really
surprised. At the time of this recording, Dan is 38 years
old and went from betting big in Las Vegas to becoming a groundbreaking entrepreneur
selling cannabis and building up his brand ignite. But it seems like Dan was living lavish since
he was just a kid. He grew up in Tampa Florida, in an 11 room
mansion the size of a palace but ill talk more about that in just a little while. His father Paul Bilzerian was a big shot on
Wall street and owned a robotics company as well as many other investments. Of course, he also set little Dan and his
brother up with trust funds. Long story short, they were RICH. It wasn’t all roses though, and Dan’s
dad did go to prison for stock and tax fraud. BUT That’s another story in itself and today
we’re just going to be focusing on Dan. Dan has admitted though:
“Basically I didn’t get a ton of attention as a kid. I guess that’s why I’m such a flashy lunatic.” Besides his dad’s arrests – yes there
were more than one – Dan also made his own fortune from poker, which he learned to play
professionally. Wherever Dan’s cash is from, his current
estimated net worth is over 150MILL. Dan splits his time living in Bel Air and
Las Vegas, because you know he has to be close to the poker action. And you know with money like that the places
he’s living in are over the top like him. First let’s go back and see the mansion
Dan lived in as a kid. This home belonged to his father Paul Bilzerian
but after he was sent to prison, the home was repossessed. Dan’s father built this place in the early
90s so it makes sense that the family grew up here. (Photo childhood home) The three acre estate was located in Dan’s
hometown of Tampa Florida and it was 28,000 square feet sitting on lakefront. There were 10 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and
6 half baths as well as a guest house. Some of the home’s features also included
an indoor basketball court, racquet ball court and a wine room. Definitely not your typical childhood home. I’m not sure where the family moved to once
Dan’s dad was arrested but I know that these days Dan is living even more lavish than that,
but you’ll see soon. Let’s look at Dan’s old bachelor pad in
Vegas he lived in before he upgraded. The playboy lived in this house for about
2 and a half years and it was located in the Summerlin South neighborhood of Las Vegas. Dan bought it in 2014 for 4.1Million. This place looks like it’s been fully renovated,
probably even a little more since Dan has moved out, and its 9404 square feet with 6
beds and 8 baths. There are a ton of fancy features in this
place like a gym, movie theatre, games room, library, gourmet kitchen, and even an elevator. Moving outside, of course there was an infinity
edge pool and spa, tennis court, covered patio, built in barbeque grill, fire pit, and even
more. You probably know that Dan loves his toys
– including guns so of course he had a separate room for his weaponry in his 4 car garage. It was over 1000 square feet alone so there
was plenty of space for his cars too. He sold this Vegas house because he wanted
to get something bigger and live closer to his brother Adam. You can rent the place if you’re interested
– for 18K a month.So I don’t know all the real estate details of Dan’s current Vegas
mansion, but we know that it IS bigger and definitely cost him more. Apparently his upgrade home cost 10Mill and
it has a ton of fancy features. Dan’s Vegas home is on 5 acres of land and
the house is 20,000 square feet. There’s 7 bedrooms and Dan’s master suite
is massive and has a bed that’s 10 by 10 feet. There’s a giant entryway in this house with
super high ceilings, 4 dining rooms – one that’s even outside, and of course a built
in gym. This mansion has a crazy pool that even has
a waterslide – and you can tell it’s much bigger than the one at the last house. Dan’s new Vegas mansion has a basketball
court, hockey rink, batting cages, trampoline and even a GOLF simulator. There’s equipment for paintballing and an
entire “paintball field” I’m sure the handful of girls hanging out at this place
won’t get bored with all of these options. Dan even has a garden with tortoises – how
cute. I would visit just so I could hang out with
them! There’s definitely a lot to see here at
Dan’s Vegas mansion but we still haven’t looked at the one in Bel Air which is up next. Finally we’re going to take a look at Dan’s
Bel Air Mega Mansion. This place is a compound and I don’t know
if ive ever seen anything like it – I mean he spent over 60 MILLION on this home. It’s 71,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor
living space and has 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms. This place even has a rooftop helicopter pad
– like who has that kind of stuff in their home? This house was named the most expensive home
in the US back in 2017, and featured on the Secret Lives of the Super Rich. You can totally count on Dan to want a home
with that title, and this place is beyond flashy so I can see why. I would say this place has more of a modern
vibe than his Vegas place in its design and vibe. The house has 4 levels and the bottom floor
is a 12,000 square foot “entertainment area”. There’s a four lane bowling alley here,
a bar with a 30 foot TV, and a 40 seat movie theatre that’s “James Bond” themed. Some more features of Dan’s Bel Air castle
include 7 bars, 3 kitchens, and two elevators to get around. Sliding glass walls are everywhere so the
house has an indoor/outdoor effect, as well as 6 full outdoor lounge areas. There’s an 85 foot infinity pool looking
over Los Angeles with even a 20 foot TV attached to the pool. On the roof of Dan’s massive Bel Air mansion,
there’s a rooftop tennis court, putting green, and waterfall that flows into the lower
pool. Dan’s master bedroom in this home is 5600
square feet alone so I’m sure he must really be enjoying that. There’s also a 6000 dollar toilet, massive
shower – even a SPA. I cant say I’ve seen anything like this
home! So now we’ve looked at where Dan used to
live, even a glimpse of his childhood home in Tampa, as well as the two MASSIVE estates
he owns now in Las Vegas and Bel Air. I mean the man owns what was dubbed the most
expensive home in the US a couple years back so if that’s not impressive I don’t know
what is. I’m not sure that Dan could get anymore
over the top at this point. With all of that space in both Vegas and Bel
Air, he can host all the female guests and parties that he pleases without a care in
the world. He may have grown up in a massive mansion
in Florida as a kid, but these two homes blow that place out of the water. I don’t even know how Dan is so damn rich
but clearly he’s living his best life. I wanna know what you guys think about all
of this. What do you think of Dan’s crazy mansions? I feel like I would get exhausted just walking
around the place day after day – everything seems so far apart. But I do love that pool. Aright guys, that’s all I could find on Dan
Bilzerian’s mega mansions. What were your favorite features or rooms
in his homes? And which one did you like better? I think I prefer his Vegas mansion. Be sure to head over to our 2nd channel Famous
Entertainment for more house tours hosted by me and more videos each and every week. I’ll see you next time with some
more videos. Bye!

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