Did we (or did we not) get our Chinese tourist Visa issued in Hong Kong????

Did we (or did we not) get our Chinese tourist Visa issued in Hong Kong????

Background music playing.
Very exciting afternoon over here. We’re leaving our apartment in Mong Kok and we’re going
to walk over to the Chinese Embassy to see if our Visas for China have been approved
or not. So keeping our fingers crossed. Background music playing.
The reason we’re a little bit concerned is that the Visa process has changed for getting
a Visa. Now for China you need more documents. You need to be able to prove you can get out
of China. You also need to be able to prove accomodation for your first night there.
So our problem is that our train tickets don’t actually match our final destination because
we weren’t able to purchase train tickets to Guilin from Hong Kong. We actually need
to be in China in order to do so. So we’re going to see how that works out. Hopefully
they are not too picky about the application. So the agent who is taking care of our Visa
process for us didn’t sound very confident, so I’d say there is a 50-50 chance we’re going
to get our Visas or not. So we’re going to find out soon.
Well, I’m convinced we’re going to get the Visa because I’m a little bit more optimistic
than Sam over here. So what is your probability? 98%.
background music playing. So these are the people that are going to
decide our travel fate. Let’s go find out. Ooooh. Bad news. We got em!!!
Yeah! Hahaha! We’re going to China.
Background music playing. We’re getting Taiwanese milk tea with tapioca
pearls. I’ve become addicted to it since I got to Macau and Hong Kong. Is this your way
of celebrating? Background music playing.
We’re going to China. We’re going to China. Background music playing.

23 thoughts on “Did we (or did we not) get our Chinese tourist Visa issued in Hong Kong????

  1. The paperwork for anything involved with China is beyond maddening. My wife and I got work visas after providing stacks of paperwork where the rules seemed to change by the day. This place is pretty crazy. I think you two will have a wonderful time. Can't wait to see your videos. If you are in the area of Shangrao, let me know…..lol

  2. Thank you! I know what you mean! It's one of the trickiest Visas around by far. I think only my Visa for India was more complicated. What was stressful is that even though we paid for return train tickets and booked a room, we were told we may not get the Visa; luckily we did though!

  3. yay! good for you guys 🙂 also, how do you all afford traveling everywhere? what are your jobs if you dont mind me asking 🙂

  4. Thank you!!! We saved up hard teaching English in Korea and now we do online marketing work which allows us to live around the world while we work in the afternoons and evenings.

  5. Guys, are you going to stay a night or so in Shenzhen before you heading to Guilin? I am living in Shenzhen (one metro station from Lok Ma Chau) now for nearly three years, so if you fancy some delicious street food and a beer give me a shout. 😉

  6. Unfortunately, we're not 🙁 We really appreciate your offer though. If we're in the area we'll be sure to let you know.

  7. Im a little worried myself that my visa will not get approved because the name on my birth certificate, green card, and state id do not match exactly the same. I have two last names and a middle initial lol but i have provided a notorized letter stating all identities are the same person and a copy of all my IDs I hope that good enough for them 🙁 

  8. Nice video, but my recomandation for the next video is never show your passports or visa, we can see all your information.

  9. the situation has improved in india now regarding currency.demonitization reminds me of the hard times .

  10. I'm planing to visit china next June, but I haven't taken the decision yet which city to visit , Beijing, Hong Kong or Guangzhou? and don't tel me that I can visit them all because I am staying for only 5 or 6 days maximum, so which city do you recommend please?

  11. I wish there was a complete list of things you need if you choose to get the China tourist visa in hong kong instead of your home country.

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