Dear 2019 FPV, Travel, recap & serious talk | MaiOnHigh

Dear 2019 FPV, Travel, recap & serious talk | MaiOnHigh

Dear 2019 If I could put a chapter in my life
and smash your name on to it there would be a lot of great things to look back on This was one of the strangest yes I had and so many people I have talked to have
felt alike it was a year of self-reflection tiding up things in our lives and finding what we really want to with it which is a huge benefit
because it means less chaos and more mental health priority proud to be a part
of that and let’s set the things straight before I get to a recap looking
back at the year it’s the easiest to think about all the things that have not
worked out and disappointed us We usually reflect on the things that we
wished would have happened and the ones that went terribly wrong but if you think about it… there were a lot of good moments too
and a lot of smiles let’s focus on the good moments and reflections and I have to be honest with
you I have reflected a lot it was a year of decisions and hard choices I may dare to say that I have done some things I’m not necessarily proud of but I have also made some decisions that make me the happiest in my life the fun part of the life is sometimes those two combine and that was also the case this
year sometimes we do things not to please others but to keep ourselves sane let’s recap on the highlights though Thanks to drone racing league I kicked off
February with a trip to Las Vegas for the DRL tryouts which was an amazing
experience and a huge party Back at home the winter was in full force so we
weren’t going far and it was a nice creative challenge for me because I had
to create the contents even though I wasn’t sure if anything will show up
this is when I have decided that I should do something new put some time
into self-reflection and here’s where the magic started in April I have made a
first collaboration video and I think it’s important to show others who share
the same passions and will continue to make those videos a lot in 2020 in May I got invited to speak on the drum conference in Croatia to see the
progress of the startup that fpv drone pilots know very well ORQA we even made
the rotor write episode about this experience and even though a lot of
things went wrong on this trip we had a ton of fun and made really nice memories I have also finally showed up on multigp international open and I can tell you
this right now I got my ticket for 2020 I have started an educational series on
most asked questions I get on my social media and even though I’m still not sure
if I’m doing it right I’m glad to see positive feedback on them and I will
continue to do more of those too This year I have also started the cooperation
with two companies connected with Tesla and let me tell you: I have never thought
I will have a chance to go to such amazing places to make videos about
things I love, with drones and on such a scale we have also raised the record
amount of money for pencils of promise and those of you who have participated
in those charity posts you should be proud of that too there were a lot of
happiness sprinkles along the year that mostly went undocumented and I’m proud
of stepping out of my comfort zone to achieve them and make things happen which is something that I wish to everyone and hope to inspire you to find
for yourself in 2019 I have rediscovered the power of being alone as weird as it may sound –
I enjoyed the time spent in silence and don’t get me wrong – I love my
friends and I would never swap my time together for anything else the thing is:
we have to love and accept ourselves before we share it with others and this year I have spent enough time with myself to realize – that I still feel uncertain
about a lot of things and that somewhere along the way I have lost the part of me
that I loved the most being alone allowed me to find it back
for myself and work on it again so in 2020 I can make the important
decisions and move forward with the things that I want and work for not what
I am being pushed to do or say you have not seen many struggles this
year and for being honest I always wanted my channel to be a happy and
helpful place for you guys and the truth is I couldn’t care for anyone else because I couldn’t really care for myself and the last few months have been
pivotal because I was able to rediscover their independence and strength that I
once had I will never be the person that I was two years ago but I won’t be able
to be a better version of that so what I want to say is thank you 2019 for allowing me to feel emotions on the spectrum that I have never felt before
and thank you for making me rediscover my strengths and passions thank you for making the most important people
step up on my path and making them stay when I
needed them the most 2020 will be yet another year of changes and stepping out of my comfort zone even more To chase the dream of what I wanted to do and feel it will put me in front of a lot of hard decisions and choices that I need
to make for myself just like any other year before that the difference is: this
year I feel this new strength and sense of direction that I have not felt this
year and it’s making a really huge difference for me and I promise you that
I will take it a day at a time you

15 thoughts on “Dear 2019 FPV, Travel, recap & serious talk | MaiOnHigh

  1. That's what I like to see 🙂 Pure, smart and honest Lexie straight in our faces!
    Super excited to see your new project and stuff that will happen in 2020 and I wish you all the best to achieve your goals!

  2. You are a beautiful young lady full of life. Do what makes you happy, so far, it looks like you have. Keep cranking out awesome FPV content!

  3. Congratulations on getting your head and heart in alignment. And know that not trying is WAY MORE sad than missing out on the experience.

  4. 2019 was certainly a bumpy road for me. Great things, bad things… But, well… That's life, right? ?
    Best wishes to you for a FANTASTIC 2020! ?

  5. Lovely round up lady, you grow physics and emotionally with ever year that passes, the key is to recognise this and learn from it for the betterment of your life, I hope you keep up the love & time for yourself and wish you all the best in your future adventure. Bring on 2020.x

  6. Your honesty is refreshing, it is crucial to remember the past but more important to adjust and adapt for the future.
    Thanks for your time and effort, your edits are always captivating.
    Happy new year!!

  7. Remember. It is always better to regret something you have done, than something you havn't . You have really given me a jolt to move forward, for that I am truly thankful. Atb Lexie. from a random internet guy.

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