Denmark Introduces Harrowing New Tourism Ads Directed By Lars Von Trier

Denmark Introduces Harrowing New Tourism Ads Directed By Lars Von Trier

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International Denmark The National Tourism Board
unveiled a new 20 million Euro promotional
campaign this week, directed by Denmark’s
most beloved filmmaker, Lars Von Trier. Mr. Von Trier’s ability to work
with such disparate Danish themes such as rape, incest,
and the inherently evil nature of society make him a national treasure. The first exciting television ad,
which was filmed entirely on camera phones
using only natural light and actors who were kept in
sensory-deprivation chambers for sixteen days prior to shooting, will begin airing across
Europe later this week. Here’s a sneak peek. Jorn! Jorn! Mother. Come explore
Denmark’s outdoors. But the Tourism Board expects
the ads to pay off hugely by attracting young
urban professionals, who are the most in need
of having their egos shattered. The hip new ad,
called “Nightlife,” will air on MTV Europe tomorrow. It was at this very spot where I was first raped. It was I who raped you. Youthful Denmark. Von Trier is also playing up
Denmark’s enchanting romantic side, touting it as the perfect place
to begin a doomed love affair. Fall in love in Denmark. The ads took over
one year to complete due to Von Trier’s decision
to wire his own jaw shut and communicate
with the cast and crew in a form of sign language
he created himself. Moving on, will the world ever threaten our dominance
in indoor handball? Still ahead: FDA recalls grenades accidentally
approved for human consumption.

100 thoughts on “Denmark Introduces Harrowing New Tourism Ads Directed By Lars Von Trier

  1. @jsz430 it aint us all danes who see this think it hilarious its probabaly some other ones that are used to other onion news

  2. @shade270 You're just missing out on the normal films they make in Europe. I've seen one or two, so I know the exist.

  3. Being a dane myself I found this hilarious, it was correct translated, though I was annoyed that they sometimes use Swedish or Norwegian as danish.

  4. @shade270 Well, when you've seen your continent burnt straight to the ground twice in a century and have its place in the world usurped by Americans and Russians, it tends to take the spring out of your step.

  5. The FDA did what? This was over a year ago! How come I never got the memo about the grenades? I need to get on the phone with a lot of patients…

  6. @pashun88 Being conservative in Denmark means that you prioritize socialistic values firstly. That means higher taxes and various social aid in our society. For instance if you're handicap you get about 2000 $, college/university is free, if you study anything you get an economical income which is at maximum: 1000 $. As opposed to being liberal in Denmark, that encourages capitalism.

  7. Lean nuestro reporte sobre el escándalo que relaciona involuntariamente a Lars Von Trier con el autor de la masacre de Oslo, y que incluye además detalles sobre su nueva película erótica, en nuestro sitio en español!

  8. That's what happens anytime Von Trier takes control of anything. The other time, he was happy to be a Nazi and was proud of it!

  9. The weird thing is that the little headlines in the bottom of the screen could all actually be true. They aren't Onion-ish at all…

  10. Wow. I've lived in Denmark my whole life, and i didn't even know this shit was going on… i'm packing my bags and moving to Somalia where it's safe!

  11. @geffrod why so fat, america? and also stop grouping europe as if we're a bloody country. for fucks sake, i doubt any brits or french dislikedthis. go to hell

  12. Fuck of danes! Our women's team is way better than yours.. And when it comes to handball noone gives a shit about the men anyway.

  13. the awkward moment when you realise that america is the common term for the U.S.A. North America is a continent. so piss off.

  14. IT'S FAKE YOU MORONS!! I can't believe people actually think this is real. Didn't that woman's speech send the signal??

  15. It's the same way when you hear the news about how Texas bans gay marriage or something, you don't hear people say, "look how stupid and homophobic those Texans are"; you hear, "look how stupid and homophobic those Americans are". We may be one country, but we're diverse, too.

  16. My wife, not knowing who Lars Von Trier is & looking for some good, light-hearted film fare recently got us Melancholia by Lars V.T. I said, "U wanted to get a fun fluff movie- why on earth did you rent one called 'MELANCHOLIA' by LARS VON TRIER of all people!!" Because she thinks Alexander Skarsgaard is cute. Predictably, Melancholia was a relentlessly depressing examination of peoples' shattered lives falling apart before everyone and everything is vaporized by a planet slamming into earth.

  17. What's does your being "Danish" have to do with anything? This video is about Denmark, so unless you're a Denmarkian you have no kind of special insight here. Jeez, and people say AMERICANS are self-obsessed and ignorant.

  18. Probably the single best tourism ad ever made and an Onion classic. I wish we had written this one.

  19. how can 9 billion people be viewing around the world if there's only 7.2 people on earth? LOL (For all you dumbass pieces of bullshit, I know there are 7.2 billion people in the world. Fuck off and eat shit)

  20. This is my opinion, but I think that this one of the best onion videos. It really does a good job satirically poking fun at the pretentiousness that a lot of these european arthouse films unfortunately get hollowed out into. And Lars Von Triers, while I have no doubt that he's talented, really epitomizes this problem pitch perfectly in a lot of his work. I actually get astounded by just how manipulative and obvious are his lame attempts to try and be "different".

  21. "Such disparate Danish themes such as rape, incest, and the inherently evil nature of society."

  22. As a Scandinavian-American filmmaker this is one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life. Thank you ONION!!

  23. Not much for denmark except sexual tourism. Lefty idiots. The stupid house of cards is crumbling. So much for the fake – happiest people on earth.

  24. The House That Jack Built has a scene exactly like the "Come Explore Denmark's Outdoors" clip. Von Trier must be a fan of the Onion.

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