Daringbadi Tourism | Gopalpur Sea Beach | Daringbadi Tour Package

Daringbadi Tourism | Gopalpur Sea Beach | Daringbadi Tour Package

Indian state Orissa is famous for its pristine
sea beaches and Holy Temples. However, the state also houses a beautiful hill station
which has some scenic tourist spot. Here is a 3 nights and 4 days tour plan of Orissa
which will cover pristine sea beach of gopalpur, holy temples and the “Kashmir or Orissa”
Daringbadi. Contact our travel associate Travelers partner
for any customised tour packages like this. Let’s start the tour.
Day-1 On day-1 of your tour 1st reach Daringbadi
from your home town. For that first reach Brahmapur station by train. Brahmapur is well
connected to other parts of India. From there take a car to reach Daringbadi.
The road that leads to Daringbadi from Brahmapur station is very beautiful and this is one
of the best road trips in India. Situated at an elevation of 3000 feet Daringbadi
is surrounded by pine trees and coffee plantation. This hill station was named after a British
officer Mr.Daring who was in charge of this place. In the local language, Badi means village
and hence this place was known as Daringbadi. Upon reaching Daringbadi 1st check in to your
hotel and then go to visit Hill View Park. If you are traveling by a reserved car then
you have to park your car outside the park gate. The parking charge here is Rs30. Entry
fee of Hill View Park is Rs 10 per person. After entering through the main entrance,
a clean and well-maintained path will lead you to the main area. This park is surrounded
by a well-manicured garden. The first thing you will notice here is a toy train track.
Crossing this you will find some models of wild animals.
There are some proper sitting arrangements at this part of the park. There is also a
children’s park. There are some swings and slides where kids can spend some quality time.
At the end of the children’s park a small entrance will lead you to the main viewpoint
area of this park. At the base of the view point there is a fountain. Here, climbing
up a small staircase you will come to the main view point. From here you can get a bird’s
eye view of Daringbadi. The green mountains, the famous pine forests and coffee plantations
of Daringbadi are visible from this point. Day-2
On day-2 go for a local sightseeing tour around Daringbadi. A local cab will charge around
Rs 3000 for this day-long trip. 1st go to visit Lover’s point.
This place is famous for scenic beauty. Surrounded by fresh green forests, rolling waterfalls,
and gigantic rocks this is a surreal place. If you are a nature lover then this place
will surely attract you with its charm. From there, go to visit Nature Park. The entry
fee to this park is Rs 10 per person. After entering a path of red soil, you will
come to the main garden area. Here you will see a large variety of local plants. Inside
this small man-made garden you will see a structure of three elephants. Beside this
some models depicts the story of daily life of the local tribes.
Crossing this zone you will come to the large medicinal plant garden. Here you can find
a large variety of plants that have some medicinal value.
After the medicinal plant garden you can see the beautiful butterfly park. There are lots
of beautiful flowers available here and you can see a large variety of butterflies at
this place. Next go to visit the famous pine forest of
Daringbadi. Enjoy a walk around this forest and feel the proximity of nature.
From Pine forest, go to visit Madhuban Emu Bird Zoo. Ticket price here is Rs 10 per person.
This is a place where you can see lots of Emu birds.
Next go to visit the famous coffee plantation of Daringbadi. Car parking charge here is
Rs 20 and entry fee is Rs 10 per person. Set amidst the fresh green forest of Daringbadi,
here you can see the growth of coffee plants. Enjoy a walk around this forest.
Day-3 On day-3 morning, start your journey towards
Gopalpur. On your way 1st visit khasada falls. Car parking
charge here is Rs 20 On your way stop at Suicide point. It is a
view point on the hill top and from here you can get a 360 degree view of the hill station.
Khasada falls is the most beautiful and the biggest waterfall in Orissa. If you are travelling
here during monsoon you can enjoy this waterfalls at its best. This place is famous for natural
beauty. Next go to visit Jiranga Monastery. This monastery
is also known as Padma Sambhava Maha Vihara Monastery. It is the main monastery of Orissa
belonging to the Ripa Lineage. It is said to be the largest Buddhist monastery in Eastern
India. It was inaugurated by Dalai Lama in January 2010.
From there go to visit the deer park. Car parking charge here is Rs 20
Here you can see different species of deer. Next go to visit Taptapani. Car parking charge
here is Rs 20 Taptapani is a famous natural hot sulphur
water spring situated 16km away from Gajapati district of orissa. Car parking charge here
is Rs 20 The hot water of Taptapani has medicinal properties.
You can have a bath in the man-made pond created next to the hot spring.
After visiting Taptapani, go to Gopalpur. Located on the east coast of the Bay of Bengal,
Gopalpur Beach is one of the most pristine beaches of india . The beach is famous for
Olive Ridley Turtles’ nest. Upon reaching Gopalpur check in to your hotel. Day-4
On day-4 morning, 1st go to see the lighthouse on Gopalpur sea beach.
After that enjoy a walk around the sea beach which is commonly known as “Gopalpur on
Sea”. This beach is clean and less crowded than other popular beaches of Orissa.
From there go to visit Rambha, which is 35km away from Gopalpur on sea.
Rambha is the entry point of the famous Chilika Lake.
At the entrance of this place you can see some toy shops on the side of the road. A
well maintained pathway leads to the banks of this lake. There are proper sitting arrangements
available here. Every time, you can see some people sitting here and enjoying the beautiful
views of the surroundings. The lake here is surrounded by fresh greeneries
and it is famous for natural beauty. During winter, you can enjoy boating here.
From Rambha, go to visit, Taratarini Temple. Taratarini temple is located on the Kumari
hills on the banks of Rushikulya River. The Tara Tarini Shakti Peetha is one of the oldest
pilgrimage centres of the Mother Goddess and is one of the Shakti Peethas in India. It
is also one of the most sacred places for Hindu Devotees.
You can avail a ropeway ride to reach the temple on the hill top. The fare is Rs40 for
one way. Next go to visit Bhairabi Temple.
Siddha Bhairavi temple is a shrine situated at Mantridi in Ganjam district of Orissa.
The main deity here is Goddess Bhairavi. It is also a sacred place for Hindu Devotees.
The reserved cab fare for this day-long trip is around Rs3000. In the evening of day-4, reach Brahmapur station
for departure. Where to stay
There are many good quality hotels available in Daringbadi and Gopalpur where you can put
up for the night. A mid-range hotel in Daringbadi will charge around Rs 1000 to Rs 1200 per
day and in Gopalpur the hotel charge is around Rs 1000 per day.
For total package cost please check the description box below.
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