Day in My Life in Japan!! Picnic Edition!

Day in My Life in Japan!! Picnic Edition!

Hello everyone, so today I thought I would try a new style of video kind of like a day in my life. Today is mission picnic!! It’s still kind of cold here in Japan, but it’s starting to feel like spring and I’m very impatient, and so I’m gonna try to have a picnic so right now I’m heading to the grocery to get my ingredients to make the bento for Ren, and I. I am going to make pork shogayaki, ginger pork I’m gonna get some wieners and try to make the little octopus looking weiners, and then I’m gonna make Japanese Bento omelet, and it will be my first time so hopefully I don’t fail Let’s go So right now. I’ve got rice cooking Shogayaki, I haven’t tasted it so I Haven’t tasted it so I hope it’s good. I’ve got the weiners Right now trying to make them look like octopuses, octopi I’m going to cook some asparagus to try to Make my bento all colorful And I have not made the tamagoyaki yet because it has a special pan a little rectangle pan for it kinda coming out I need them to curl up you can do it So unfortunately, I don’t have one of those fancy picnic bento boxes and so today I picked up some just Disposable containers for it that are a little better a little better than my um Hopefully, I can manage to make my bento look cute We’ll see. This is my first like Bento that I’m trying to make cute. I make bentos for myself, but I mean I don’t care how they look Got this I am gonna throw some tomatoes on the side give it some more color to make it pretty My little Tomatoes there. Put some asparagus in there So here’s part number one. I think I feel pretty proud of this. It does not look as horrible as I thought it might have so let’s move on to box number two I am going to go ahead and stick those in. I am still waiting for Ren to come. So the tamagoyaki is not ready. Stick some of these right here And now we’ll just wait for the tamagoyaki and I think it’s looking all right I think it turned out well Let’s dig in It’s good! Really? Yes! We ate everything He went with Sakura green tea ice cream, but will it be good? That face is not a good sign. Oh This is the first time Lacey has been to a batting center It was harder than I thought it would be I got to participate in a drawing game for free I won, so I got snacks!! I got green tea kit-kats! I love green tea flavor We came to a mazesoba restaurant We will eat the spicy one Lacey will eat a spicier one than me Because I am stronger It looks so good! Is it good? My camera died at the restaurant. We came home took a shower And now we will eat ice cream! The best thing to do at the end of the day is have ice cream! We will eat ice cream and then be lazy One day has already passed Thanks for watching See you next time

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  1. お弁当美味しそうですね~🍱🐙🍅
    あなたは将来、良い奥さん、良いお母さんになれますよ ^^

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