Darwin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Darwin Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Darwin is the capital of the Northern Territory, in a place Australian’s like call, “The
Top End”. Situated at the edge of the Timor Sea, the
city is closer to Bali than to Australia’s other major capitals. Traditionally the home of the Larrakia People, Darwin was settled by Europeans in 1869. The city’s isolation has meant that it’s
population has always been low, and that’s just the way locals like it. Darwin is very much a gateway city. It’s
the gateway to wild outback adventures, …it’s the gateway to the Aboriginal Dreamtime, …and, it’s the gateway to a relaxed state
of mind that you can only appreciate once you’re here. On Thursdays and Sundays, half the city gathers
at the Mindil Beach Markets. Here, the aroma’s of cuisines from all over the
world mix together under the tropical sky, creating the perfect essence of todays multicultural
Darwin. At sunset, head down to the beach for the best show in
town, as the sun dips into the Arafura Sea. Then catch a double feature under the stars
at another local institution, the Deck Chair Cinema. But life here hasn’t always been this easy
going. During The Second World War, Japanese warplanes
dropped more bombs on Darwin than on Pearl Harbor. You can learn more about and those dark days,
and about the city’s ongoing military significance, at the Defense of Darwin Experience, and the
Australian Aviation Heritage Centre. At the Darwin Museum and Art Gallery, learn how Darwin was tragically flattened
again in 1974, this time by Mother Nature. The Museum and
Art Gallery is also the perfect introduction into local cultures, and the Territory’s unique natural environment.
While you’re here, say hello to Sweetheart, a rogue croc that
developed a taste for small aluminum boats before he was finally caught. Sweetheart’s much quieter these days, but you can still experience the awesome power
of Australia’s salt and freshwater crocs at Crocodylus Park. Just a fifteen-minute drive from Darwin, the
park is home to over 1000 crocs, from hatchlings to adults weighing over half
a tone. But to get close, real close, make tracks to Crocosaurus Cove,
right in the heart of the city. Have a go at feeding the crocs, or better still, climb into the Cage of Death
and be lowered into a tank with some of the largest captive salties on
the planet. Of course, seeing crocs in captivity is just
a little Top-End taster. For the best holiday snaps of all, hit the
road to adventure. There’s over 60 national parks in the Northern
Territory; 20 in the Darwin region alone. If you ask a local for their favorite, chances are they’ll quietly point you in
the direction of Litchfield National Park. Just an hour and a half from Darwin, Litchfield is set around a sandstone plateau,
criss-crossed by deep, narrow gorges filled monsoon forests and croc-free
swimming holes. On your way into the park, stop to check out
the Magnetic and Cathedral termite mounds. And when it’s time to cool off , immerse
yourself in the pure refreshing waters of Buley Rockhole, a series of pools which cascade down the hillside
to spectacular Florence Falls. A little further into the park, are Tolmer
and Wangi Falls. Step into the primordial waters and let your worries float away, then climb into the stone country above, and
let your spirit drift off into a land that time forgot. But if you want to step further back in time,
into a place the Australia’s aboriginal People know as the Dreamtime, head to Kakadu. Half the size of Switzerland
and home to one-third of Australia’s bird species and some of
the world’s oldest art galleries, Kakadu is more than a national park, it’s
a national treasure. Whether you’ve explored The Outback for
a few days or a few months, there comes a time where everyone begins to
long for the creature comforts of the city. And this is where Darwin comes into it’s
own, it’s the perfect gateway back into the world, and not just any world, but the way the world
should be big hearted, relaxed, and forever connected to the rhythms of nature, and, the human spirit.

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  1. I spent a month in Darwin  – very interesting, I remember walking down Mitchell St and stepping over aboriginals laying on the sidewalk. One day one of them said to me "Excuse me buddy, if you get a chance, can you go fuck yourself". I just smiled and kept walking.

  2. i live in townsville mid temperature and than theres darwin FUCKING over 30c and i know that townsville gets over 30c but not in autumn, spring,winter only in summer can't wait sarcastic

  3. Australia looks rly interesting for me and since I was a kid I've always wanted to visit it especially the Northern Territory, but there's only one problem I have a big fear of spiders -_-

  4. I love watching the Australian ones so I can see all of the places I have visited as an Australian myself

  5. Hey expedia, me n my friends r going on holiday here!!!!!!!!!! we r so excited!!!!! :))) the video showed us some fun stuff to do!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I watched your video and I noticed that there were no black people when I went there they were black people everywhere getting in fights and shit

  7. Darwin is the giant version of Lanai. The rhythm of life is is real slow and the best food here is the curries from the Indonesian isles. Beautiful. The many free waterparks are major diversion for the family.

  8. I actually live here no troll, but there is literally no shopping and humidity is always so high so your always sweating. Just letting you know though everything that they showed here is literally all to do max 1 week needed to spend here. Only took me 14 hours to Alice springs

  9. You know its like sure let me check out this video, then it's like … my life goal has changed and I now I must go to this place before I die….. well played Expedia

  10. I used to live in Darwin but my parents wanted to move to England as they thought it was to isolated, this was really sad as I really loved it there and I didn’t want to move ???❤️❤️❤️

  11. Well welcome to Darwin,one of the most exspensive places to visit firstly prices get plucked from the sky ,budget accommodation really doesnt exist ,drunken individuals roaming the streets all night,yes book a flight,one way to singapore 200 to 500 dollrs one way,,or return from philippines or bali an asia destination,up to 1000aud to 2500 aud,thanks to australias big rip offs jetstar and qantas,who by the way monopolised it in darwin and singapore to rip of the tourists,but who cares i certainly will never come back,,oh! if u drink heavily you will be at home here.

  12. My Home town Darwin.????.. miss it big time. When You live in darwin you can get as cheap as $49 or under $120 return ticket to Bali & other Asian beautiful places.

  13. Some dirty Darwin bastard that gets on you tube by the name of "what me worry" will have to start worrying if he keeps talking that shit

  14. I am extremely looking forward to have my work-holiday visa granted to work in this city. This place is completely beautiful.

  15. This is a beautifully put together clip of my birth city & home for many years. Darwin & the top end is a special place 🙂

  16. I used to live in Darwin for one year and I fell in love with the city. There's nothing I can say about this town it's just so beautiful and unique. I met so many great people there. Everyone seems to enjoy their life. I really hope to go back once again sometime

  17. Media portrayal about NT is slightly scary. Wolf Creek tells about the abduction and murder of British tourists which apparently based on true story of Peter Falconio that happened in Barrow Creek, and Rogue was inspired by Sweetheart which attacked boats in Darwin. But, I frankly still wanna go to Darwin so much.

    Anyway, I am having my work holiday visa destination to Darwin and cannot wait anymore, as I heard that the city has less people who is suitable for introverts who hate human species. I hope it's true.

  18. Hi all, I didn't receive any notifications for any of the questions you guys sent me as the all went to a spam account. I only just happened to come across this video now 2 years later. Please except my apology, I would never deliberately ignore your questions

  19. The most laidback city in the world and I live in Melbourne and I would love to move to Darwin any day . Been there twice and hope to be there in June again God willing .Love Darwin and the people and everything about this beautiful place and pl note I did not say City but the whole of Darwin and my family and friends who live there .

  20. Can you do Zambia ?? you can mention Victoria Falls! It’s my home town (I was born there) and I really miss it

    I moved to Darwin for my mums school thing and I really miss it

  21. Darwin, Australia has a rather small population of 200,000 but city is beautiful compared to its side and nearby national park is worth visiting. See my video also if you had interest

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