Dazed and Confused (4/12) Movie CLIP – School’s Out for Summer (1993) HD

Dazed and Confused (4/12) Movie CLIP – School’s Out for Summer (1993) HD

the most bitchin’ time
l ever had in my life. Okay, guys, one more thing.
This summerwhen you’re
being inundated… with all this
American bicentennial
Fourth ofJuly brouhaha, don’t forgetyou’re
celebrating the fact… that a bunch ofslave-owning,
aristocratic, white males
didn’t want to pay their taxes. Yeah!
Have a good summer. # We got no choice # #All the girls and boys # # Makin’ all that noise # # ‘Cause they found
new toys # #Well, we can’t saluteya
Can’t find a flag # # Ifthat don’t suit ya
that’s a drag # # School’s out for summer# # School’s out forever# [ Car Horn Honking ] # School’s been blown
to pieces # # No more pencils # # No more books # # No more teacher’s # # Dirty looks # #Well, we got noclass # #And we got no principles # [ Indistinct Yelling ]
#And we got no innocence # #We can’t even think
ofa word that rhymes # [ Pentico ]
Jump in, come on. ## [ Continues Indistinctly ]
Go, go, go, go. Hury up, Hirschfelder, or
we’re gonna leaveyour ass. Let’s go,
come on! Oh, shit!
Oh, shit! Ducks on the pond!
How’reyou doin’, boys? [ Tires Screeching ] [ Whooping ]

99 thoughts on “Dazed and Confused (4/12) Movie CLIP – School’s Out for Summer (1993) HD

  1. Agreed. This revisionist cynical view of history by the "progressives" started back then. I know because I was a kid then. Nowadays its everywhere. Sadly most kids never learn the Truth. All is lies.

  2. You can say what you want bout most teachers but the repubs have gotting just as nuts look at the tea party. most of them arnt teachers but the Tea Party is one of the most dangerious partys ever in american history.

  3. Its even worse at the college level dude. I wonder how this teacher felt about the aristocratic countries in the rest of the world? How about the male dominated Communist China? This is why I became a libertarian, tired of the bullshit on both sides.

  4. and by the way, if your not proud to a part of this century, then stop and look around you and realize how much more life you will experience now than you would've in the 1970's!! although it was badass.

  5. you would be just as miserable in the 70's as now… it's not what is going on outside of you, it's what's inside of you.

  6. that globe is seriously messed. Ive watched this so many times but I havent noticed it til now. Island near Australia and the world seems… flooded. lol crazyness

  7. If they were to do an 80's version of this movie it would be based in the year 1984 and would called Totally Awesome! lol

  8. Everybody throwing books and papers on the floor on the last day of school . That really happened except at our high school the paper was foot deep and firecrackers and M-80's were going off.Β 

  9. "Ya know, the '68 Democratic convention was probably the most bitchin' time I ever had in my life."

    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the first generation of Marxist public-school teachers who made it their life's work to indoctrinate your students with liberal ideology.

  10. Someone was having a laugh with that globe, and getting it on screen time.

    That, or the world is a much stranger place than anyone imagines

  11. My kid is on vaca now soooo , πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  12. my teacher played this song at the last day of school

    Mr Morris is AWESOME!!!!!!! 1 Like = 1000000 likes for mr morris!!!

  13. This movie and in particular this scene, set just over four decades ago and filmed just under a quarter century past, was SO prescient to where our society was heading, save for the freshman paddles.

  14. Something just occurred to me: how are the seniors able to identify the freshmen out of all the other middle school kids if they've never seen them before?

    It's been a few years since I've seen this film, so I might just be forgetting an explanation that was detailed later on.

    Also, how is that freshman able to drive? I guess driving age laws wouldn't have been enforced as strictly in the 70's, but still.

  15. I feel sorry for gen z watching this and seeing the fun and social freedom they missed by not being born yet

  16. 2:02 Benny, O'Bannion and Mel drive past them and you can see O'Bannion noticed them and tells Benny to reverse

  17. School out for summer
    Yeah 😁. Dazed and confused … Those were the Daze Alright βœŒπŸ‘…πŸ˜
    Alice Cooper <3

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