DEEP Chinese Street Food Tour in Beijing, China | BEST Unknown Street Foods + PEKING DUCK

DEEP Chinese Street Food Tour in Beijing, China | BEST Unknown Street Foods  + PEKING DUCK

Alright so check it out It’s Trevor James Ting and I just got into Beijing to meet up with Chuchu And today we are going bright and early for a full on Street food tour Let’s go check it out This is it Beijing, the capital of China With a huge selection of street food You could spend a year or more eating Here, deep in the Hutong alleyways You can still find legit, authentic Chinese street food Just like the old times That is exactly what we set out to do So make sure to watch until the end Because we are taking you on a full on Hutong alleyway street food tour To eat a ton of Beijing street food specialties Including the famous Peking duck Let’s eat So this is like a morning market? I love jianbing! Let’s go get it! Jianbing is one of the most beautiful creations We have two eggs on it Tai hao le Chuchu just look at that Doesn’t that look fantastic? The eggs are just mixed in with the dough perfectly Let’s take our first bite Oh yeah Oh, Beijing That is just fantastic That is a perfect start to the day Bye bye Awesome Nothing like deep Hutong street food What Chuchu brought me to next is one of the most enjoyable things to eat on the street in Beijing And the locals love it There really is nothing better Than eating this miancha sesame paste porridge in a Hutong alleyway Let’s go outside Look at this That sesame paste is so Xiang de A little salty Oh it’s so powerful That is pure powerful gloop Not much sweetness at all to it It’s quite salty And that is a thick thick enjoyable porridge Cheers It’s really like a sesame butter porridge but salty and powerful If you want to try something really unique in Beijing You can follow along with Chuchu’s tour And hop in a taxi And try the classic Beijing fermented stinky fermented soybean drink That’s stench fills every restaurant it’s made in As we started getting closer Chuchu started getting really nervous OK let’s go Let’s go try it out Oh it’s stinky in here There is a definite odor That is nasty That is really bad and strong It smells like socks, like wazi Let’s order one up I think it’s going to be a stinky bowl of douzhi So let’s just get one bowl, OK? Let’s order up This smells like burnt socks Oh that is stinky, here, smell it No no no no no Come on, here, give it a smell So we have douzhi, and what else? Let’s try it out It’s like a It’s like an onion ring without the onion The stinky, fermented green beans It’s not that bad come on Get a big spoon It smells worse than it is With a fermented green bean odor But it also tastes a little burnt Come on, try it out Oh yeah, it’s…come on, try it out It’s not that bad, come on Let’s try it out That is even worse Pickled rutabaga on top That is really nasty Why am I going for more? Let’s go get something else to eat Oh that was nasty! So that was quite a strong dish It was not that good I thought it was kind of gross But I can see why people would like it It’s one of those things kind of like durian or stinky tofu Some people love it And some people hate it And that was one of the things that we both didn’t like It was kind of like stinky socks But we are going to make our way to another lunch joint To have some famous Beijing Zhajiang mian (Zhejiang noodles) After a quick ride on the subway We made our way to a famous little Beijing noodle joint (zhajiang mian) And, organ soup joint with the lineup out the door Gotta lineup, awesome As soon as you step into this luzhu joint You can smell the simmering intestines and lungs that green you As you line up to take a bowl from the huge cauldron that’s full of rich organ broth Organs, soaked pita bread, and smoky tofu The chefs are quick at work Chopping up the intestines and lungs with intense energy for a seemingly endless lineup And that’s when you know something is really good He’s just chopping, oh that’s a lung That’s a whole lung he is just chopping up He’s just mincing He’s just chopping that lung into little pieces And he is going to do that with intestines He’s done it with the pita and the tofu already And just filling each bowl completely Oh yes Organ delight Organ delight Oh yeah there is intestine It looks like there is some lung Pita bread, and tofu in a rich organ broth Everything looks so sloppy The juices are just flying The juices are just flying everywhere And he is just filling the bowl here with broth Here comes the broth That’s going to be rich Nice Oh that is beautiful Crazy in here It’s so busy After picking up your luzhu soup You need to get your famous zhajiang noodles Texture sliced thick noodles served plain with an assortment of sliced cold veg And a specialty secret bean paste That gives the dish it’s backbone essential flavor Ok lets go find a seat This just looks magnificent Oh look at all these ingredients In a rich broth This is just magnificent So start with the sauce? That looks so beautiful That is the most beautiful colorful bowl of noodles And that’s the real secret, the Jiang, right? And then just mix it up That is just going to be colorfully good I think the real secret is going to be that bean paste Oh it’s a thick bean paste And my mouth is completely watering right now Are you ready? That bean paste is magic It’s like a perfect mix between salty and sweet With nice bits of pork in there Shall we try this This is their specialty I’m going to get a nice big one with an intestine and a lung Can I get a double, triple combo? Intestine, lung, and pita Cheers It’s definitely strong And the organ flavor, the intestine flavor is overpowering But if you like that It’s actually really good Well that was fantastic Beautiful noodles It has been a wonderful day hanging out with Ting and Chuchu We’ve had a lot of good food We are exploring the old hutongs of Beijing now And we are going to make our way for Beijing duck Oh yeah, can’t wait! This is beautiful here Really nice Lots of beautiful lanterns And we can have a nice big plump fatty duck here I like the ancient feel here Yeah, it’s cool Look at this! Look at the duck As you step into this deep back street Hutong alleyway Beijing duck joint You can instantly smell the aroma of the crispy fatty duck sizzling in the wood oven Watching the ducks being put in the oven And roast slowly over the wood flames Dripping fat and juices And rocking slowly back and forth Is enough to make anyone hungry When it’s in front of your eyes Whether it’s your first time Or you’re a Beijing duck addict The excitement and anticipation is always the same It’s just that good Beautiful! This is just going to be so good Can’t wait to try this out The big beauty is coming in Just look at how succulent this is You can really hear the crisp Oh beautiful Look at the bursting juice Look at the juice bursting You can see the juice, the oil That is going to be That is going to be legendary This is really the best duck that you’ll ever eat And as you watch the chef slowly slicing it The pure excitement and anticipation for the best bite of duck that you will ever eat So we have a huge Beijing duck feast here today He cut up a whole duck Beautiful And then over here some cucumbers, melon, and radish The beauty over here, this, the wraps Making the wraps of Beijing ducks is the final step before eating them Some like to make them elegant And others like to just stuff them full I like to do the stuff them full technique You can’t go wrong with a mouthful of Beijing duck Wrapped up with different sauces to choose from Wow! The duck is amazing Solid 10/10 on this one guys You’ll enter duck heaven the moment it hits your lips And the flavor had actually a slight sweet wasabi mustard like flavor to the sweet bean paste So good That was an amazing day So much good food Thank you Chuchu That was a great time And thank you for watching these food and travel videos Please leave us a thumbs up down below A comment letting us know what you thought And subscribe to this channel if you haven’t already Thanks guys If you enjoyed this video And want more delicious street food videos Make sure to click the popup on the left of the screen for a full playlist of delicious street food videos From across china and Asia Also, click that subscribe button and the little bell button beside it So you can get notifications whenever I upload a new delicious street food video Thank you so much for watching!

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  10. There are eight major cuisines in Chinese food, and there are small cuisines. Some people think that Chinese food is very greasy. Actually it is not in some restaurants. We also feel greasy, but the dishes we make in our own homes are not greasy. Some types of cuisine are light, slightly sweet and some are salty. We must have rice and steamed bread when we eat, because the vegetables are salty, and those greasy foods usually appear in markets and tourist attractions. The characteristics are different, for example, the northern vegetable is too oily because the weather in the north is dry and cold in winter! The south part of the south likes to eat spicy because of the dampness, and the southernmost dish is light. Thank you, I hope you will come to China to play, Chinese people like peace, you will love it.

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