Darche Cold Mountain Sleeping Bags

Darche Cold Mountain Sleeping Bags

G’day guys, it’s Ben from Snowys here. Today
we’re going to be talking about the Darche Cold Mountain Sleeping Bags.
There’s been a lot of questions online, so that’s what we’re here to do.
Basically there are five bags in the range. You’ve got the canvas range where you’ve got the 1400 and the 1100 wide bags and
then in a synthetic range, you’ve got the 1400, the 1100 and the 900
range, so let’s get straight into it. Down here on the ground with me we’ve got two
types of bags, on my right here we’ve got the canvas bag and on the left here
we’ve got the synthetic bag. So let’s talk a little bit about the differences
first, firstly the sizing, right here in front of me we’ve got the 1100
millimetre wide bags, alright? So these are kind of like the king single bags.
The bags I guess that for those of you that are looking for a bit of extra
room, or if you want to keep your relationship nice and close, these will
be a fantastic bag for those, all right? Then you’ve got the 1400 bags available
in both models, they’re kind of considered our double bags, all right? So
really great for getting you and your partner into, especially if you like my
wife, loves to have a bit of a cuddle during the night. And then you’ve got the
synthetic bag in the 900 wide, so that’s kind of that you know just the
straightforward single bag. The other differences is that the canvas is rated
to minus 5 degrees, whereas the synthetic bag is rated to minus 12 degrees so a lot
warmer, all right? And the other thing is that the canvas bag is just a little bit
heavier. Let’s talk about the similarities though. The similarities are
that they’re both 230 centimetres long, big enough to fit anyone pretty much
into these bags. The other one is that they’ve both got hoods, so you can see
here at the top, nice round curved hood in both of them, keeps all that warmth in
during the night. Really big benefit of these bags, which is quite uncommon in a
lot of bags, is that they’ve got dual zips, so you can see here you’ve got the
zip on this side but you’ve also got the zip on the far side. That makes it
really easy to get in and out of the bag and just makes convenience for, you know,
just basically existing in the bag. You can adjust it as you want during the
night depending on how warm or cold you get. What’s really interesting to note is
that the canvas bag, obviously canvas on the outside, the liner though is flannel, alright? So, it’s a really, really comfy bag,
resembles I guess that doona type feel that you get at home. The synthetic bag,
you’ve got the polyester here on the outside, all right? And then you’ve got
the silk liner, the I guess, the difference mainly to be noted is that
the canvas bag is a much more durable bag, you can throw this one in the
washing machine, it’s a bit rougher and tougher, whereas the synthetic one, you need
to be a little bit more gentle. The upside though as I mentioned before is the
synthetic is a much warmer bag, all right? So, what I’m going to do now is I’m going to
jump inside one and just to sort of give you a bit of an idea about what it’s
like to be inside of the bag in terms of its space, you know ease of access,
everything like that. Let’s do it. So the canvas bag, let’s go with this one. You
can jump inside pretty easy, as I said, you’ve got those dual zips, so all you
need to do, throw your shoes off… in we go. Now the beauty here, you just zip them
up as far as you want, alright? So maybe you don’t want to be tucked in nice and
tight all night, so you can just zip them up a little bit half way, no worries. Or if it’s
a super cold night, you can zip them all the way to the top Then as I mentioned before, you’ve got
the beauty of these drawstrings, all right? So, once you’re lying in there, you just pull and as you can see it pulls it nice
and tight against my chest. And then there’s a second drawstring for the hood.
So, pull that again and as you can see, keeps them nice and tight right across
the face here. Just going to make sure you don’t get tangled up in them, alright? And
then keeps it nice and warm right throughout the evening. Really cool
feature of these bags. Likewise in the morning, super easy to get out of. You
just undo the drawstrings, all right? They just pretty much push open like that,
pretty straightforward, and then just grabbing the zips and away we go. Now the
other cool thing that I didn’t mention before was that you’ve got these really
cool security pockets, so if you’ve got a phone or something like that, you can
stick those in there during the night, all right? That keeps it nice and close to your chest whilst also ensuring that you
don’t lose it, or someone you know, one of your mates doesn’t flog it during the
night and start taking Facebook photos of you, anything like that. Alrighty guys,
so here we are, the pack down stage, I’ve now jumped out of the bag and it’s time
to go home, alright? So we’re going to start with the synthetic one first, so
what we start with by zipping them up, all right? Keeping it nice and tight. Now
the benefit of the synthetic one is that we can just stuff that one into its stuff
sack. so that’s what we’re going to do. The stuff sack that Darche give us is really, a really good bag. Real strong, alright? And so all you need to do,
grab the end, all right? And start by just ramming this one straight into the base
of the bag. This is the hardest bit, just getting it
into that bottom of the bag and then once we’re going, all it is a case of,
is just continuing, just to stuff that bag in, we want to be pushing all that
air out of the bag. Doesn’t have to be neat or tidy, in fact you don’t want it
to be neat and tidy. Making sure that, you know, every time we pack it away that we’re
compressing it in different ways, so that it doesn’t ruin the insulation of the
bag. As you can see, pretty easy, all right? Now, that we’re at this stage, you just want to hold the bag between your legs, keep that fist just pushing in on the bag here, all
right? And then just pulling that drawstring nice and tight and then bring
that toggle down to lock it off, all right? From that point, we just grab
the compression sack. That comes over the top like that, all right? And then if we
want to get the bag nice and small for when we’re traveling with it or just
want to keep it packed nice and compact, we just put a knee on the top and as you
can see, all that air is being pushed out. And then just a nice gentle pull on the
straps and there we go. Synthetic bag all done, ready to go home.
Let’s move on to the canvas bag now, all right? So same again, zipping up those
sides, we’ll bring it around in front of me. Now
the important thing with a canvas bag is because it’s a little bit bulkier, we
just want to make sure that these straps are at the bottom, which they are, all
right? Which means we’re going to start rolling from the top. So the first thing
we do is fold it over in half, pretty straightforward. Then, starting here at the hood end we just start rolling away, all right? Again,
like with the synthetic one, doesn’t need to be any kind of major physical
exercise, we just want to be keeping that as tight as we can, but as you can see
not working too hard here. Then we get to this point, we want to
bring these straps over the top, so bring the long straps over, all right? And then
we just keep rolling it over like that, all right? So we take one strap and then
you’ll grab the other end where you’ve got these 2 D loops, all right? With these
D loops, you just want to feed the strap through both of them and then come back
through the middle like that and then just pull it off nice and tight. What
these straps do is just keep it nice, you know, together, all right? So that when we
go to our bag, now our bag here is a little bit different, it’s just a zip bag, all right?
So we just put it into the end where there isn’t a zip, all right? Where you’ve got all the branding there. And then bring it right around to the other side,
make sure your straps are tucked in and then as you can see, it’s a pretty
generous bag, very easy to zip up. That’s the canvas bag done. Thanks so
much for watching. That’s all we’ve got for today but if
you’ve got any questions, feel free to jump online or give us a call and we’d
be happy to answer them. Don’t forget we offer free shipping Australia-wide. Until
next time, it was great having you here.

4 thoughts on “Darche Cold Mountain Sleeping Bags

  1. Great bags. I have the -12 900 model and have used it in negative temperatures twice now and had to unzip it as it was too warm inside a swag. Highly recommended.

  2. Gets in first bag and says it nice and tight after playing with the drawstring which is blatantly false o.O
    If he lies so readily about something simple like that can you trust him about anything?

  3. Thanks for making this video, camping in victoria during winter had me angry at my kmart sleeping bag. its time to invest in a double sized -10 sleeping bag.

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