DARK TOURIST Series Trailer (2018) Netflix

DARK TOURIST Series Trailer (2018) Netflix

life can be dangerous when you’re a dark tourist my name is David Faria and I’ve always been drawn to the weirder side of life so I’ve decided to investigate dark tourism a global phenomenon where people choose to vacation in places associated with death and destruction what is it about going into war zones because I don’t want to see it in a documentary person oh my god the level of radiation that’s higher than the round Chernobyl Jeffrey Dahmer women like that serial killers that like definition of bad boy I’m the risk about to us pop are you kills people in this compound right see people love it people want to meet you people want to talk to you start taking a weird holiday some escapism before going back to your normal dull existence in the way I know I do because this like we threw up dangerous you know that’s the thing right yeah I get hit by a bus tomorrow David you’re going to get hurt tonight you’re gonna get drowned you’re gonna get buried somebody’s gonna die tonight you know that vibe is just out there like that that was out tonight I’ve been forced out of my comfort zone and somehow it’s made me feel even more happy to be alive I mean how many dead bodies have you say hundreds hundreds yes they I’ve just seen one now maybe that’s the whole point of data tourism [Music] you

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