Dancer | FFXIV Shadowbringers Media Tour

dancer is an insanely fun job and also a little complicated so I’m excited to show you guys and try to explain what this job is actually about now score anacs sponsor me to go check out a test build of shadow bringers so any footage you see here is subject to change i think it looks really good this is of course the male gear the female gear looks quite a bit different but you’ve seen enough of that then this here is the walking animation again i couldn’t try the victory pose and battle stances because they’re not unlocked on these characters i uploaded all of the videos at once but this is actually the last one that i recorded and now i go into editing health so i’m excited to try and make sense of this job dancer has a very interesting combo system it has a regular one-two combo but everything else after that is a 50% chance of cracking of their branches of that combo so the regular two part combo is cascade into fountain where cascade is able to proc reverse cascade and fountain can proc fountain fall now both of those are able to grant you of four folds feather and these feathers are just a resource on your gauge you can hold up to four of them at a time and the feathers can be spent on fan dance moves so there’s fan dance one it’s a single target version and fan dance two is an AoE version around your character now both of those can proc fan dance the raid and fan dance three is just a bigger attack and it’s also AoE now that’s the single target there’s also an AoE combo that’s also two parts its windmill in two blade shower so blade shower can proc blood shower and windmill can proc rising windmills and both of those can give you a four fold feather now since you’re doing AoE you would be spending those feathers on fan dance to which I said before is the AoE version that’s around you and then of course if that procs fan dance three you would use fan dance three now for all of those moves you’d need to be in melee range there’s also a cool-down called flourish which just gives you one of each of your procs and then you could just spam all the way through all of them it’s very fun and satisfying to use now that’s it for the weapon skills but then there’s also steps and dances but before I explain that keep in mind that you can assign one person in your party as your dance partner and this will make them share some of your bus so one of those buffs is called Sabre dance this is just a cool-down it increases your crit and direct hit rate by 30% for 15 seconds and your dance partner can get it too so you can already see how good it is to be a dancers dance partner please make me your dance so now for the dances this is something in addition to all the regular combos there are two types of steps there standard step and technical step when you activate one it changes the combo moves you have in two dances instead so you basically just click whichever one of these four dances is lighting up to continue that step standard step can have up to two dances and technical step can have up to four dances the amount of damage and buffs that the steps provide when you finish them is dependent on how many dances you proct during the step so for instance standard step you can do every 30 seconds and if you manage to get all of the steps which is to it’ll do a 1,000 potency AoE around you and also a 5% damage boost for you and your step partner then there’s technical step you can do this one every two minutes and if you get the max amount of dances which is four it’ll give you a 1500 potency AoE around you and also a 5% damage boost for everybody not just your dance partner in addition to those effects both of those steps also activate the East sprit engage which is the gauge right up here once activated both you and your dance partner will be generating East for it every time you land a weapon skill or magic attack and for technical step it would actually be the whole party helping you and then you can spend this East Brit gauge on a move called devilment it’s a six hundred potency AoE and it costs 50 east spray so I would imagine with technical step up on everybody you know you’re gonna be gaining East Brit really quickly and doing a lot of devilment and that’s the rotation so if you haven’t noticed there’s a few types of moves you need to keep in mind for being in short AoE melee range there’s fan dance to both of the steps so standard step and technical step and then the AoE combos everything else is ranged but still that’s quite a bit of moves so to help with this we’ve got three charges of dashes it’s called an avant and this is an absolute blast to use is just so quite the dash around the battlefield with this thing I was just using it when I didn’t need to as for other utility dancer has a few more things up its sleeve there’s another way that you can generate a spritz gauge and this is for during downtime it’s called improvisation it’s a channeled ability meaning you can’t do anything else while you use it no moving it lasts for 15 seconds and will just continuously increase your Eastbrook gauge depending how many party members are near you it’s six yumps so it’s pretty close this also increases healing magic on everyone near you like 10% so I’m thinking of things like downtime where everybody is stacking up to heal for an ultimate attack you pop this thing you’re gaining a sprit and also making everybody heal more then there’s curing waltz it’s a two hundred potency AoE cure instant on everybody but your dance partner will also execute the same heal again and it’s actually four hundred potency then and it’s 60 seconds cooldown and finally shield Samba this is just dancers trovador it’s ten percent damage mitigation for everybody you can’t stack it with the other two oh this is everything for dancer that I can think of I tried explaining it as simply as I could so I hope it made sense I probably could have just spent the entire time at the mediatory only playing this job and still not getting everything down it was really a lot to learn in like 30 minutes anyway I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the officially release dancer I had a ton of fun playing it it’s just such a well designed and unique feeling rotation so that’ll do it for me I will see you guys in the next ones below in the description I will link all the other jobs that I got to play at the media tour and I’ll see you there if I’m [Music]

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