Day Trip Exploring Kanazawa |

Day Trip Exploring Kanazawa |

Kanazawa. A city with a grand past and prosperous present. Home to Japan’s second most powerful clan
during the feudal era, today this city on the Sea of Japan Coast remains significant
not just as the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture but also as a popular sightseeing destination. With an impressive castle complex, outstanding
landscape garden, a plethora of modern museums, and even a bustling market, Kanazawa is truly
a unique and worthwhile place to visit where old and new co-exist side by side. And this is we’ll be exploring today. I’m Charles Sabas, videographer for,
and today I’m on assignment in Kanazawa. Here’s the plan After arriving at Kanazawa Station we’ll
make the 15min walk to Omicho market for a fresh seafood lunch. Following this it’s on to Kanazawa Castle
briefly seeing Oyama Shrine and Gyokuseninmaru Garden along the way. After the castle we’ll explore the lavish
grounds of the famous Kenrokuen landscape garden next door. To end the day we’ll stop by a few of the
nearby museums and then return to the station. So, follow along as we spend a day exploring
Kanazawa. Behind me is the Tsuzumi Gate, shaped like
a Tsuzumi drum, which means: we’re in Kanazawa. Now one of the great things with Kanazawa
is that most of its attractions are within walking distance from the station, so without
further ado, let’s grab a nice lunch at Omicho Market. Omicho market is the largest fresh food market
in the city with a couple hundred vendors selling everything from produce to seafood,
and even flowers or kitchen tools. So the coastal waters of Kanazawa are very
popular for their fresh seafood and fresh fish, so when you’re in kanazawa definitely
grab a kaisendon, which is sashimi on top of rice.It looks absolutely delicious. This one is called Kanazawa-don, because it’s
got gold leaf on the top, it’s kind of a nod to Kanazawa’s culture and history of
making gold leaf. Itadakimasu
Wow that’s really fresh. After an excellent lunch, we’ll head toward
Kanazawa Castle. On the way we’ll swing by Oyama Shrine whose entrance gate
is known for its unique blend of European and Asian architecture styles. And also the small Gyokuseninmaru Garden which is on the edge of the castle grounds. From Omicho Market we made the short walk
to Kanazawa Castle which you can see behind me. Now this used to be the base of the Maeda
Clan was the richest in the country after the shogun. Only a few structures remain, however there’s
a lot of great efforts that have been done over the years to rebuild some of the structures
like they used to be before. Two interesting things about this castle is
you have to carry your shoes and also they have these displays here which are really
interesting to see how they rebuilt this castle using no nails, which is very impressive. Now one of the things to be careful inside
Japanese castles is the steep staircases which can be a bit dangerous. Only a few steps from the castle is the beautiful
Kenrokuen landscape garden. We made the short walk from Kanazawa castle
to Kenrokuen, which is one of the top 3 landscape gardens in Japan and according to many the
most beautiful. The garden looks very scenic at any time of
the year so pretty much there’s never a bad time to come here. In spring you have some beautiful cherry blossoms,
in summer, the leaves are very green and vivid and in fall it’s a very beautiful autumn
color season spot. Having explored the outstanding garden grounds
and also the elegant Seisonkaku samurai villa next door, we’re moving on to a few of the
many high-quality museums in the area. First up is the D.T. Suzuki museum whose minimal
and peaceful design invites visitors to stop and reflect. To end the day we decided to come to the 21st
Century Museum of Contemporary Art. There are different art installations on the
grounds of the museum which are very interesting to look at and walk around. And with that it’s back to Kanazawa Station
where our trip comes to an end. Thanks for joining me.I hope this video has
been enjoyable and even inspires some ideas, should you be planning a trip in the area. For more information about this itinerary
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47 thoughts on “Day Trip Exploring Kanazawa |

  1. Great vid and explanation Charles! We will be visiting Kanazawa in January and still thinking either visiting the castle or Nishi/Higashi Chaya area.

  2. When in Kanazawa, plan for a day or two at a nearby hotspring. We stayed at Yamanaka Village and it's a beautiful, peaceful place to enjoy a great soak, and of course delicious, locally inspired kaiseki food.

  3. 2:53 Welcome, Charles, you're doing it well. Next level videography as expected. When in Kanazawa, don't forget to take a walk thorugh the Higashi Chaya district northeast of Kenroku-en and alongside the nearby Asano River, where many local restaurants and pubs are situated. As Kanazawa is considerd a rainy city (in comparison to cities at the opposite coast), I'd bring an umbrella. Kanazawa station is probably the most beautiful train station I've ever seen, prove me wrong. Good work, keep me inspired (still miss you sam).

  4. Been un Kanazawa 4 Years ago in my first trip. Now I want to go again next year as part of my fifth trip to Japan. Let's see of I can go again. Thanks

  5. Having been wondering who would replace Sam, I am glad to know that Charlie is the new host since I was a fan of his 2 min. videos though I do miss Sam.

  6. A new face on Welcome Charles, I'll keep watching and enjoy beautiful vlogs of Japan, and I've certainly enjoyed this one. Great job, great photography, great information, great editing!
    Safe travels Charles! Arigatou gozaimasu 😀

  7. Honestly the castle wasn't my cup of tea… If castles aren't your thing I would really recommend the Higashi Chaya District! It isn't called little Kyoto for no reason! It is very traditional. Also, whilie in the neigbourhood. Try a cup of gold leaf tea or do a little crafts where you can make your own Gold Leaf Laquerware. I loved this workshop which is just a walk-in workshop all day long!

  8. I looooved Kanazawa when i visited. Not so much a touring city, but it would be a lovely place to live! The people are so nice and the neighbourhoods are adorable. Also, don’t miss the ninja house!

  9. Kanazawa is so beautiful,peaceful and quite laid back..I’ve lived there for a month and I loved it there..❣️❣️❣️

  10. Great to see new face here. Thank you for another great video! 🙂

    EDIT: Please, just a thing, if you can talk a little slowly… it could be hard to follow for someone (like me) whose first tongue is not english. 🙂

  11. For a night out, I'd recommend the Shintenchi bar district, which starts one block west and north from the Katamachi scramble. A street and a half of tiny bars, of which Pub Dylan is my pick. A friendly welcome with English-speaking staff and (usually) customers too.

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