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Hey everyone, it’s Morgan Yates last year. I showed you guys the process of decorating my house for Christmas and this year I’m back doing it bigger and better and with a different color scheme So today we’re decking these halls for the holidays with the help of Bed Bath & Beyond Thank you so much to them for sponsoring this video and let’s go ahead and get started Gonna get it cranking in here. I’m gonna get festive vibes coming at you soon. I for one I’m still classic just a holiday season. I’ve never decorated so early, but we’re just getting a kick start this year So this is first video you’re seeing a mine I would love if you would subscribe and today we’re gonna be taking my house head to tell getting all Festive and today the things I may be showing you are from it that Bath and Beyond who sent over a ton of stuff They’re actually sponsoring this video and they’re an awesome go-to destination for things like your Christmas trees or your ornaments Absolutely anything Christmas decor they have there as well as general home decor and home bath Needs so everything I decorate with will be links below on their website and I was gonna be having a really sick Black Friday sale You’re not gonna miss the after they’re due Let’s go ahead and get this place festive decked out ready to decorate go through a little before last everything We took out all these pink tone pillows and like brought in red ones. I’m gonna need to like reflect This is where our tree is gonna go. This plant is just gonna find a new home for a little bit This is all of our decor over here from Bed Bath & Beyond We have this closet at the front of our house full of other decor first, its operation that grabs pumpkins All right Oh Halloween stuff is now shoved back and that everything Christmas is out mistakes were made including wearing this item Sweating I think first up definitely needs to be the tree. Let’s do it. Hit it Frank No luck, I’ll see you in about 30 minutes All right, so just unboxed a ton of stuff from Bed Bath & Beyond I’m going to show you what I got before I attempt to figure out where to put it So first this is upside down. This is what it looks like I saw on the website this porcelain winter village that I thought looks super cute I envisioned it rather than like layering and I played back kind of just like spreading it out long ways on like these shelves or The ones over there just having like a pretty winter display And this was a lot of pieces and stuff to be able to do that. So let that be good I got a couple of these gold trees that I thought might somehow look good unlike the sides of this or something I don’t know. We have a few things that I really know where they’re gonna go. We’re gonna wing it I got this beautiful wreath for our front door. It has the battery pack of lights as well So this does light up versus just like a plain and green wreath I thought that this was cute because it has a lot of like frosted tips and like these little gold Details and things like that and then I also for outside got this floor mat because we had Halloween went out there I thought we’d switch our doormat to something festive as well. I picked up one pillow for our couch we have a few other red ones from last year that we’re gonna swap out and it’s just this little Really soft development one that says merry next It’s kind of hard to see all it bundled up But it is the same style as this wreath and it’s just gonna be a garland to go down the stairs this last year I’m gonna just have like a plain green one, though This won’t be prettier as well and kind of like a match some other gold tones. We have going on downstairs other. Miscellaneous Unsure where this is going to go to court I got these three little light-up gift box things that could even be cute like well, this is a mess right now But like one of them going here to the left of the bar card the kitchen I picked up a couple of these little hand towels my put one of these in my bathroom as well It’s just this little simple tree on it. I also got a set these all came in one set of at these little icicle ornaments because I just thought that would spice up the tree because last year what I didn’t like about our tree was that it Was just too bare also need to figure out what kind of color scheme I want to do I so torn about I want to include red in this room or not And then lastly I just got this little like glass tree decor operation. Let’s begin I guess We just have this little vase at the bottom of our stairs always has this like eucalyptus play in it last year I bought some other little festive sprigs to go in there. So now she’s full also been very torn so last year We just had like a classic Christmas setup down here like red and green, you know Christmas colors. I’ve been inspired by some things I’ve seen on Instagram that are more like Christmas winter Wonderland desk and there’s not really as much like red in there as much as it is just like greens whites and lights metal tones Like golds and Silver’s and so if I did that then we could even keep these pink pillows out But then I have those red ones, so I don’t know I have like a few existing rad things but even like our ornaments from last year or like red or red and gold Yeah, I think I’m gonna include the Reds for now and we might revisit this All right future bouts go in on the tree life hack for ornamenting I’ve been doing this since I was a child in my mom when I was getting that any however I think it makes a lot of sense Which is I just leave the ornament and hook on them and stick them back in here That way they’re just ready to go for the next year. I feel like that’s the best way to see this That’s why we don’t have last Mormons Now here the icicles which are glass She pretty or ever gonna switch out these mats out, what’s the old This even has little like lights that go inside it and the little houses Alright I’m gonna try to assemble that up here, but I’m not sure this little goods over speech I Can decide if I like this here or not Hmm. All right for this mini tree since last year. We had a tree in this corner I’m thinking this mini tree that I need to fluff out could just go on top of our little mini fridge over here I think this looks good. I think it adds nice festive touch to the kitchen several hours later, and it’s official I decided we are ditching red as a color for our house this year. We’re going with jewel tone ish colors we’re losing our light so I’m gonna do this off camera and just show you the final result and show you the morning but maps Take off all the red ornaments. I’m gonna put up a bunch of gold and silver ones and I just picked up Morning welcome to decorating day two here we have the tree behind me She still needs more ornaments, but I’m digging the gold silver ornaments set up and more on the way So that doesn’t make it into this video. Make sure you’re following along on vlogs for additional updates including right now I only have one little individual creative ornament, but we’ve got a lot more on their way to my house first thing I want to do this morning is actually put up this Garland on the stairs so that we can get it feeling more festive throughout the whole house This is gonna be so fun to clean up little village over here is also really growing on me both the roommates love it so it’s gonna stay there last year our Garland just like wrapped around the handrail but this year since it’s so like decorative and whatever. It’s not gonna be that way We’re just gonna I’m in it like draping once and then draping twice. So then I was like, okay Has anyone hang a garland looked up and in doing? Research I discovered these little garland tie things so they have like wire in here or something and then you just twist them around where? You’re wanting to secure it and they like blend in and then stay there which is great So if I had anyone here to help me with this, this would be a lot easier, but I don’t so These also have a little plug to light up which is cool in theory, but I don’t know if this will reached it So that might just be an unused feature Whoa, so this one definitely curves right a little bit more than this one does we’re gonna let gravity do its thing and or maybe I’ll tweak this a little some help but I think this looks great So in order to the eternities Python, I would need an extension cord But it’s gonna be so visible that I feel like maybe we were just wanting to trim these on these are stockings from last year Since there are three of us that live here. However, since we took the trigger, I have some other stockings on the way This is a little excessive so we’ll do the resin in the middle for now Well for now, that’s good enough All right, thanks we put the succulent away and the pumpkin candle we’re gonna work on this We need to work on our centerpieces here in the dining room I just put this little tree for now also, let me know that I just tried to hang our wreath But basically without showing you our door Essentially our house number is like where the bottom of this hit so a wreath Like I can’t use this to hang the breeze, basically I think I’m just gonna stick a nail in the door and hang it that way That’s what we did in college when we didn’t have the money if I win these I’m gonna decorate this too with a little baby I’m sure how I feel about it. Look again back up all the way back here. I love it also I put out a bowl with some ornaments left from the tree and then just picture That not being there and I think this will also help also set up the little green tree right here All right, so upon struggling greatly with this tree topper, I don’t know how these work normally We don’t even have one because I’ve just been lazy But it’s like a little corkscrew thing And when I put it on the tallest branch, which now is just free standing up in the back It just like flopped over cuz it’s like kind of heavy so I just stuck it on a smaller one in front Hope that looks ok. Alright next task. I have a bunch of boxes over here that aren’t actually presents They’re just like random shipping boxes that I wrapped up and wrapping paper last year. However, I got a couple new kinds I’m going to wrap up these end instead of this paper that they’re in currently and those will be wrapped up and put under here just to sort of fill out the tree until I get some real presents, but also I don’t really like wrap up most of my presents because I bring them back to North Carolina, so I just end up wrapping them. They’re against why we have fake presents We have now got a whole trees worth of fake present I ended up keeping some of the gold ones that we had from last year I really only switched out the wrapping on the red ones for now I’ve put those two little trees right over here beside the bar cart because the light comes in over here and like reflects really prettily Personally. Yeah, I definitely need to switch this out to say something festive as well as this little pineapple I might get like a little treed foot there. And now I’m gonna swap out these hand towels. Boom Alright next for a cookie jar that we keep over beside the oven of this candy corn in there from Halloween’s gonna toss that and then Put in at the candy canes fun fact. These candy canes are actually from last year I don’t actually eat these I don’t think anyone here eats them. So we’re gonna bank on that and reuse them Better skies over here on our counter. Alright next we got this gal I just have this little frosty bowl that was actually part of some Halloween decor that have these like claw hand things that held the Bowl so being thirsty and gonna make just the bowl work, but do you know what a putter it may be there? Sure, I think that looks good. We’re gonna go for the old deer for the pineapple swapper. Ooh much better All right, next up in the bedroom. We’re not doing much in here. But that tree that used to go in our dining room I’m gonna attempt to put here I think it’s gonna be too big every ounce of reason I have tells me it’s gonna be too big However, if it doesn’t fit there, there’s nowhere in our house. It can go so at least we’re gonna know we tried Sure, well these legs go down wait, I think she is skinny enough So it fits perfectly I’m in shock. I also forgot that this one is not pre lit So I need to go downstairs and grab some lights string around this but what? Alexa turn on my lights So the tree looks good, I’m a big fan of its a gold silver Color scheme this year. I do love how these ornaments from Bed Bath & Beyond look as well they’re like a clear but like this like iridescent like Obviously you can see it kind of has these like like hints of rainbow colors to it But I think these are really cool because you can actually see the lights through them and so at night it like kind of lights Up the whole ornament which is cool some final touches. I always like to do in my room I just have a couple little like random Christmassy frames This is my college Christmas car that I keep so I have this one and I also have this picture of me feeding a reindeer From a trip to Finland, so I thought it doesn’t get more Christmassy than that I also sit out this little gold garland. It needs to be like bent into place a little bit better But yeah, so I thought that that was some simple bedroom decor This is the garland we used on the handrail downstairs last year obviously a lot more plain and simple So I’ve said to just use that upstairs this year Yeah, so that we at least have a few little things that tie it in I’ll just put another of these Bed Bath & Beyond hand towels up in my bathroom. I think we’re now done decorating So that concludes this video decorating with me for Christmas If you guys enjoyed it a comment below letting me know as well as let me know when you guys are decorating your house I’ve never decorated this early, but I feel like it was appropriate. We don’t have that much time this year We have a late Thanksgiving I’m gonna be continuing to add some additional things I have on the way to my house But just aren’t here yet and a blog so make sure you subscribe over my blog channel and We have to keep up with all the finishing touches and I was the I’ll get my next video

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