100 thoughts on “Demi Lovato – Cool For The Summer (Live At The MTV VMAs / 2017)

  1. People are telling her to rest, but Kpop stars get like no rest, they have to dance and they have hard choreography. And their voices are still fine.


  2. I wish artists weren't such figureheads for certain types of music these days. As in, wrote at least part of the song….plays an instrument, didn't just show up at the studio and get told what to sing and how to sing it…then how to dance to "their" song. Not just a face and a style created by the companies geared toward a certain audience.  I guess that's where we've gotten to and it's the norm now.  If you cant beat them…join them I suppose!  Let's all please embrace Demi as if she were a real artist.

  3. Lotta haters. At least she sang live. Most other artist lip sing. Granted it's to their own music, but most don't actually sing live.

  4. Wow people have to put the stage on a swimming pool just to get people to put their damn phone down, right on!
    Just they need to enjoy the show

  5. ik she sounded tired bec she performed sorry not sorry before this but still slayed as always but u gotta agree she gets back at it at 2:49

  6. She sounds so tired and looks so lost… she should take a break and pay attention to herself ❤

  7. You are very beautiful, attractive, exciting and the best in the universe, but the world and galaxies I am hima from Egypt Cairo from the most powerful fans of Demi

  8. Awesome performance of her iconic song. I love her for her talent and beauty. Hope she is doing good after all she's been through. 🙂

  9. Not sure what happened here because it had such great potential. She looks amazing! The set, the audience and dancers look fab but her stage presence and voice is tired. Either that or Demi just isn't good at whisper-singing

  10. Bem, a fraqueza no vocal dela eh de menos… Neste show, de tão HOT, a Demi conseguiu fazer a pipa do vovô subir!!! ??????

  11. Love her to bits but she’s better than this, she’s super tired though and still when tired doesn’t use playback like Mariah and other pop stars

  12. God she sounds like me when i sing in the shower and i turn off the water and i sound like some kinda dying animal…..

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