Dasara Elephants at Bannimantapa Mysore tourism Karnataka tourism Mysore Dasara 2019

Dasara elephant Mahouts drink there tea here every morning what is this elephants name Balarama our Dasara elephants are now coming to Bannimantapa come let us see the visuals of the Elephants from Bannimantapa they object that they are dragging here is a magnet this is to clear the elephants path, of any nails or sharp metal objects so that elephants legs are not injured that is why they do this Dasara elephant Mahouts every morning drink there tea here this is the place where they take a break so come let us talk to him once as well Sir since how many years have they been having tea here 8-9 years from this shop itself almost 10years minimum 6 years everyday morning 8 o’clock Your name? Jamal this tea shop is in front of RMC Private bus stand our Dasara elephants are now coming to Bannimantapa what is the elephants name? balarama gopi what is this elephants name? varalakshmi elephants name durga parameshwari elephants name? jayaprakash elephants name? Kaveri Arjuna Kaveri Dhanajaya elephants name? vijaya vijaya vikram Eshwara Eshwara lakshmi vikram today the weight is being carried by Dhananjaya Arjuna is coming last today Dhananjaya is practicing the carrying of weight here you can see nearly 500 kgs weight carrying practice is being done this is practice for carrying the Ambari, or the golden Howda

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