Dance Moms: Dance Digest – Picnic in the Park (Season 6) | Lifetime

[music playing] Hey, Gia, are we able to
get started on something? Yeah. You guys are contemporary. And it’s called– I believe
it’s called “The Picnic.” And so you guys are
sitting on this, basically, a picnic blanket,
a red and white checkered blanket that starts
out normal size. And then it gradually
gets bigger. By the end of the routine,
it takes up the entire stage. So Brynn, you’re
under it right now. And then whenever it comes
up, you need a big thing. Six, seven, eight. [laughter] This week is our
first week without JoJo. And we kind of needed
more bodies for this prop, because our prop is
literally eating us alive. I mean, we haven’t
done it right once. And Abby’s not here, which
makes it even harder. I don’t know. I don’t see the vision yet, so– We won’t have our
pyramid to know why she picked the picnic theme. She may have told us if
we had had our pyramid. At least we have someone
in there teaching a dance. It’s like a tea party. It’s, like, quirky. Like, first– fifth, jump on it. Jump off of it. This will challenge the kids. It will help them grow. But it might not be
competition worthy. Yeah. So you see how,
like, we’re over here, and then we get this way? How we doing? Hi. All right, we have
lots of work to do today. A little more smiley, fun. Five, six, seven, and
right, left, right, left. Five, six, seven, eight. Drop it down. Go to your pose. And here we go. The Junior Elite competition
routine is the tough one. Beautiful girls, pretty dresses. They go to the park, and
they spread out a blanket. The blanket unfolds and
covers the entire stage. The girls pull it. It contracts back
into the middle. They all go flying. And it should be
visually spectacular. Should be. Let’s see if it will be. Jump, coup , assembl ,
sissone, that’s what it is. Five, six, seven, and– out, out, fifth, pli , coup . Up, down, up. Again. Come on, let’s go,
people, please. [music playing] Save it. Try to save it. Don’t look down at
the floor, Kendall. They’re second
guessing themselves. They’re all thinking too
much about the choreography. Thinking too much
about the timing. They need to relax,
listen to the music, and remember it’s to
have fun for a change. After we’re done, I’m
never doing this dance again. It makes me so stressed out. OK, we need to run this dance. Let’s do it. You know what’s so
strange is that normally our girls are not stressed. They are stressed this week. We’re fine. It’s two minutes. All right. Ladies, this week, in the park. Not a care in the world. It should be that
frolicking feeling. It should be happy. Remember, if anything happens,
don’t show it on your face. Just go with it. I know. I’d be nervous, too. All for that stupid prop. We’re gonna move on to
the teen group contemporary. Good luck. This is number 110,
“Picnic in the Park.” [applause, cheering] They don’t have a
back-up plan, do they? No. [music playing] [applause] Even though Abby
did absolutely nothing to prepare these
girls for the stage, they did the best they could
with what they were given. I don’t know if this
is good enough to win, but I really hope so. All right, here we go. Teen group. Second place– entry number
110, “Picnic in the Park.” What was that? Second? I thought second
place for that number in the teen division is amazing. But I know the girls
are disappointed. They worked so hard. They knew Abby didn’t
pay attention to them. It’s not fair. But I could not be more
proud of these girls.

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