Didn’t Want To Stay At Camp – Special Needs Summer Camp

Didn’t Want To Stay At Camp – Special Needs Summer Camp

– Say hi Hi, what’s up guys? Welcome to the Vlog. Today is camp day! You’re going to camp, you
got your Super Girl shirt on. The theme this year is Super Heroes, so Abbie has a bunch of super hero shirts that we picked up at Target, huh? Yup, you’re going to be
Captain America for the party. We’re going with gender
neutral super heroes, they didn’t have much to
choose from for super heroes. Mom’s getting all packed
up, look at you go. – Yeah huh. – [Asa] Packing video coming soon – Yes – [Asa] How to pack for
camp and other activities – Yeah, it’s, ya know, we try to make it as easy as possible. – [Asa] That’s right – When you have a non-verbal
child it’s hard sometimes, so like she doesn’t pick
out her own clothes, I know we get that question a lot. – [Asa] Right – She wears what I pick out for her, and she doesn’t seem to mind, so. – [Asa] You excited? Do you
know where you are going? Ab? Hey? Do you know where you’re going? – She’s like mom’s got the zip lock bags, I know where I am going. (laughing) – [Asa] Okay, you want to get breakfast? Yeah? Let’s go. – Can you give me thumbs up? Oh, good job! Are you so excited to go
to camp? Are you excited? – [Asa] I’m ready, let’s go! Oh boy, Ab, this is always so exciting. – It is – [Asa] I love when you
get to do your things. No leave it, leave it, it’s fine. She’s like no it’s not,
it can’t be back here, you don’t understand. Just leave the pillow, leave it. We just stopped to get junk food because Abigail was not eating
breakfast this morning, she’s like, she turned down
everything. Everything. – I think she’s excited. – Priscilla went and dropped Maverick off and she stopped by Dunkin
and brought me home coffee, so sweet, and donuts for me and Ab. Abbie would not eat her donut,
like she pushed it away, it was weird, I’ve never
seen her do that before. The kid loves donuts. We are pulling into the camp property. – Thank you, we have Abigail Moss. – Perfect, I’m gonna get
your all dashboard count. – Okay, thanks – Head right up to them and they’ll explain check in for y’all – Okay, thank you – Hi – Hi – Abbie Moss – Abbie Moss Our camp celebrity, oh my
gosh, are you excited Abbie? – Abbie, are you excited? She’s like I don’t know right now – Isaiah’s out there, he’s excited – Good – My gosh, here you go, so
you just want to check in at all the stations in the dining hall. – There they go Ab (People chanting “Abbie”) – Did you see your brother, he’s here too? She’s like great, can’t get away from him. (laughing) Can you say hello? – [McKenzie] Hi – [Asa] Say hi – [McKenzie] She’s being shy (speaking on intercom) – That’s cool, oh my goodness – Nope, over here, over here look. – Come here, look at your sign. – [Asa] How cool is that – Isn’t that so cool? You’re a good artist – [McKenzie] Thank you – Hey, can you stand in front
of your sign with McKenzie? So we can take your picture? Hey, turn and look at mom. – Smile – [Priscilla] No? She’s such a teenager Hey, we gotta make your bed, okay? Yes we do – [McKenzie] Yeah, look, I made my bed so we gotta make yours – Look, we gotta get your stuff – Okay, so we kind of ran through everything we had in the suitcase
with McKenzie, her buddy. Talked about how everything’s
individually packaged, she was very appreciative of that, because the idea is
that she can just go in and pull out a ziplock and she
has a full change of clothes but you’ll know more
about that if you watch the packing video, for how
we get Abbie packed for camp. Abigail of course request
to use the bathroom because we’re in a place,
and they have bathrooms, therefore she must see
them, so she’s doing that. I’m just kinda, ya know,
it’s a little bit difficult because you gotta kinda
give them the run down. I don’t know how that works. You can just leave it down
there it has locks, I think These are new, these like- – Yeah – Don’t roll out of bed
things, those are pretty cool – So they put Abbie
over here in the corner, so they can keep her in bed
because she’s a troublemaker. – With the double sided beds like that, she’ll try to escape. – But the cool thing
is, see this door here, which they have an
alarm, but they also put one of the supervisors
will sleep there on a cot. – Yup, this place is on lock down, we tell people all the time, people talk about
bringing their kids here, they’re like “oh my kid
can’t go a night without me”, they can, and they’re pros here. They’re absolute pros. I think the first year
we stuck around for like an hour and a half, and
told them like everything we could about Abigail. – Yeah – Stressed about it and worried about it and as the years went on we’re like okay here’s a list of all of her
signs, here’s what to expect, this is ya know we do the introductions, and then we leave, and we let them learn about each other as they go. – Well you guys saw, Becca’s here. – [Asa] Yeah – So she can help – Isaiah’s here – Yeah so – Lot’s of buddies have hung
out with Abigail before. Her hair, really just
keeping it out of her face is gonna keep it from getting greasy because she’ll get food
in it and everything else. – If she starts to get frustrated,
she’ll go to bite her arm you just redirect with a chewie and they’re right here in her backpack. – [Asa] Don’t put your hands
in the way, of her biting them, because she will, she
doesn’t intend to hurt you but she’s trying to bite
something to get that, so she’ll bite you on accident. – [Priscilla] Oh she’s like
this is the best lanyard,. – [Asa] It’s a chewable
lanyard, how cool is that? You like your bed? – [Priscilla] Are you excited? Hey, we’re gonna go do check-in, okay? So you can hang out with McKenzie and then we’ll see you
before you leave. All right? – We’ll check in with you – [McKenzie] Guys, a couple questions. – [Asa] Sure – [Priscilla] Of course – [Asa] Have at it – [McKenzie] So, like does
she need help showering? – [Priscilla She will need help, you can give her verbal prompts. (laughing) – [Priscilla] You like her hair, huh? (whispering) Be gentle – [Asa] Nicely – Awesome – [Asa] Think she’ll have a good time? – I think so – [Asa] I think, yeah,
I think it’s a good fit. – Yeah – [Asa] Sweet girl – She’s got curly hair like Summer – [Asa] Yup – There’s our boy – [Asa] There’s Isaiah cheering for people as they come in (background noise drowns out other sounds) – [Asa] Everybody gets
their super hero name, so take the first letter
of your name, find it here, and what month you were born in, find it. Pause the video here. So I am Captain Blade. That’s a good name. – That is a good name – [Asa] What are you? – What’s Abbie? – Abbie’s Captain- – [Asa] You’re Mega Rider, Nice – Abbie’s Captain Rider and Isaiah is Hawk Blade – Hawk Blade Okay it’s goofy, but comment down below with your super hero name or make up your own super hero
name, let me know what it is. That’s the theme in
case you couldn’t tell, Super Heroes at camp. – [Asa] We got you all checked in. We’re gonna go is that okay? Can we leave? – Can we leave? – [Asa] Can we say bye? – Yeah? Hey, can I have a hug? Have so much fun okay? – [Asa] Awe – I love you – [Asa] You’re happy to be here – You just went to the bathroom, I saw you Can you give dad a hug? – [Asa] Can I get a hug? A big one? Thank you, Love you – Here comes brother – Hi – Hi -[Asa] Here’s the brother – Hey Ab, I like the shirt – Oh my gosh, look at
y’all, you’re too cute Hey, come here – Hi Guys – [Asa] When does your
buddy get here do you know? Not yet? – No, I have to go back to
the tunnel and say hi and bye. – [Asa] Have a great week bud – Okay, love you, bye Guys – I hope you have so much fun – [Asa] Bye Ab – [Asa] Bye – Bye Abbie – [Asa] She’s never not
wanted to stay before – I know, she’ll be good – [Asa] You sure? – Yeah – [Asa] Now I feel bad – You’ll make it harder – Okay, I won’t – I think she’s just confused – Yeah – Ya know? She’s, we’re lingering too much – Yeah yeah yeah, okay – Yeah – And she, ya know mosquitos, Florida, back in Florida with the bugs, yeah you’re right, we’re
usually out of here a little bit quicker and
she’s like into her thing and having fun and stuff like that, so it’s changed a little
bit too from last year, because now she likes to
hangout in her room more. – Right – Where as like last year
she just wanted to go go go ya know, go do things, go
swing, things like that, so she might spend a
little time in the cabin, just chilling in her
bunk, and that’s okay. – But they’ll get her used to everything – Yeah Priscilla yells out the window
“Bye Isaiah, I love you!” and he yells back “I love you so much!” (laughing) I love that he can be
himself here, ya know? No embarrassment at all. – He’s like, “I don’t care
about anything at camp.” Oh that’s good, it’s a good way to be. – So her buddy came up and
asked, “so I have a question, she was in somebody else’s bunk and she didn’t want to get out, should I just leave her in there or?” I’m like “No, No, you can be
a little assertive with her, she’s stubborn, ya know,
just make her get out. Ya know, redirect her to her bunk” Abbie’s stubborn, you
have to be a little bit assertive with her, even though
you’re just a camp buddy. – Right, that’s funny. She’ll learn quick though – Yes she will – She’s really sweet though – Very sweet Okay, so the kids gone – Party! – I don’t know what to do – It’s going to be party
vlogs from here on out (laughing) – Parents, Autism Parents Gone Wild – So we’re not completely kid
free to be honest with you, we have to get our third child, Maverick had to come in for a grooming. – [Priscilla] Does he smell
good? That’s the question – Oh, yeah he should
smell ten times better (laughing) – [Asa] Hey Buddy, oh wow, you
lost like 20 pounds of fur. – [Priscilla] Oh my
goodness you look so good. – [Cashier] All cleaned up – [Priscilla] Yay, Thank you guys so much – [Asa] Like a different dog Smells so good How many of you, like, need
this shirt in real life? I think that describes so many people – [Priscilla] Right Okay, I highly recommend Bark on Park if you’re in the Jacksonville area. Don’t put that on the blog – [Asa] You said don’t put it on the blog? Maverick, let’s go. Okay, so we get in the car, and I’m like Priscilla do you smell that? I have dog hair in my mouth. She’s like “no I don’t smell it” and then we pull over,
I’m like I still smell it he still stinks, so we pull over to the gas station and I’m like sniffing my dog, that’s why I have dog hair everywhere, like sniffing everywhere. – He’s like looking at you
like “what are you doing?” – Where’s that smell coming from? So, finally I figured it out, so you guys know how he plays in the pool when he’s at camp, right?
When he’s in the kennel. Oh gosh, I can’t put it next to my head it smells so bad, his
collar reeks. It’s so bad. So that’s what the problem
was the whole time. – It smelled up the whole car – I didn’t cut it out of the blog, just because it was all jumbled
and it didn’t make sense, but like yesterday we
came home and got him, and we’re like “he smells so terrible”, it was the collar the whole time. I’m sorry buddy for smell
shaming you, I’m sorry, it wasn’t your fault, it
was the collar, so gross. Okay, we gotta buy a new collar. – [Priscilla] Yup it’s that bad y’all. It’s going in the trash. Like it reeks, it makes the whole car smell. (Laughing) It’s like having a kid again,
like what’s that smell? And then you just like smelled your hands. That’s so weird – Ya know, how it is, you’re like – [Priscilla] Here smell it – Just smell it – [Priscilla] No no no – No smell it (Gagging) It’s so bad – [Priscilla] Do you feel amazing? – Ten days of wet dog, he’s like “I got the whole seat, no kids” You comfy buddy? We got Maverick dropped off at the house, ya know, hopefully, hopefully, we’ll be moving into a new house soon and Hobby Lobby is having
like a 90% off on some things, so we had to come and see what they had, because you know what you
do when you get a house, you gotta fill it with things. What? – Yeah – C’mon, c’mon guys It’s not Christmas – [Asa] Never in my life did I think I’d be knob shopping (laughing) Nothing I have ever considered doing – I don’t think people, it’s
not one of those things, it’s just a life thing you do – [Asa] The knobs in
the kitchen in the house are like a crystal, like this, and we don’t like them. – Ohhhh – [Asa] That’s fancy – Right – [Asa] Knob shopping,
holy crap I’m so old – Our kitchen can have cow heads – [Asa] Found it Hands – I’m not doing hands,
that’s kind of weird. Like, pull the hand to open your cabinet. – So I figured for our
first evening with no kids we would go on a fancy date, we have the whole place to ourselves, cause I’m kind of a baller like that. – [Priscilla] Jokes We’re just waiting for
the thunder storm to pass – [Asa] Hey, we’re did you get that? – I panicked, when I
saw Charming Charlie’s was going out of business, like, fifteen people messaged me about it. – [Asa] I love that made you panic – I did – [Asa] You did a Charming Charlie haul – Yup Here you go, there’s the haul. – [Asa] Priscilla loves dangle earrings so you got all the dangle earrings, right? – [Priscilla] I did, yeah – [Asa] It’s so funny that you – I had gift cards and
everything was 20% off – [Asa] Wow – So, and typically- – [Asa] The bag, let me see the bag – Typically, I be like, just wing it, life, eyeliner, everything. Typically, I would wait unitl- – [Asa] Oh, winged eyeliner – Yeah – [Asa] I get it, it’s cute. – Typically I would wait
until they went even cheaper, but I’m telling you things
were flying off the shelves. – We were texting Lauren,
Lauren said it is very Hunger Games in there,
with people running around, trying to get to their jewelry first. – All these ladies were like “I’m so sad, I can’t believe their
going out of business” I’m like me too, like I
feel like it’s a personal, it was a bad business model or something, because I bought my things from you guys, I bought all my things from you guys. – [Asa] So they’re, not just the store, like the company – Right, the whole company. – [Asa] Girl boss – Isn’t that cute? – [Asa] Sun bum – And look at these cute little purses. So it opens up like that, but it’s like, and then I got this one. Look at this one, and you unzip it, and it’s a huge purse. – [Asa] Wow – Isn’t that cool? – [Asa] So cool – Yup, so I got all my things – [Asa] I saw – Sun Bum, gotta have your Sun Bum. – [Asa] So I feel bad
leaving Abbie at camp, can we talk about it? – We can – We were actually
talking about it earlier a little bit, and I was like
“man, she’s never not wanted, she’s never wanted to get
back into the car, like not go to camp.” We’ve been
talking about camp, she knew she was going to camp. – Yeah – Ya know, we were showing
her stuff from camp, like we do with the airplane ride, ya know, she seemed excited about it, but this morning she was super excited, but then I was like
remember when you were a kid and you want you wanted
to go do something, Priscilla was a band person Geek. – Rude – And you went to band
camp and stuff right? – Thunder foot – And you were like all excited, okay I was a kicker in
football that’s where the thunder foot reference
comes from, but do you remember you went to band camp, right? – Yeah – Or whatever, you’re going to camp, you’re going to do things,
you’re all hyped and excited, and you get there and you’re
like ‘momma I don’t wanna go, I don’t wanna stay” – I don’t wanna, ya know,
this is not what I want to do, I’m comfortable at home, like
I think it’s the same thing. I think it’s the same thing. She’s like “no, no, no,
I’ll get back in the car, I’m comfortable there, I’m
familiar, it’s familiar to me”, so now I don’t feel bad, I’m like, it’s just a typical kid thing, I always tell people,
don’t put her autism first. – Right – Like don’t say, oh she can’t
do this because of autism, or she has to do that because,
like she’s still a kid, she’s still a human, ya know. So I gotta tell myself that sometimes too. Where it’s like, ya
know, she’s still a kid, she’s still trying to
get out of doing things, cause she’d rather do nothing. Ya know? – Well I know, I know she
didn’t care about going with us, she went into a random car to begin with. – Yeah – Ya know – It was just get in a car – Like I don’t want to stay
here, I want to go somewhere – Yeah I want to ride in a
car, in air conditioning, with music. It’s hot. – Right (laughing) – So she’s going to have a fantastic time – That made me feel better – So if you guys want to follow, well this may go out after. – After camp – Mr. Overachiever over here – Yeah, you can follow Camp I
am Special on Facebook though, they post a lot of pictures,
stuff like that there, don’t harass them, okay? Please don’t harass them,
there’s other campers, there’s other families
there, don’t harass. – Just enjoy the pictures – Be a spectator (laughing) – Okay, we gotta a lot of work to do, we gotta do some booster club stuff, we gotta do video stuff, Priscilla’s getting ready to go live, ya know, romantic getaway for the couple, we have work to do, tomorrow
we have house work to do, to get ready for our move – And booster club – You guys have asked about the move, I mean, we’re – [Together] We’re moving – It’s not happening like
we wanted to necessarily, like there’s been some things in the way, but it’s gonna end up how we want it to. – We’re on Plan D. – Plan D, yeah All right, we’ll see you guys tomorrow – Bye – Bye (beep) – Priscilla found a gem,
okay imagine this guys, white sheets, white comforter, like the white white house people, ya know, like all white, everything white, then we’re like sitting on our bed, sitting cross legged, because that’s what skinny people can do, we’re not skinny, and like holding hands,
and Instagram photo with these above our heads. – What’s that look? – It’s my Instagram look (laughing) – Stop, don’t do that. Thanks for watching
guys, see you tomorrow.

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  1. Spider archer, and I just wanted to say I love what you guys do I have just started watching in the last 24 hours and I have watched at least 20 vids I love you guys

  2. Super Thunder here, checking in to say that I love all of your videos. You guys are the sweetest and I'm so glad I found your channel from SBSK. I've learned so much from both of your channels and I'm so grateful for that. I hope other people learn how to treat people and how to interact with people with disabilities like I've learned from you guys. Your videos are entertaining while also educational and I'm here for it!

    I have a question: You guys seem to sort of tune out most if not all of Abbie's noises. Are there any sounds or noises that she makes that you immediately know something is wrong?

    Thanks again! Love you guys!

  3. Have you guys thought about a service dog for her it can help her get out of the house more and so much more.
    My service dog helps me with my mild autism

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